Eric birling and eva smith relationship test

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eric birling and eva smith relationship test

How does Gerald see his relationship with Sheila at the end of the play? On Inspector Goole's probing, Eric confesses that he had met Eva Smith at the Palace. It is highly likely that the "force" meant Eric raped Eva. The Inspector says to Eric that he "just used her for the end of one of his drunken evenings". Eric also. The main characters in An Inspector Calls are the Birling family, Gerald Croft and It is clear that despite Eric being old enough to drink and Sheila getting married , she Cold, Mrs Birling is very unsympathetic when describing Eva Smith's position. . Our team of exam survivors will get you started and keep you going.

He is not a boy but a young man, Sybil refuses to see this. Her shock at this revelation ' staggered ' is further evidence of this. Snobbish Sybil shows that she is snobbish when she criticises members of her family for their behaviour. Really, the things you girls pick up these days! Sybil has snobbish opinions that people should speak and behave 'properly', not doing so would make her look down upon them.

Social and historical context Food was rationed during World War Two The hardships of wartime challenged the class structure in Britain. Due to rationing of food and clothes, people of all classes were eating and dressing the same.

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They were also fighting side by side, and so class barriers came down. Sybil Birling, like her husband Arthur, represents a type of middle-class snobbery that existed prior to the World Wars. It's still the same rotten story whether it's been told to a police inspector or to somebody else. According to you, I ought to feel a lot better - To Gerald I stole some money, Gerald, you might as well know - As Birling tries to interrupt.

I don't care, let him know. The money's not the important thing. It's what happened to the girl and what we all did to her that matters.

eric birling and eva smith relationship test

And I still feel the same about it, and that's why I don't feel like sitting down and having a nice cosy talk. Eric Birling How does Eric stand up to his parents in Act 3 of the play?

Reveal answer down How to analyse the quotation: According to you, I ought to feel a lot better - To Gerald. I stole some money, Gerald, you might as well know - As Birling tries to interrupt. And the rest of you did what you did to her" - Eric repeats his point to add emphasis. How to use this in an essay: At the start of the play, Eric tries to stand up his father but lacks the confidence to do it. After the truth about Eva Smith has come out, he has grown up enough to confidently state his point 'I did what I did.

And the rest of you did what you did to her', the repetition of 'I did', 'she did' and 'you did' shows that Eric is clear in his mind who is to blame for the death of Eva Smith. He describes the episode as a 'rotten story', the word 'rotten' is very emotive, he wants to let his parents know exactly how he feels.

Finally, Eric speaks over his father, something he would not do in Act 1 ' As Birling tries to interrupt. He accuses his mother of killing her own unborn grandchild. He accepts his guilt, whether the inspector is a real inspector or not. Eric has been to an expensive school and then university, but Mr Birling feels he knows more of life than his son: We know that Eric does get drunk, and the opposite of what his mother says is true: He is weak willed and looks for an easy way out of troubles.

An unpleasant side of his character is brought out when he drinks. He insists on going home with the girl, but he cannot remember what happened that first time. When the girl suspects he has stolen the money she refuses to take any more, and also refuses to marry him.


Like Shelia, he believes that their experiences at the hands of the inspector should make them improve their behaviour. He makes the decisions between himself and Sheila. Shows genuine remorse when involvement is clear, unlike Sybil and Arthur. He is the one who thinks in the clearest way by considering the identity of the Inspector. He is the first to devise a way out for the family and checks with the infirmary to see if there is a dead girl. He also suggests the possibility of there being more than one girl involved.

Uses the situation at the end of the play to find a way out. He believes that Sheila will accept the engagement ring again and asserts that all is well 27 What did he do? Gerald is the son of a wealthy industrialist and business rival of Mr Birling and has just become engaged to Sheila Birling. Gerald gives her the ring during the dinner party. He agrees with Mr Birling about the way a business should be run. He rescued Daisy Renton from the drunken Alderman Meggarty.

He kept Daisy as his mistress for 6 months, than broke off their relationship. He finds out that a police sergeant has never heard of inspector Goole. He telephones the infirmary to find out that no girl died that da.

eric birling and eva smith relationship test

He has a sense of what to do and when to do it, and he clearly has the approval of Mrs Birling: Mr Birling sees Gerald as being like himself - a determined man of business; he sees the engagement as a way of bringing the two family businesses together: Gerald has been hiding his feelings, like an English gentleman is expected to do. He is a complex character. The others acted out of greed, anger, jealousy, spite lust or pride, but Gerald seems to have acted out of genuine sympathy and attraction.

His sensitive nature is revealed in the way he produces the engagement ring, his reaction to the death of the girl and by his gently asking Sheila if he can come back after she returned the ring.

  • An Inspector Calls A play by J.B. Priestley.

He impresses Sheila after his admission about his relationship with Daisy Renton. At the same time he agrees that Mr Birling was right to sack Eva Smith, and wordly-wise enough to enquire about the inspector and then to phone the infirmary and lie about his interest in a possible suicide.

Priestley presents us with a powerful social message. We are shown the comfortable home and rich way of life of the Birling family. Be contrast we have accounts of the desperate attempts of workers to increase their poor wages and the drab and sordid life that the girl is forced to live as the result of the actions of such people as the Birlings.

The inspector champions ta cause of the poor and tries to get the others to accept that all the people share a common humanity and to be a part of a community. The message gets through to Sheila and Eric but their father dismisses the idea of a community, in which the responsibility and guilt are shared, as the foolish mutterings of socialist cranks.

Mr Birling feels it is his responsibility to be successful, making as much profit as possible and to provide for his family. Yet, he is not a father that Eric can turn to. Eric feels no responsibility at all. He drinks and feels nothing when he acts rashly. Gerald showed some responsibility when he cared for the girl but he then used her for his own pleasure until he tired of her.

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Trust is a huge part of love and this was tested. Mr and Mrs Birling measure their love in their material possessions and social status. It gives the impression that they have a cold, loveless marriage that extends towards their children. Both Gerald and Eric had a relationship with the girl but both deny they loved her.