Ganta and shiro relationship

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ganta and shiro relationship

Ganta is so nice to shiro · Deadman WonderlandAnime ArtworkShiroDead Man Naruto OcWalkingRelationshipsBackgroundsWalks. Shiro (シロ, Shiro) is a childhood friend of Ganta Igarashi and Hagire Their relationship was strained at best, mostly because Wretched Egg didn't have. Can we talk about shiro and ganta relationship. jasminep8 04/24/ 3. Perfect:ok_hand: Share to. Copied. Community background image. community logo.

ganta and shiro relationship

Shortly after these events, learning that Shiro is the Wretched Egg, Ganta's power began to change, evident by a strange tattoo-like mark radiating out from the crystal in his chest.

His Ganta Gun now emits a much more powerful blast than before, though it is much less controllable and causes him physical pain. Following the defeat of Genkaku, Ganta ends up in solitary confinement for withholding information about the escape of the surviving Scar Chain members.

Eventually, the truth about Deadman Wonderland is made public and Ganta is exonerated of the false charges put upon him. With nowhere else to go after his name is cleared, Ganta ended up in Minori Garden orphanage which is run by nuns. He then joins forces with the former prison's Chief Guard Makina, Senji, and several other Deadmen, and return to the prison to locate and stop Shiro who has now been completely "consumed" by her Wretched Egg persona. He also learns from Shiro that it also has the power to kill her.

She also reveals that he was the one originally selected to be experimented on, but his mother chose to spare him, and experimented on Shiro instead. This led to her transformation into the "Wretched Egg". The reason she killed his classmates and implanted the gem in him is that she wants to be killed by the one she has always loved. Upon learning of Shiro's true self and intentions, he agrees to kill her, leading to their final confrontation.

In the final battle, the crystals within Ganta and Shiro explode upon overusing their powers. Sometime later, Ganta visits a comatose Shiro in the hospital and later reminisces about his past with Shiro and his mother. When Ganta asks Shiro if she wants to hear how the lullaby his mother wrote for her goes on, Shiro wakes up with a smile. Ganta mistook her for his dead friend Mimi due to Shiro resembling her. Clothed only in a skin-tight bodysuit though her heels and toes stick out in the foot areas and large gloves which help conceal her heavily scarred skin, Shiro stands out among the other prisoners due to her bizarre appearance and mannerisms.

It is also apparent that she does not have a prison number, unlike the rest. To Ganta, Shiro's manner of speaking and behavior remind him of a small child, even though Shiro is in fact a year older than him. However, Shiro possesses inhuman physical abilities and has an intimate knowledge of the prison, having lived there most of her life. From the beginning of the story it is made clear that, as children, Shiro and Ganta were close friends with the latter having no memories of his childhood, which greatly saddens and annoys Shiro.

Shiro was infected with a mysterious virus that gave her abilities which was being researched by Ganta's mother Sorae Igarashi. Over the next several years, Shiro was subjected to barbaric experiments, including being dismembered while awake, all in an effort to force her body and the virus inside it to "evolve" into the first Deadman.

ganta and shiro relationship

The trauma of this torturous treatment caused Shiro to develop a homicidal, maniacal split personality that is labeled as the Wretched Egg. Unaware of his target's true nature, Ganta knows her as the "Red Man" due to the heavy masculine full body clothing she wears that was inspired by the Aceman character she and Ganta watched and played with as children. As the Wretched Egg, Shiro's personality changes into a murderous, smirking maniac capable of massacring whole squads of armed men with little effort and causing the earthquake in Tokyo.

Soon after, Shiro is placed within Deadman Wonderland in comfortable quarters due to being the "source" of the Branches of Sin. The Mother Goose mainframe, Deadman Wonderland's supercomputer, plays a lullaby audible only to Shiro in order to repress the Wretched Egg and her murderous intents.

Like Shiro, the Wretched Egg has feelings for Ganta, though hers border on lust: Eventually, both the Shiro and the Wretched Egg personas fuse into her true self once the Mother Goose system's lullaby no longer represses her, and when she is finally alone with Ganta, she reveals the reason why she killed his classmates and implanted on him his Branch of Sin: Some time later, Shiro was seen in a coma following the final battle and later awakens from it in the final scene.

Deadman Wonderland staff[ edit ] Voiced by: He is the one who created Deadman Wonderland and orchestrated the creation of Shiro's Wretched Egg persona in the experiments he conducted with Sorae Igarashi back when he was a doctor at a Medical Center. After the Great Tokyo earthquake, Hagire used the Branch of Sin of Chan and En to enter the body of the man who would become the Director of Deadman Wonderland so he can gather Deadmen for further experimentation with Carnival Corpse as a means to select a new stronger body to occupy.

