Fang and lightning relationship tips

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fang and lightning relationship tips

For Final Fantasy XIII on the PlayStation 3, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Poll: Do you interpret Fang and Vanille's relationship as..". I am only at chapter 11, but from my point of view, its been hinted many times in the game that they obviously cared for each other a lot. The point of this thread is that if Fang was still a man, you all would automatically assume that Fang (male) and Vanille are in a relationship.

Set pre-game, written in present tense. How does one find a successful conclusion? You cannot find one in reality. However I do not think I will win it so it is posted here Fang is her family, but she's found a new one as well. Can she help Fang accept their new friends? Who wouldn't want her? That's why puberty sucks, and that's why Fang decides to vanquish her suitors. It's not like she has issues.

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Just a sisterly concern, really. When decisions are made, even the closest of people can have opposite opinions. Rated T for violence and cursing. Two children, one destiny. T - English - Friendship - Chapters: Some light Fanille fluff ensues; no pun intended.

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You have been warned. K - English - Romance - Chapters: And as always, they will face it together. Vanille - Complete Void by Cissmoll "From the moment they set foot in the new world, Fang knew something was up with Vanille. Edit I've got a few screws loose, but I'm a l'Cie, same as you. I wasn't born on Cocoon.

fang and lightning relationship tips

I'm from Gran Pulse. The 'world below' you all hate so much. My partner and I'd turned to crystal there and gone to sleep.

fang and lightning relationship tips

But when we came around, here we were. The reason Cocoon's in an uproar is the same reason you're here now. Vanille and I woke up. Aboard the Lindblum Raines tells Snow of the Sanctum's plan to publicly execute the l'Cie once they are captured, and leaves Snow no choice but to help him find the others. Fang explains to Snow she is hunting down the l'Cie herself, but does not divulge her connection to Vanille. Fang and Lightning discuss their fate. They split up as Snow leaves with Hope and Fang with Lightning, keeping in contact with wireless communicators.

fang and lightning relationship tips

After deciding on Hope's home in Felix Heights as their rendezvous point, Fang reveals her origins to Lightning and that she and Vanille were indirectly responsible for Lightning's sister Serah being made a l'Cie, as Anima sought for new l'Cie after seeing Fang and Vanille were not heeding their Focus. Fang and Lightning realize Pulse and Cocoon are more similar than they had initially thought in how both worlds feared and hated the other, but Fang is willing to be an enemy of Cocoon if it will save Vanille.

fang and lightning relationship tips

Fang explains how a l'Cie's brand shows the time they have until they transform into Cie'th, and how strong emotions can expedite the process. Fang reassures Lightning that Serah will come out of crystal stasis one day. They go into hiding in Hope's home and take refuge with his father, Bartholomew Estheim. The party is led onto the Lindblum where they learn Vanille and Sazh were captured in Nautilus and are being held captive aboard the Palamecia to be brought to Eden for a public execution.

Fang is reunited with Vanille. With the Cavalry's help, the group infiltrates the Sanctum airship to rescue the prisoners and Fang and Vanille are reunited.

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Fang checks the progression of Vanille's brand and is relieved she still has time left. After defeating him they learn their Focus: While the rest of the party is coming to terms with the gravity of their task, Fang is troubled by Barthandelus taunting her for forgetting her Focus.

The party escapes using an airship Dysley left behind and crash into the Fifth Ark hidden beneath Eden. Fang's confused rage summons Bahamut. In the Ark the party's l'Cie powers are fully awakened. They meet Cid Raines, revealed to have been a Sanctum l'Cie branded by Barthandelus all along, with the Focus to help them destroy Cocoon. Raines explains the Cocoon fal'Cie want Cocoon's destruction to call back the Maker and remake the world.

To defy his fal'Cie master Cid attacks the group intent on killing them to stop the fal'Cie's plan. The party defeats Raines and he unexpectedly turns to crystal. While the rest are inspired by Raines's sacrifice and vow to fight their Focus as well, Fang turns on the party, willing to "smash Cocoon out of the sky" if it means saving her friends from turning Cie'th.

Her Eidolon, Bahamutmanifests, and after taming it, Fang relents and agrees to help search for a way to defy their Focus and wipe their brands clean.

fang and lightning relationship tips

A path to the Ark's lowest level is revealed and they board an old Pulsian airship and fly through a gate to Gran Pulse.