Guts and griffith relationship advice

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guts and griffith relationship advice

Oct 3, In a way Griffith respected his relationship with Guts, more so than any other Band of the Hawk member. This was caused by Guts's extraordinary prowess in. Jun 20, prefers to be anonymous) of Griffith's relationship with Casca during the Golden Like for instance when he orders Casca to keep Guts warm. . Her opinion is overruled and her advice gets ignored, and that's important to. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Berserk - Immortal his name and is willing to face Zodd, even against the advice of everyone else. In terms of the relationship between the characters, Guts starts to wonder why Griffith is.

guts and griffith relationship advice

He and his forces venture towards the fortress to inspect the situation, narrowly arriving in time to free Guts from the clutches of the apostle Zodd. Ordering his men to fall back as Zodd slaughters the Falcons for their interference, Griffith slyly makes his way to Guts to carry him to safety.

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An enraged Zodd retaliates by tail whipping Griffith into a nearby pillar, knocking the White Falcon unconscious. As the demon goes in for the kill, he spots Griffith's dangling beherit, shocked to see that someone such as Griffith possesses the fabled "Egg of the King". Consequently, Zodd stays his hand and departs, leaving Guts with a cryptic prophecy warning of an inescapable doom which will befall him should Griffith's dream ever collapse.

Taken back to Wyndham to have his wounds tended to, having made allies and enemies alike within the Midland aristocracy, Griffith recuperates and visits Guts on a castle terrace where the latter is training.


He begins to muse over their encounter with Zodd, using it as evidence of things beyond human understanding. Following Griffith's reflection, Guts asks why he would risk his life on a mere soldier's behalf; amused by the question, Griffith responds with one of his own, asking if he's truly obliged to provide a reason every time he risks his life for Guts.

Griffith is soon after introduced to the king's timid daughter, Princess Charlottecatching her as she trips walking down the terrace steps. Upon breaking her fall, Griffith is slapped by Julius for making contact with the princess, to which Griffith apologizes for his actions with utmost insincerity.

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During the Autumn Hunt, in which the Falcons act as the king's guard, Griffith discusses with Charlotte the depravity of men and teaches her how to use a leaf as a reed.

A wild boar then springs out from the nearby foliage, startling Charlotte's horse as she and Griffith are separated from the hunting party. Upon saving Charlotte and calming her horse, Griffith is shot with a crossbow from the distant undergrowth. His beherit, however, shields him from what he realizes to be a poisoned arrow.

Noticing the lethality and costliness of the employed poison, Griffith concludes it to be the doing of Julius, keenly watching as the knight departs in the distance.

guts and griffith relationship advice

After some intel gathering to confirm Julius as the culprit, Griffith commissions Guts to discretely assassinate his aggressor, before leaving for Promrose Hall to attend Charlotte's dinner party.

Outside of the party, he discusses his ideals and interpretation of a true friend with the princess, before their conversation is cut short by the alert of Julius and Adonis ' assassination, assumed to be committed by Tudor spies, much to Griffith's delight.

Before his deployment to battle, Charlotte gifts him with a male lodestone in hopes of her female counterpart returning him safely from the impending engagement. In the closing moments of the skirmish, Griffith is notified of Guts and Casca's fall from a cliff edge. Noblemen on the field caution him not to send soldiers provided by the king in search of merely two Falcons. One after another, the officials shoot down ideas, until Griffith's opinion is asked for; he succinctly states he would reclaim the stronghold if ordered to by the king, much to the surprise of the other officials.

In the midst of their bickering, the king asks Griffith if his claim was sincere, reminding him even Midland's strongest force, the White Tiger Knightscouldn't achieve such a feat. Griffith reassures the king that a large force is unnecessary, as he only requires the Band of the Falcon. Convinced by Griffith's confidence, the king orders the Falcons to recapture Doldrey.

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Griffith assembles his Falcons in the dust field of Doldrey, splitting his forces into two: A tortured soul possessed by his own rage and hatred, he is a warrior that will never give up until he punishes the one who has betrayed him. These four exciting and well-developed episodes continue this promising and captivating saga.

The saga continues with flash backs of the past to show us the history of Guts and how he came to be. Belonging to a group of mercenaries led by Griffith, Guts is able to use his unmerciful rage to his advantage on the battlefield. Forced to face a demonic creature that no man has ever survived as well as an assassination attempt, Guts is determined not to fail and be victorious as always. This second volume of the series isn't as action-packed as the first, but I suspect that this is necessary in order to set the stage for things to come.

Guts just wants to be a good bro and help his friends be happy together. Guts is sublimating his unconscious desire for Casca into trying to hook her up with Griffith. Guts is sublimating his unconscious desire for Griffith into trying to hook him up with Casca. And, just to throw something out there, once we establish that Berserk has subtextual, repressed sexual desire in this love triangle it only adds more validation to the other combinations. Even if we are genuinely meant to read Guts as unknowingly attracted to Casca, it puts unknowing attraction on the table.

Who else might he be unknowingly attracted to? Casca also apparently took some time to recognize her feelings for Griffith as potentially romantic. But lol I digress. After Promrose, that fades away because Guts no longer views Griffith as reachable, rather, he puts him on a pedestal.

This is when Guts starts pushing them together. Feels like repression at work to me. He still intends to go back out and keep pursuing his own dream. Fast forward a year.

Everyone sits down around the campfire. Rickert tries to explain things to Guts: Look what Judeau does!

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Judeau is… weirdly invested in Guts and Casca getting together. Setting them up is largely his motivation in the latter half of the Golden Age, as far as I can tell. After this moment he changes the subject to: This is when Guts first starts trying to fix his mistakes by substituting Casca for Griffith, imo.

Casca attacks him while screaming that he ruined Griffith by leaving. Presented with another person who seems to need him, who is desperate and lost and needs comfort, this time he does something. And what really makes me believe this is actually, for real the correct reading of this scene - that, to Guts, Casca is a substitution for Griffith here - is that Casca is doing the exact.

guts and griffith relationship advice

And they kiss for the first time right after Casca tells Guts how Griffith felt about him, right after Guts lets Casca stab him because of it, right after the memory of Griffith kneeling in the snow, and the beginnings of the realization that by leaving he lost what he set out to earn, hit him, right after Casca tells him that Griffith is his responsibility now.