Heero and duo relationship tips

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heero and duo relationship tips

Heero had warned him that Duo would probably be pretty negative from the get- go. That connection would stop Duo from kicking Wufei out the door perfunctorily. . a soldier to the tip of his deadly fingers, but he was crap at undercover work. Quatre asked Duo for an advice of how to get his lover to be more talkative like Duo did to Heero. Heero's protest died as Duo seized his mouth and proceeded to The Japanese boy suddenly jerked up and broke the kiss. Heero Yuy tries to start a new life after a debilitating injury. Will he be able to adjust to civilian life? Post-Preventer Era, Het/Slash Relationships, Science Fiction of something stuck to the tip of his left index finger also caught his attention. His aching eyes shifted to the right, looking over Duo's shoulder at Trowa, who was.

He anthropomorphizes his Gundam more than the others, calling it "buddy" aibo in Japanese. While he lacks the focus necessary to master the ZERO system, he actually surpasses Heero as a pilot.

heero and duo relationship tips

Becomes this in Frozen Teardrop, restyling himself as "Father Maxwell" but remaining just as badass as when he was kid. In practice he's more of a Bounty Hunter and Hitman with a Heart who poses as a "preacher". Beware the Nice Ones: He's cheerful and friendly, but please don't provoke him. In the dubbed version, after watching Deathscythe being destroyed by OZ, and it's broadcasted live. Scott McNeil is still asked to replicate the scream at conventions.

Frozen Teardrop reveals that he became one, putting his money into supporting the Maxwell Church. However, this causes Hilde to see him as unreliable because he's never around, resulting in their divorce. His seemingly self-congratulatory "God of Death" Shinigami nickname takes on a new light when it's revealed that he took it on given the fact that anyone he cares about tends to die if they hang around him.

Dark Is Not Evil: Look at his Gundams, then get to know him.

heero and duo relationship tips

He's got sinister, Grim Reaper -themed Gundams and refers to himself as the God Of Death, but is firmly heroic he's actually the sole member of the Gundam squad to never have an antagonistic role in the series and affable. Not that deadpan, but much snarkier than his teammates. His surname, Maxwell, came from someone he knew: Father Maxwell, the kindly head of the orphanage he lived in.

He treats his Gundam as one. To the point when his Gundam was destroyed, he was outraged. His nickname and motif of his Gundams. Gender bent version, but he's easily the most cheerful of the Gundam pilots. Although he wears Creepy Cool Crosses and the clothes of a priest, Duo stated at age 7 that he doesn't believe in God because he has never seen a miracle, but believes in Shinigami because he's "sure seen lots of dead people.

He's rough around the ages and can't stop dealing the snark, but rarely is he ever intentionally jerk-ish. Loud and affable in comparison to Heero's stoic rudeness. Unusually for The Sneaky Guythe Deathscythe and its upgrade qualify. They're actually the fastest mecha of their generation, made of Gundanium alloy so they're nearly impossible to destroy, and while they're melee focused, their beam scythes can cleave through enemies with minimal effort.

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However, in Frozen Teardrop, he has cut his hair. From the Latin duo, meaning "two". In Episode Zero, he lives in Maxwell Church. It was rather run downbut Father Maxwell and Sister Helen were lovely people. Too bad they're all killed off in a bomb attack. Acknowledges that he hasn't been the best father to Duo Jr. Not as notorious as Dorothy's, but still present through his waist-length braid.

Lampshaded when Sister Helen wants to give him an Important Haircut since long hair like that "is unhygienic. Constantly gets captured when usually doing stealth missions.

Anything at all for the one you love Or, in the original Japanese: His Gundam's main weapon is a beam scythe, which is fitting for its Grim Reaper design. He's the snarkiest member of the cast, but this is at least partially to hide his wounded past. Will Not Tell a Lie: Though how true this claim is is debatable. Loyal, kind-hearted, and pensively droll, but emotionally stunted after spending a good portion of his life either as a soldier or, worse, outside human contact completely. Interaction with the other pilots and Catherine Bloom helps start warming him up.

In addition to Heavyarms, he served as the pilot of OZ's Vayeate while posing as a new recruit. He fires all his missiles, his chest gatlings, all the guns and missiles. It's common stock footage. Beware the Quiet Ones: The quietest member of the cast, and as a Gundam pilot he's a one-man army. His Gundam's Achilles' Heel is its tendency to run out of ammo in extended fights.