As the story opens, Hagire's vessel become terminally ill with Tsunenaga Tamaki running the prison with the hope that what he presume to be his father dies so he can reign Deadman Wonderland unopposed.

However, presumed to have been killed by the Wretched Egg, Hagire transferred his consciousness into the body of Toto and proceeded to undermine his son's agenda.

Following Hagire's "death," Tamaki salvaged his head and used it for his personal bowling game. As a result, Hagire gained Toto's Love Labyrinth ability and uses it to find the ideal Deadman whose Branch of Sin can unlock the Mother Goose system in order to release the Wretched Egg's full powers to recreate the events of the Great Tokyo earthquake.

When Tamaki's plans were thwarted, Hagire revealed himself in Toto's body much to the dismay of Tamaki who then kills himself claiming that Deadman Wonderland is his "game. Finding Ganta to be the ideal specimen yet unable to bypass the Mother Goose system's lock via Toto's ability, Hagire attempts to get transferred into the boy's body when Senji manages to arrive in time to stop it. He is eventually defeated and killed by Ganta shortly after the Mother Goose system was unlocked.

Ganta Igarashi

He is the Chief Warden and de facto tyrant of Deadman Wonderland with a fox or weasel -like appearance who also serves as the prison's promoter.

Under his calm, almost idiotic attitude, he is something of a sadist with connections to the Japanese government and is not above butchering dozens of prisoners every day for the sole purpose of profit, science and mainly for his own twisted amusement.

Before the Great Tokyo earthquake, Tamaki was an indifferent otaku and a recluse who secluded himself in his room to play video games on his computer without a care. He went insane when the earthquake destroyed his computer and badly injured his mother who Tamaki let die because he was too busy mourning his computerwhich led to him engineer Deadman Wonderland as a gigantic game to keep playing as he did before the earthquake.

He posed as a lawyer to rig evidence that would get Ganta sentenced to Deadman Wonderland. When it came to Ganta's first fight in the Carnival Corpse, Tamaki revealed to Ganta that he rigged the evidence at his trial and even tortures him by showing him footage of the different Carnival Corpse fights. While running Deadman Wonderland, Tamaki devoted much of his time with studying and experimenting with the Branch of Sin, invented the Worm Eater which he gave to the Undertakers to neutralize the Deadman's Branch of Sin, received funding from Major Aohi for the Forgeries, and made different plans to kill the Wretched Egg.

Ultimately, Tamaki's schemes fall apart thanks to Ganta, his allies, and Makina. Refusing to accept himself as Hagire's pawn, Tamaki commits suicide by shooting himself in the head as an ultimate assurance but mostly delusion that this was his, and only his, game. She serves as the chief enforcer which does not hesitate in punishing, often brutally, the prison's population.

Despite her brutality, Makina is far less twisted than Tamaki whom she is greatly suspicious of especially after discovering that her authority is limited. Eventually, after learning Tamaki's agenda, Makina forfeits her position to hunt him down with the aid of some allies in Ganta and the other Deadmen. When it came to Makina hunting for Tamaki, she had previously met Karako after her escape and had the Worm Eater technology embedded in her sword.

After the suicide of Tamaki, she came into possession of the data regarding the Wretched Egg, the Deadmen, and the Forgeries and then oversaw the shutdown of Deadman Wonderland's prison area.

When it came time to confront the Wretched Egg after an earlier military attack failed that had her recuperating in a wheelchair, Makina led the Deadmen in a fight against the Wretched Egg and Hagire.

Ganta is so nice to shiro | Anime | Pinterest | Deadman wonderland, Wonderland and Dead man

Kyoko Kasuga[ edit ] Voiced by: She is implied to be a lesbian or bisexual with an apparent large crush on Makina. Enough to bring her along while searching for top secret information relating to G-Block. Rei Takashima is a physician who works at Deadman Wonderland. She was charged with the duty of removing the specific parts of the Deadmen that lose in Carnival Corpse and had survived she removes the parts without applying anesthetic to the Deadman.

Of course Rei also becomes enraged when she doesn't get to remove a non-regenerative organ as seen when Nagi had secretly rigged the macabre slot machine so that she would have to cut off Minatsuki's hair. Rei was the one who told Ganta about the live-saving candy after Tamaki collapsed the tower on Ganta and Rei patched Ganta up. After Senji was defeated by Ganta, Rei showed off her sadistic side when she was ordered to remove Senji's right eye.

