Freddy light and lisa marie relationship

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freddy light and lisa marie relationship

Zuzana, an incredibly fit and gorgeous Czech woman, is filmed and photographed by her boyfriend Freddy whilst performing a variety of. I thought Lisa and Freddy were together. Have they split up? At least with Lisa Marie talking about her 90 day challenge sounds good right??. Anyhow, her husband (Freddie Light) was her whole production crew. in summation, they opened up their marriage life for the world to see, literally. Since Lisa-Marie has taken over, she and Sean have introduced new.

Zuzka too has fake breasts, but I think they are in proportion to her body type. Right now I think they are too big for her frame… and her jumping up and down in them is terrifying.

I actually felt somehow relieved when she started hosting BodyRock with her perfectly proportioned, natural breasts — it felt like I was training with an athlete, so it made me feel like an athlete too.

Zuzana or BodyRock Addict: Are Lisa-Marie and Freddy Light still a couple?

Yes, yes… Z had sexy videos too with BodyRock, but somehow I never felt that it was as provocative as the new videos. I have nothing against Lisa as a person, but I think the whole BodyRock crew need to re-think what kind of image they want to put out there, and what kind of followers they want: A community of fitness enthusiasts and health-minded folks made the site flourish. Now when I read comments, the whole thing seems to be in a huge mess.

I do wish Freddy and the crew do something about this. Zuzka and Freddie did a number of other things including exercising. These two would share recipes, pep talks, fashion hauls, traveling adventures; in summation, they opened up their marriage life for the world to see, literally. Unfortunately, something negative happened between them and a divorce reason unknown was in progress which impacted the Bodyrock community immensely.

From the comments I have read, many were heartbroken, surprised, and felt as though the co-founders were breaking up with the bodyrockers. I admit I was a bit taken back by it. Zuzka is was the face of the organization. Tv with Zuzka, period. Since Zuzka has left, Freddie maybe Zuzka as well was looking for a new representative face.

freddy light and lisa marie relationship

Freddie incorporated his brother, Sean Light, and, after a couple girls, Lisa-Marie who has been consistent. Lisa-Marie is the opposite of Zuzka. Lisa-Marie is very lean and defined, very energetic and loud. The diet and work-out schedules are nifty because for those who have a hard time sticking to a diet or curious about the work-out for the day then they have guidance and an idea of how difficult the exercise is going to be. You know, how gym regulars are regimented in targeting certain muscle groups that day.

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The other two level videos and fitness test are straight-forward. I like the idea of a fitness test every Friday because you can see how much you have progressed, regressed or maintained from all the hard work you put into that week. If you follow the current or even older exercises everyday, it is regardless a challenge! You are pushing out a set number of reps for a personal best time or pushing yourself until complete exhaustion in a set number of minutes.

Zuzka always mixed up her exercises with interesting body weight exercises where she incorporates dive bombers, cart wheels, body rolls, and what not.

Lisa-Marie does try and provide body weight variations but I still have to look up my own. One might wonder what the difference between Lisa Marie and Zuzana really is, since after all Zuzana had surgically enhanced breasts as well.

BodyRock HiitMax - Workout 4 - Power Squats

On this topic I can only say this: With Zuzana I never got the feeling that she was promoting surgery. She rarely discussed it, it was a personal decision that she made before starting Bodyrock and she left it at that. Her focus was always fitness and health first, and that was something I could respect. With Lisa Marie, her enhancements are featured front and center.

Her surgeries are the hot topic at Bodyrock now,and the real reasons for the site - nutrition and exercise - have fallen by the wayside.

Backlash and the Emergence of the "Haters" Almost instantaneously, and with good reason, objections, confusion, and opposition took over the comments section of Bodyrock. TV and the host's Facebook pages.

freddy light and lisa marie relationship

People decried the hypocrisy of Lisa Marie's decision to get cosmetic surgery. You can't tout a message of "love yourself for who you are" and then turn around and change every single distinguishable aspect about your body without people sitting up and taking notice.

And although Lisa Marie's decision was a personal one, as the face of movement with millions of followers an explanation regarding her decision to alter her body probably would could have saved Bodyrock a lot of frustration.

Instead, the hosts of Bodyrock reacted with astounding immaturity. They posted increasingly provocative photos.

Bodyrock.Tv on the rocks

They posted polls regarding touchy issues, like whether Lisa Marie working out in a bra was too provocative. They continued to feature Lisa Marie's surgeries, while writing blog posts decrying the "haters" and encouraging followers to post "positive" comments.

In laymen's terms, they stirred the pot. And they seemed to delight in doing so. Lisa Marie before and after. Freddy currently maintains the site with almost a Big Brother-like attitude. A quick glance down any particular page will yield comments like: You guys are the best, don't let the trolls get you down!

Get rid of the negative energy! Because there is some extreme censoring going on. About a week ago, Freddy posted yet another rant about how pissed off he was. In it he stated his frustrations that he and the other hosts were graciously letting their followers into their lives and providing them with free workouts and not getting any respect in return. The comments again were filled with positive affirmations about how wonderful the hosts were - but this timeI wasn't one of them.

Anyone with half a brain knows how the internet works. Though the workouts may be free for us, Freddy and the gang aren't exactly struggling to make ends meet.

Fitness Guru and Ex-Porn Star Speaks Out About Exploitation in Erotica | HuffPost

Between the site advertisements and exercise equipment endorsements Oh, did I not mention that? The primarily bodyweight workouts are a thing of the past - you now need a wide array of specialized equipment to complete your "free" Bodyrock workout.

Freddy and the hosts are pulling in over six figures a year. Despite what they would have you believe, these guys aren't putting together these workouts out of the kindness of their hearts - it's their job. And the increasingly provocative content proves that they are trying to pull in viewers wherever they can, whether they are interested in fitness or something a little more raunchy.

As dedicated to fitness as they might be, the Bodyrock bunch is also clearly interested in revenue. The demands for appreciation and respect rubbed me the wrong way. After all, the creators of Google don't send messages to my gmail badgering me for their due adulation. Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg haven't been pestering me for an appropriate expression of my gratitude.

freddy light and lisa marie relationship

As a business, you should be accepting of the fact that not everyone is going to agree with your business practices, especially when those business practices are controversial.