Gamora and nebula relationship marketing

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gamora and nebula relationship marketing

Aubrey Page digs into the complex and fascinating relationship between sisters Gamora (Zoe Saldana) and Nebula (Karen Gillan) in. 2 Will Delve into Gamora, Nebula & Rocket's Backstories "When it comes to her relationship with Nebula, I appreciate what James Gunn did,". 2 stars Karen Gillan and Zoe Saldana want Marvel to hurry up and give us a Nebula-Gamora spinoff already. The love-hate relationship.

‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2′: Why Nebula and Gamora Are The Film’s Secret MVPs

There are some significant tweaks that had to be made to adapt the character to the big screen, and chief among them is her home dimension. The Marvel Cinematic Universe hasn't gotten into the whole "multiple realities" thing yet, so Gamora couldn't start out in another dimension, she had to start out in Earth the technical name for the MCU's reality.

In the comics, Thanos didn't just pick Gamora off of an alien planet.

gamora and nebula relationship marketing

Oh no, he had to go much farther afield. It's not entirely clear why Thanos saves Gamora, other than the fact that he was looking a new pupil to train to be a fighter. He states several times in the comics that he wanted a unique kind of assassin, one that he personally trained to be both unfailingly loyal and an expert attacker.

Apparently, a young girl from Earth fit that description. She was freed from the prison Thanos had put her in, and surgery gave her back her mind and also gave her the look the MCU emulatedbut she didn't appear in many storylines. Nebula just wasn't that important a character, and when she did appear, it tended to be as a destructive force. It was something of a surprise that when she returned during the Annihilation crossover eventit was as one of Gamora's Graces, a group of fighters led by The Most Dangerous Woman in the Galaxy herself.

gamora and nebula relationship marketing

The fight against Ronan doesn't go too well for Nebula-- he defeats and wounds her-- but Gamora fares a bit better. The Graces may not have lasted long they appear to have since disbandedbut it's possible that Gamora's team-up with Nebula there helped inform their storylines in the MCU.

Why Nebula Is Even More Important Than We Realized

She tried to start with the Skrull empire, attacking one of Thanos' outposts that the Skrulls had taken over. Then an Avenger arrived on the scene-- but it wasn't one of the Avengers we know and love today. That was when Nebula claimed to be Thanos' granddaughter and therefore Starfox's relative. This caused Starfox to hesitate, and partially because of that hesitation, Nebula continued her destructive attacks on several planets.

Nebula reiterated her claims of familial connection to Thanos when the Mad Titan himself reappeared. Thanos was less than impressed by Nebula's assertion, and the encounter resulted in Nebula's aforementioned zombie-fication. In the comics Nebula wasn't an abused, adopted child of Thanos, but a conqueror in her own right who claimed a connection by blood. The most prominent of these is his nihilism, which constantly clashes with his sensitive emotions. While in the film his love for his daughter manifests only at his most vulnerable moments, he expressed it much more openly in the comics-- by giving Gamora Christmas presents.

GotG Vol. 2 Will Delve into Gamora, Nebula & Rocket's Backstories

Thanos apparently wanted Gamora to have as "normal" a childhood as possible, so he observed Earth holidays with her, for some reason. Look, don't try to find a way that this makes sense, because it doesn't.

Marvel needed a story for its Holiday Special, and decided Thanos and Gamora would be perfect for it. The story revolves around Thanos giving Gamora a normal childhood because that will somehow make her a better fighter, so he gives her a doll to play with on Christmas. Gamora is grateful, Thanos is as tender as Thanos can be, and he remembers the day fondly.

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gamora and nebula relationship marketing

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gamora and nebula relationship marketing