She even experimented on Ganta after Tamaki had the Forgeries bring Ganta to him. While in her laboratory near the end of the "Revolt Arc," Rei is killed by an unknown being most likely the Wretched Egg.

Chan and En[ edit ] En Voiced by: The two, however, were forced to make an exception in Tamaki when he becomes the new Chief Director of Deadman Wonderland and celebrated his promotion by using the head of the previous director, Hagire's previous body, as a bowling ball.

The twins both share the Branch of Sin known as Hollow Swallow, a means that Hagire uses to transfer his conscious mind into a new body while erasing the victim's mind. When the two attempt to transfer Hagire into Ganta, the process is interrupted by Senji who kills them with an attack meant for Hagire.

The Necro Macros are used for battling and capturing powerful prisoners such as Deadmen. A Necro Macro was once used to capture Senji Kiyomasa with 24 prisoners killed in the process. It recovered and stopped the group again at the entrance of G Ward. It was about to fire its cannon at Ganta and the others when Shiro kicked the robot and sent it flying.

It came back and grabbed Shiro. But then, strings of blood came from the entrance and destroyed the Necro Macro. It appears that Senji broke out and saved Ganta. He also did it to get even to the Necro Macro.

A second Necro Macro model was seen when Scar Chain triggered the floor sensors on their way to the elevator. This model can shoot highly corrosive acidic fluids. The Necro Macro was destroyed by Karako. Deadman Wonderland inmates[ edit ] Kiyomasa Senji[ edit ] Voiced by: He is a tall and powerfully built man who revels in battle, allowing him to enjoy prison life and Carnival Corpse matches. Often, Senji gets flustered or starts blushing whenever women with a big breast size, nice body, etc.

His Branch of Sin power is the Crow Claws, creating scythe blades on his forearms to attack at a speed of sound he dubs Invisible Black.

Originally a police officerless crazy at that time, Senji used his Branch of Sin to fight criminals, encountering a fellow Deadman named Keigo Ugachi and later Ikazuchi Akatsuki. Being Ganta's first opponent, he apparently dominates their entire battle until Ganta suddenly defeats him. Though losing his right eye as penalty and now wearing a black eyepatchSenji respected Ganta since their fight and supported him as a rival, demanding of him that he not be defeated by anyone before rematch.

After being released from Deadman Wonderland, Senji tries to apply for a job at a corporation. In the process, Senji saves Ganta from Hagire by killing off Chen and En at the cost of his right arm. Some time later after Ganta's fight with the Wretched Egg, Senji was seen in the mountains practicing some mountain climbing with an unnamed Deadman.

Though apparently friendly and polite, in truth he is ruthless, scheming and somewhat paranoid, given his position as a spy for the prison's staff. He cares deeply about his sister Minatsuki so much so that he is often thought of suffering from a sister complex much to Minatsuki's disgust.

When he confronted Tamaki with a deal to let him use Cast Points to get his sister pardoned from Deadman Wonderland, Tamaki states that Cast Points don't work that way. Since then, Minatsuki became a sociopathic liar who gets sexually aroused from others' suffering as she later developed the Branch of Sin called Whip Wing, taking the form of blood-made whips which extend from her hair and can deliver immensely quick blows or restrain her opponent.

Ending up at G Block soon after, Minatsuki made herself appear as an extremely shy and gentle girl to mask her true nature and lower opponents' guard until she fights them in Carnival Corpse. She lost more than once while fighting in the Carnival Corpse, losing half of her stomach and a kidney. Encountering Ganta with knowledge that he is to be her opponent, Minatsuki played on his sympathy to catch him off guard when their match begins.

When it came to the penalty, the slot machine was rigged by Nagi and some Scar Chain members so she would only have her hair cut off much to the dismay of Dr. Rei Takashima who disliked removing regenerating organs.

She and Chaplin fight against Uzume Sumeragi and managed to defeat her. Toto Sakigami[ edit ] Voiced by: Prior to his imprisonment, Toto had an older sister who had died protecting him in the big earthquake. His power, Love Labyrinth, allows him to copy and use the abilities of other Deadmen. Toto is said to have been the only person to have fought the Wretched Egg and lived.

But in reality, Toto's body is occupied by Hagire, pretending to be Toto until he reveals himself to Tamaki.


Toto dies when Hagire is killed by Ganta. Her card is Peacock and her Branch of Sin Peacock Peak allows her to create what appear to be bramble-like constructs that can be used to trap and pierce opponents.

Before being imprisoned, she was a salaryman who awoke to her Deadman powers after finding her lover with a woman, she then broke down and killed her lover with one of her thorns. She is shown as having been living as male before the murder, indicating that she transitioned whilst at Deadman Wonderland. Ganta first encountered her in the G Block at the time when Senji was having his right eye surgically removed by Rei Takashima. She and Minatsuki fight against Uzume Sumeragi and managed to defeat her.