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Trowa is able to remain weirdly detached whilst murdering people or contemplating a suicide strike, despite being one of the most compassionate characters in the series.

Dead Person Impersonation Sort of. He took up the "Trowa Barton" name after the real one was murdered in front of his eyes, to cover up for the guy's death and help the people who killed him. When using a Taurus, he dual wields two beam cannons. In the Endless Waltz version of Heavyarms Custom he dual-wields twin gatling guns. His recurring schtick of disguising as the enemy. Does it to Oz, does it to Mariemaia's army. He gets his circus gig by befriending the lion and simply putting his hand in the cage.

The running theme of his mecha. The original has a beam gatling and two gatling guns hidden in its chest, the upgrade turns the beam gating into a double. The movie version doubles all of it, with four gatlings in the chest, and two double beam gatlings. He is absolutely ripped Has something of a habit of doing this. Whereas Heero will enter an enemy stronghold and destroy it, or whatever his target is, while also taking whatever information he can from their computers by force, Trowa will instead infiltrate their ranks to gain the same information.

Apparently those turtlenecks are very unflattering. He probably gained a lot more visible muscle after working for the circus. Being an acrobat will do that to you. In the extended battle scene from the theatrical version of Endless Waltz, a group of Serpents barrages him with missiles and he shoots every one of them down with his Gatlings. Looks and acts like The Stoicbut is one of the gentlest and most caring characters. Survives the Quatre's rampage in the Wing Zero, but is amnesiac for a long while.

Also gets his own theme music in the Fighting Game Endless Duel, a fast-paced techno piece which is about as different from the other two as you can get but is easily the most memorable in the game's entire quite good soundtrack. Like Brother and Sister: With Catherine Bloom, a knife thrower in the circus he works at who care for him like a brother.

Turns out it's not a "like", they really ARE brother and sister. The basic idea behind his mecha. Strap all the guns and missiles you can onto one machine Macross Missile Massacre: The Endless Waltz version of Heavyarms Kai. Tim Burtonof whom director Ikeda is a big fan. As revealed in Endless Waltz, Trowa is not his real name. He's only known as "Nanashi" No-Namebut Episode Zero implies that he might be Triton Bloom, a young boy who was thought to have been killed after an Alliance attack that killed Catherine's parents.

This is foreshadowed in episode 5: I have no name. But if you must call me something, then Trowa. Call me Trowa Barton. Earlier in episode 1: And in Frozen Teardrop it's confirmed. Only member of the Multinational Team without even a confirmed ethnicity.

He's also sometimes considered "European," or occasionally Russian. From the French trois, meaning "three". His impressive bangs almost always covers just one eye, depending on the angle. Quietest member of the team. If anyone is anyone is going to join the enemy with the intent to spy or sabotage them from within, it's Trowa. He spends a significant amount of time in the series working for OZ under Une, and enlists in Mariemaia's army in Endless Waltz, and he does such a convincing job both times that even his fellow pilots think he's turned.

Sparkling Stream of Tears: After destroying Duo's Deathscythe. The "stream" is justified as he's in zero-g, the sparking For Heero during Quatre's fight with Heero. He survived, but was left with amnesia. He does this to save both Heero and Quatre; he knows his sacrifice is more likely to snap Quatre out of his funk than Heero's death. Sheds these in episode 20 after being forced to destroy Gundam Deathscythe to maintain his cover.

While the other pilots also qualify, he's the only one who manages to infiltrate Oz and Mariemeia's Army succesfully, probably because unlike the other four boys he doesn't have a massive case of Chronic Hero Syndrome to screw things up for him.

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Well, then you shouldn't be fighting at all! He is also the co-leader of the Maganac Corps. Despite being a Gundam pilot, he is actually a very kind-hearted young man, and exhibits a form of empathy he refers to as the "Heart of Space".

By being the Apologetic Attackerthen by keeping the team together when they go into space. He really wants to help everyone and anyone, which leads to him After almost killing his boyfriend best friend.

While the boy himself is too young for one, the TV version of his Gundam Sandrock is notable for having an extremely large "beard" compared to the small goatee design usually found on Gundams, appropriate to its Arabian themed design. According to some sourcebooksthe Gundams "beards" are actually coolant reservoirs for the head's various sensor and computer systems, so this would serve a practical purpose as well on a machine designed for desert combat.

