Fairy tail zeref and mavis relationship advice

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fairy tail zeref and mavis relationship advice

Follow. Flirty Zeref by Keiid @ Tumblr Cute Comics, Cute Couple Comics, Fariy Tail, Fairy Tail Zero - Mavis x Zeref Anime Fairy, Attack On Titan, Fairy. Fairy Tail see's love between immortals flourish between Mavis and Zeref as they seem to have fallen in love after realizing that they're the. Sep 13, Explore Allie Chacon's board "Fairy tail Relationship Goals" on Fairy Tail - Gray with a little mermaid Juvia, Natsu with a little angel Lucy, Gajeel .

It was like she and Grandeeney were already family, and Natsu decided he liked the idea of making it official. How about you tell me what's really going on between you and Natsu, first? Natsu couldn't say he was looking any different. His mouth was hanging open and he was sure his eyes were going to fall right out of his skull.

What was going on between him and Lucy? Nothing, that's what was going on, much to Natsu's deep disappointment. Lucy would always only see him as a friend. He started to walk out of the kitchen as he spoke. I'll be back down before dinner.

fairy tail zeref and mavis relationship advice

Remember, it's fall break, so Zeref will be home tonight. I think he's bringing Mavis.

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I'm leaving dinner to you, so don't burn the house down you two. And by 'you two' I mean you, Natsu. Do not set anything on fire. Natsu couldn't blame Lucy for bursting out with laughter. You smell," Natsu yelled, laughing around the words as he spoke them. Igneel gave him a fond smile before finally leaving the room. Zeref called like a half hour ago to tell us not to wait up for him.

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There seems to be a lot of traffic," Igneel said, shrugging without worry. She sat down at the table and started to serve herself before she spoke. Seriously, where does it go? So unfair, if I break my diet just once my thighs start to look like baby whales," Lucy grumbled, frowning down at her plate. Straight to these guys," Natsu laughed, exaggeratedly flexing his biceps. He laughed harder when Lucy and Igneel shared an annoyed glance.

But maybe Natsu was just imagining that. A noise came from the porch before the front door opened, causing the trio to curiously glance at one another. Before they had much time to react, Zeref and Mavis joined them in the kitchen, crumpled up McDonald's bags in their hands. I didn't expect you home for another couple of hours," Igneel said, a smile on his face as he quickly stood from his chair to give Zeref a hug.

You're welcome to stay with us as long as you need to. This is my girlfriend, Mavis," he said proudly, motioning towards the short blonde. Before Lucy had time to respond, Natsu abruptly stood from his seat. You made it official?! Her expression wasn't much different. I mean I can't believe you got a girlfriend before me!

Obviously, they weren't expecting something like that to come from Natsu. Nothing about you is normal. You're into black magic and stuff, who would want to be with someone like that?! Plus, I'm a lot nicer than you. I should have gotten a girlfriend before you. Zeref turned wide, accusing eyes her way. For four hundred years, Zeref awaited his brother's arrival but slowly became traumatized at the repeating conflicts that passed and soon opt to seclude himself. The only time he was truly happy was when he taught Mavis and her friends on how to use magic.

Sometime later, Zeref created what would soon form itself into the Alvarez Empire. Eventually, he found himself on the secluded Tenrou Island, hoping to stay completely cut off from humanity. As they finally finished the guild building, all four took a photo with the building in background as a sign that Fairy Tail was born.

She later entrusted the guild to Precht to serve as its second master. In gratitude, members of Fairy Tail made her a grave on the holy island of the guild - Tenrou Island. Mavis was given with an epithet as the Fairy Tactician, since she led her team in many victories thanks to her exceptional skills in making strategies during battles.

fairy tail zeref and mavis relationship advice

Mavis refuses to believes this and runs away from his statement. While Zeref wishes to obtain Mavis's Fairy Heart, the latter views him as a danger to the world that must be disposed of.

Despite this, the two actually still hold deep feelings for one another. This is shown when Zeref feels sadness while watching Irene attempt to strip Mavis of Fairy Heart, a process which brings Mavis great pain.

Later, when Zeref informs Mavis of his plan to erase the current timeline, the latter tearfully begs him not to erase the world where she meets him. It is proven later on in chapterwhen Zeref is paralyzed, Mavis says that she doesn't want him to die and wants them to stay together forever.

