Epiphytic orchids and trees relationship counseling

The Urban Gardener: Orchids - Tie them up!

epiphytic orchids and trees relationship counseling

About three quarters of all orchid species are epiphytes, which is a term that refers to plants that live and grow upon other plants. Orchids that grow on a host tree. Both species richness and abundance of epiphytic orchids were significantly higher under very low Habitats with a mixture of mature trees are suitable and essential for the conservation of viable . While the advice and information in this journal is . James S. Gardner, Office of International Relations. the tree to get water and nutrients from the soil and Orchids are epiphytes ( plants that grow on other plants). What kind of symbiosis is taking place here ???.

The angle that the dends are fixed to the tree also mean that there's a very aesthetic, graceful curve to the flower spikes. And of course, its a far better sight to focus on than just bare tree trunk!

epiphytic orchids and trees relationship counseling

Especially when its loaded with blooming spikes. Of course, there are some negatives too.

epiphytic orchids and trees relationship counseling

Like, you can't move it around or take it inside unless it's tied onto a piece of driftwood or log instead of a tree when it's in bloom And, if it's tied onto a cooconut tree, falling nuts and leaves can chop off various parts of the plant. Also, my local coconut buyer is very reluctant to climb these trees to harvest the nuts. What with me hovering around to see he doesnt harm my 'kids, and him having to manoeuvre around the mounted orchids, I dont really blame him!

Watering can become another issue. Since the roots are exposed, they tend to dry out faster than those in pots. So, in summer I make sure I hose them down liberally and also thoroughly drench the surrounding tree bark.

Symbiotic Relationship Between an Orchid & a Tree

But dendrobiums have a good storage system in their pseudobulbs, so they wont dry up and die overnight for lack of water. Its not just the dendrobiums, phalaenopsis and oncidium orchids too can be tied on to trees orchid growers call this "mounting"as in "the orchid was mounted on a small log".

So far, I've succeeded in growing dendrobiums and oncidiums this way.

epiphytic orchids and trees relationship counseling

The phalaenopsis is going to be next. Oh, and did I mention that this works for epiphytic orchids? Dont try it on your terrestrial or ground-growing orchids like Spathaglottis, okay? Well, if you have about hundreds of them, you could always experiment in the name of Science but This particular gul mohur tree is home to an oncidium or, Dancing Girls as they're known locally as well as to myriad other dendrobiums.

Its a perfect complement to my orchids as they each bloom in turn.

Growing orchids on outside trees

In summer when the tree is in vibrant colour, my orchids are silent and reserving their strength. Brainstorm about other flowers that provide fragrance in the garden — hyacinths, gardenias, and lilacs.

epiphytic orchids and trees relationship counseling

Then imagine the sensory experience of walking through a garden planted with old fashioned roses and other fragrant plants. Take a deeper look at the variety of orchids and their pollinators around the world.

Orchids In the language of flowers, orchids also represent love and passion.

Studying Fungi Amid the Ghost Orchids

With more than 25, species of epiphytic and terrestrial plants, the orchid family, Orchidaceae, is thought to be the largest family of plants in the world. Phalaenopsis and Dendrobium, among other orchids, are grown as houseplants and were even found to help clean toxins, like formaldehyde and benzene, from indoor air, according to the NASA Clean Air Study There are about different species in the genus Vanilla, but V.

Native to Mexico, this vanilla orchid will only grow about 20 degrees north and south of the equator and is grown commercially in tropical areas around the world. Its sweet scented flowers are pollinated primarily by stingless bees native to Central America, as well as certain hummingbirds.

Flowers open for a day and then close if not pollinated within that day.

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In areas like Madagascar where these orchids are grown and their pollinators are not native, the vanilla orchids are pollinated by hand with small toothpick-like instruments. Imagine being the person who does that job. The delicate relationship between orchids and their pollinators is an interesting one to study and marvel and can spark interesting conversation about our own personal relationships or the importance of pollinators.

Study the coevolution of bee orchids solitary beesghost orchids giant sphinx mothsand others with their pollinators.

epiphytic orchids and trees relationship counseling

Take a look at pictures of these orchid flowers and their pollinators and then examine the flower and plant parts of a live orchid. Work with clients to grow one or more orchids as houseplants — they require a little more than your typical houseplant, needing frequent misting and periodic deep watering.

If unpollinated, the flowers close up and fall off the trees.