Forrest gump and lieutenant dan relationship

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forrest gump and lieutenant dan relationship

Forrest Gump and Relationship — In Vietnam war, during an ambush, Lt. Dan was hit in his legs, and he was looking forward to the. The beloved Lieutenant Dan from Forrest Gump lives on in the Lt. Dan connection between those he met on USO tours and his Lieutenant. Forrest Gump is almost entirely a story told by a man sitting on a park a disinterested woman about his crooked spine, and his relationship with his . In fact, Forrest loves his mother, and Bubba, and Lieutenant Dan, in a.

Some of the absolute smartest people I have ever met in my entire life double up as some of the dumbest, because? Just because you are a genius does not mean the dumb things you do are not dumb. Who knew anything about shrimp before Forrest Gump?

forrest gump and lieutenant dan relationship

You can barbecue it, boil it, broil it, bake it, saute it. Pan fried, deep fried, stir-fried. Not to mention well, definitely to mention, but not right here his loyalty to Jenny. If you need to clear your head, go for a run.

Running is a huge theme throughout Forrest Gump, dating back to the first time kids throw rocks at the poor little braced up kiddo and Jenny, the already-love-of-his-life, tells him to run. Forrest does not only run from bullies, but he runs for football, which gets him into college.

That particular run comes from his personal heartbreak after he asks Jenny to marry him, she declines, though comes into his room to make love to him, only to disappear in the morning. Forrest loves Jenny his entire life, and man, I think I would have to go for a three year run if my heart hurt that bad, as well.

From that day on, if I was going somewhere, I was running! You must put the past behind you before you can move on. Another lesson Mama Gump taught Forrest, and he teaches us, though I admit this is a thing I believe I still need to hone in on. I still have a poster of Titanic up in my bedroom, which is not only not putting the past behind me, but is probably hindering my ability to get a boyfriend.

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Though still young when she was taken away from him and sent to live with her grandmother, there are some things you cannot let go of easily, if ever.

Forrest, of course, helps her, and utters that line that I love so much: But never forget where you came from, and how you got where you are today. If you do not use the experiences in your life, if you choose to ignore them instead, how will you ever learn a lesson?

Besides by reading this column, obvs. I am full of lessons. This is a safe place. You can trust me. When Forrest meets Jenny as children, he falls in love with her immediately. He continues to love her, even as she resists his love their entire lives, yet he never gives up on her. She turns him down time and time again, even running away from him after he asks her to marry him, as I mentioned before.

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Jenny asks Forrest, while sitting on a park bench, to marry her. Though she has contracted the AIDS virus, and eventually tragically passes away at an incredibly young age, she ends her life with the man who has always loved her, and who I believe she has always loved right back. Worse, he lost both legs below the knees and is now confined to a wheelchair, wallowing in misery. Eventually, the two separate, but not before, almost in jest, Dan remarks that if Forrest ever becomes a shrimp boat captain, as he promised the now passed on Bubba he would do, he would be his first mate.

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So excited to see his old friend, Forrest leaps from the boat and swims ashore, leaving the boat to crash. When Forrest comes to his side as the battle he is losing slowly whittles away his troops, Lt.

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Dan—his legs mangled by bullet fire—screams at Gump to leave him be so he can die with his fallen soldiers. We see that Dan is a proud figure, unconcerned with personal safety and more driven to ensure anyone who is still alive, including Gump, get away as quickly as possible.

forrest gump and lieutenant dan relationship

His destiny is in the jungle, bleeding out from enemy attack. It sours him immediately, and while they are bunk mates at the army hospital, he is at first indignant, ignoring Gump, then angry, spewing vitriol at him for cheating him out of his destiny, fuming about what ever is he going to do now.

Some time later, when they meet again, his anger has turned to bitterness, living in a cheap hotel and sustaining himself on alcohol. But conversely, that same sweet obliviousness is exactly what Lt.

forrest gump and lieutenant dan relationship

This leads the despondent Lt. Dan to wax sardonically about the empty counsel of a priest at the clinic where he and other veterans meet, claiming the Father hopes Dan will find Jesus so one day he can walk beside God in Heaven. Dan, surprising the girls and the viewer. He tosses one to the bed and screams at them to never call him stupid. The girls, drunk and horny, giggle and flee, shouting insults as they go, leaving Lt. Dan splayed on the floor and Forrest standing stunned above him, only concerned that he had ruined the party because girl tasted like cigarettes.

This leads to the shrimp boat and our chosen moment when we finally see the real impact of Forrest Gump. Dan has finally come to the impasse where he either accepts what he is or let it totally and completely destroy him. Since Dan has been confined to the wheelchair, we have always looked down upon him. In fact, in one scene in a bar, his head is barely visible over the counter.

Forrest always bends down when talking with Dan, keeping himself and therefore us in a kind of uncomfortable position but one that allows Dan to see eye to eye with Gump.

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Paramount Pictures By putting Lt. Dan thrives on, at least while as a soldier. In no uncertain terms, our immediate reaction is fear for him.

But he is actually comfortable, powerful, instilled even. Straddling the rigging, he is virile and the imagery is clear. The taunt ropes jetting out from between his legs are subtle or maybe not!

But more than this, Lt. Dan is about to fight it.