After being released from Deadman Wonderland, she is put into a regular prison. Chaplin only appears in the manga. He wears a headband over his eyes and underneath his headset. As we learn through a flashback, Hitara was a teacher whose daughter Yuki once a beautiful TV starlet was horribly disfigured during the Great Tokyo earthquake and committed suicide by setting herself on fire.

Hirata claimed responsibility for the fact and was thus imprisoned. His Branch of Sin is called Condor Candle and enables him to ignite his blood into flames "that can burn ice. His complete Forgery opponent's were a pair of year-old twins who appeared in the form of toddlers.

The twins "sleep inducing" blood poison did not seem to affect Hitara, and he was able to finish them off, after spreading his blood all around them during a seemingly losing battle.

After being released from Deadman Wonderland, Idaki visited his daughter's grave telling her that it's a beautiful day. Hitara only appears in the manga. Itadaki Kazuya[ edit ] Voiced by: It wasn't revealed how Itadaki ended up in Deadman Wonderland. He was first seen welcoming Ganta to G-Ward following Senji's defeat and was unbothered when Senji's right eye was surgically removed. He once tried to eat Minatsuki's flowers only for Ganta to intervene and offer up his breakfast.

After Deadman Wonderland was exposed and shut down, Itadaki was transferred to a normal prison where he was granted a re-trial. Itadaki was seen eating his urinal and the cell walls. In the anime, his history stated that he was sentenced to Deadman Wonderland for attacking an actress on a variety show when she wouldn't give him her E-Mail. Ganta first encounters him in the cafeteria where he forces him to laugh at the prisoner he was harassing.

Ganta encountered him again at the Dog Race where he tried to threaten Shiro and nearly attacked Ganta until Makina stops them. During the whole Dog Race, he tried hard to stay alive and win by cheating and tells his minions to kill Ganta, which they failed. During the final round, it was him, Ganta, Shiro and other prisoners. He tries a direct attack on Ganta, but fails after the panels collapsed.

While falling, he kicks the ball from Ganta's hands and throws a knife at him which Shiro blocks with her body. He was approached by Makina who states her knowledge of how he cheated and gives him a choice between either being stabbed in the heart by Makina using his own knife on him or serving a year in solitary confinement.

After the Great Tokyo earthquake, Yosuga was arrested for a crime that she didn't commit and was sentenced to Deadman Wonderland. She seems to doubt herself repeatedly and speaks in third person.

Although they are not related and he is older than Mitsuzaki, Toto refers to her as his older sister. Mitsuzaki and Toto promised that they would be the ones to kill each other. Due to this, Mitsuzaki saves Toto after he is defeated by Ganta and attempts to revive him so that she may "Shoot him full of holes. Mitsuzaki is revealed to be 17, one year younger than Toto.

Mitsuzaki only appears in the manga. They believe in each individual's own personal definition of freedom. Ganta later sided with them to help expose the prison. However, only three managed to escape Deadman Wonderland while most of the others were killed off by the Undertakers. Daisuke Ono Japanese ; J. They eventually were parents-to-be before being put into a Carnival Corpse against each other where he pleaded with Tamaki to not let any harm come to her if anything happened to him.

Kengamine intentionally lost due to his lover being pregnant at the time. His defeat gave way to his Penalty Game in which he lost his vocal cords.

I love the contrasts between the opening, during, and the ending of each episodes. I love all of it, but I personally prefer the ending and I am oddly attracted to it. I've been playing it on the road whenever I do my errands. I thought these aspects of anime were something that I was going to miss when reading Manga. I can honestly say that's true to an extent, but it doesn't matter too much when you're invested into the characters and the plot.

ganta and shiro relationship

The drawings were still awesome, and I can imagine if they ever make a season 2 hopefully a reboot??!? I can't say too much about the other characters because I was pretty deep into Ganta and Shiro. I was sad about Shiro's terrible past and how it connects with Ganta. They have such an interesting history, which is why I was emotionally invested into them being a couple.

When the fight broke out and how Shiro showed her true colors her vulnerability, her desire for Ganta, her wish for Ganta to kill herI broke down pretty bad.

I can't say that her killing Ganta's friend out of jealousy or to have him at Deadman Wonderland at the beginning was right, but I can understand her feelings a lot from personal experiences. I was glad about the conclusion, and how they're together although Shiro is in jail. It doesn't matter though, as they are consciously aware of each others presence and their relationship.

ganta and shiro relationship