She also admits that she still loves him even if he had taken other lives. Zeref then realizes that this was the way to free him from immortality and to be able to face death. So, because I love happy endings in both the innocent and euphemistic way, here's the happy ending for Zervis. With some mention of Erza and Irene's relationship of sorts, although I'm sure that will be incredibly OOC once we get actual interaction between them. The answer should be yes, because it's cracktastic.

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fairy tail zeref and mavis relationship advice

Mavis and Zeref Somehow, Fairy Tail had managed to smuggle Zeref into their guildhall after the chaos caused by his empire had blown over. With the help of the magic council and extensive research on Levy's part, they had managed to break the curse afflicting both Zeref and Mavis, allowing the two of them to live with little realistic fear of leading their loved ones to their deaths.

Zeref, deciding to stay near Mavis and his little brother, had moved into the room Jellal had once occupied at the guild. Mavis herself was given a beautifully renovated suite of rooms of her own on the guild's second floor. Due to the atrocities he'd committed, Zeref was hiding. When awake, he'd spend most of his time in the basement in case someone would show up and notice him. The magic council had, after all, thought the spell they devised was only meant to help Mavis.

Members of Fairy Tail were the only people to know he was still alive and kicking. Eventually, the couple planned to move back to Tenroujima and re-establish the massive magic archive it had once held.

It would provide them with good privacy and protect Zeref from the council and mages who still hated him. For now, Mavis and Zeref had to stay at Fairy Tail. They would return to Tenroujima at the time of the S-class trials, when a homestead could be established for them and books brought to the archive.

That meant they were stuck in the guildhall for another three months. Although Mavis could leave, Zeref couldn't, so she tried to spend time with him in the recesses of the guildhall. That had allowed their relationship to grow, although he was still scared to kiss her for fear of his curse returning and killing her once more.

Recently, she had forced a couple kisses on him, making him more comfortable enough to give her a kiss here and there. Still, they hid it from the prying eyes of Mavis's guild, afraid that their relationship wouldn't be welcome.

Then, one night, as they were having tea in Mavis's room, they heard some of the girls talking below. Neither had any inclination to listen until they heard themselves mentioned. A bit similar to Jellal and Erza's relationship, with Zeref's past holding them back, but I think Zeref's less overly guilty about everything and Mavis is less embarrassed to make a move," Levy's thoughtful voice postulated.

The girls sounded surprised to hear her declaration, chattering amongst themselves about how Cana always wanted them to be having sex. I don't want to think about how that must look! Seriously, Erza and Jellal having sex is really hot at least in theory," Cana attempted to explain. Mavis wondered what she meant by the 'in theory' remark. I mean, surely it's okay if they're doing anything together," Lucy tried to retort. Mavis blushed in response.

She wondered what sex with Zeref would be like, but had to admit Cana was right. He wouldn't want her not-quite-adult body no matter how old she actually was.

fairy tail zeref and mavis relationship advice

Now that the curse had been removed, she could hope she'd become more adult-looking in a few years, not that she wanted to wait that long.

Mavis tried to pick up the conversation she was having with Zeref.

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While her face had a light blush from what she'd heard, his remained stoic. The voices from the guild stopped her again. Hell, I'd bet flame-breath knew more as a virgin," Gray explained. In the back of her mind, Mavis wondered if Gray was right. Then, Natsu's booming voice came across the guild yelling some insult at Gray and Mavis heard the brawl of the day beginning.

fairy tail zeref and mavis relationship advice

Mavis dared to look up at Zeref, hoping he hadn't heard the conversation. When she saw the very rare blush on his face, she knew he had heard it.

The man, wanting some time to process what he had heard for himself, nodded and left the room. The truth of the matter was that Mavis had tried to seduce Zeref a few times with various methods: He bit on the initial suggestion, but would never be willing to follow through.

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An hour later, as Mavis lay in bed wearing one of her light nightgowns, a knock at her door made her sit up. She wondered if it would be okay to do, but she called out to tell the person to come inside. Perhaps tonight he would fall to a more physical approach.

A dressed-down Zeref stood in the open door. Mavis stood up and closed the door behind Zeref. She caught him by surprise so she could reach her arms up around his neck. He stood still as she reached up to kiss him. She didn't know if the earlier conversation she overheard had sparked her bold behavior, but she wasn't about to stop.

Her efforts paid off and he began to melt into her and wrap his arms around her waist, lifting her off the ground. Together, they stumbled over to Mavis's waiting bed and toppled onto it.