Enchong and erich relationship questions

Enchong Dee caught on video kissing Erich Gonzales twice on her cheek ▷ mephistolessiveur.info

enchong and erich relationship questions

There was no screaming of “I love you, Enchong and Erich” and clapping from the gallery We were left with more questions than answers. People have wondered about the real status between swimmer-actor-model Enchong Dee and fellow Kapamilya actress Erich Gonzales for. "This list answers the questions, "What are the best Erich Gonzales movies? Actors: Jane Oineza, Nash Aguas, Enchong Dee, Eliza Pineda, Dennis Padilla.

Regardless of great lines, the first 30 to 45 minutes was atrocious because of the performances.

EMEA - We all have that one friend who is like Erich to Enchong

Clever dialogues gone straight to the toilet because the performances were either too slapsticky, or just pure corny. I saw no chemistry between Enchong and Erich. While Erich looked like she was trying hard to be Meg Ryan-ish, Enchong was stiff and bland like a pale wooden puppet.

enchong and erich relationship questions

The characters which were the friends of Erich's character looked cheesy in the way they act. The male friend Janus Del Prado looked awkward in delivering his lines, and the thin lady friend Melai Cantiveros was acting like she wants to be the next Pokwang or Ai-ai; channeling on the "old Tagalog format of comedy" that relies more on funny looks than funny performances. Do we really need to continue this old slapstick format? Allyson Lualhati seemed to be the better of the three; her timing seemed to be on target.

Enchong Dee: This is my happiest relationship

Fortunately, the film picks itself up later on and gradually becomes more edible; the performances were gradually getting better. The saving grace really relies much on the script, the story, and on Veronica Velascos' direction. I am surprised that just of this writing moment did I find out that Velasco was also the writer and was the one of the two directors of the movie INANG YAYA, which is one of the finest dramatic movies I have ever seen. The storyline was able to tackle the usual ups and downs of getting married; especially one that involves the romance between a girl from a typical seemingly lower middle class family and a boy from a wealthy old-fashioned Chinese family.

The performances were better around the second half of the movie. Enchong and Erich's chemistry seemed better when they were not intentionally acting sweet. I must say, however, that Enchong's on screen appearance often looks silly.

enchong and erich relationship questions

He is usually dressed in these prettyboy clothes that look very very gay. It's distracting how silly he looks.

Erich Gonzales Movies List: Best to Worst

And that pompadour-ish hairstyle of his. And so the two gets deeper and deeper into their relationship, falling more and more for each other, while walking on eggshells and living in fear of where the discovery of their respective lies might lead to.

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But being naturally good people, their dilemma is how to come clean about their secrets without making that something special that they built, crumbling back to the ground. The movie has a sincere intention of a telling a relevant and contemporary love story though the narrative and the visuals.

Bond with Erich and Enchong

The film romanticized the metro and its landmarks, without being silly and unrealistic. The locations and its artistic representation helped the movie greatly, because although fresh and novel, the storyline could be too lightweight for a full-length feature film, and the visuals made a difference.

Without the efforts put into making the scenes artistic and cinema-ready, this movie could simply feel like a very long episode of an afternoon TV love story series. Enchong as Mike demonstrates his sincerity and vulnerability as the hero to his deaf pupils, a strong contrast to his athletic and teen heartthrob image.

The pair interacts naturally, thanks to the script free from annoying and corny lines typical of "love team launching movies. The very crucial moments lacks drama and excitement. There are questions worth discussing like, who deceived who? Which of them deserved to feel hurt and misled? If I were in his or her shoes, would I have done the same? The screening of Paano Ko Sasabihin?