He's easily the kindest member of the Gundam team, and possibly the series. He only snaps once He likely personally causes more destruction than any one pilot. All those missing a sense of reality need not apply. Make sure you use a storyline that's proven true over and over again. The last thing you want to be accused of is being different. God forbid you write anything abnormal; you might get cooties.

Here is a brief list of plots and subplots to get you started. Duo angsts over his love for Heero. This is when dropping the soap and prancing about nude isn't provoking the desired results. Duo angsts when Heero dies Duo angsts over his clothes Duo angsts in a club Duo angsts fill in the blank Duo angsts.

Work out how you will "personalize" your fanfiction by adding in cute nicknames and catchy, repeatable phrases. Make sure you insert as many as possible to show your knowledge and appreciation of the other fanfiction you've read. To truly ensure that you have included all of them, type them in beforehand, and then insert the fic around them. An example of this would be: Then insert the rest of the fic, you can make use of Step 1 here. An example would be: Doesn't that braided baka realize what a distraction he is?

With his fey looks, and tight ass and violet orbs that you could just fall into Heero concentrated on the laptop once more. Creative usage of names. Now that you've got a plot and cute fanfiction 'lingo' to throw around, you can begin the creative process.

To be a true connoisseur of the gw yaoi genre, you must realize that the spelling of the characters' names is purely subjective. Heero Yuy may walk in to the room to ogle Duo Maxwell's ass, but Hiiro Yui can just as easily threaten Dou Maxwel with an "omae o korosu" and then stalk out. Then a reborn Duo can bounce after Hiro and become Dou once more.

Don't forget to tease poor Wufie and cause the nosebleed because he was caught watching yoai anime, then Duo can chase after hero only to be threatened with a vindictive, "Omae koroso. Allowing himself a moment longer to remain in the luxury the thoughts the previous evening brought, he rose slowly and stretched before heading into the bathroom.

Heero let out a low chuckle and closed his eyes as Duo planted a soft kiss on the nape of his neck, relaxing back onto him. I thought breakfast was a valid excuse. I guess we can make an exception. With their bodies pressed against one anothers and finding Heero clearly as aroused as he was, Duo slid his hands into the back pockets of Heero's jeans and ground his hips against his lovers stiffness. Somehow finding the resolve to resist Duo's teasing and his body's own mounting urge, Heero broke the kiss yet left his arms surrounding Duo.

The process was becoming more and more difficult. Heero had toyed with the idea of returning to New York once the project he was involved with was finished. Unfortunately, it wasn't slated for completion for another two months and the prospect of being separated for such as extended period was weighing heavily on both of their minds.

He had decided against sharing his thoughts with Duo about moving back into the house until the time drew nearer; waiting to see how their relationship developed as well.

Duo nodded and smiled up at Heero's concerned expression. Clearing the table in silence while Duo remained seated, Heero watched his pensive lover out of the corner of his eye. He had been working on securing the huge contract for the past 4 months, this upcoming trip was the culmination of a great deal of his current efforts Think you can stand me for a few days after you get back though?

There was a scarcity of free time with Heero's hectic work schedule, the eleven hour time difference presenting it's own issues. It had become apparent by the end of the first week that the planned contact would never come to pass, though it wasn't for lack of effort on either one of their parts.

heero and duo relationship tips

I think we are in serious trouble here. I know you're all up for a little adventure. At least listen to what I have to say. It was an unusually early bedtime for a Sunday evening but the day's activities had sufficiently exhausted him. Extending his arm toward the nightstand, he blindly reached out for the receiver and brought it to his ear. I'm up now though. How is the trip going? I'll be heading home in another few days.

I've missed hearing your voice I'm on a tight schedule here. You cannot believe how many hours a day they have me working. So, what have you been up to? You got my mail, right? Sounds like you are very busy at work as well. Are you going to be able to get a few days off at the end of the week? Duo lowered his head and shook it from side to side. I'll have to get back to you later in the week on that. The relationship was clearly strained by the events of the previous six weeks, more so for Heero than Duo.

The braided former pilot had implored his ever present charm and not a small dose of shameless begging in securing the upcoming Friday off. Returning from his successful early morning visit with Une, he turned toward his computer to inform Heero of the good news.

Duo laughed out loud and typed his response. Heero frowned as he looked over at the stacks of printouts littering his desk and the floor surrounding it. There would be little time to spend with his long-absent lover during the upcoming weekend. He hoped that Duo would still be willing to make the long journey with that knowledge. Duo mentally acknowledged the warning, the two having previously discussed Heero's upcoming heavy workload.