Dr burke and yang relationship questions

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dr burke and yang relationship questions

Yang left Seattle to take over Preston Burke's job in Zurich running a look at a female relationship — this one between a woman and her grandmother. Click here to visit our frequently asked questions about HTML5 video. There is no denying that the relationship between Cristina Yang and Preston Burke was one of a kind. It was filled with love, sex, passion. The Burke/Cristina relationship The arrogance of Dr. Bailey Bailey has always been regarded as a brilliant doctor and a popular character on the show. And God forbid anyone questions her judgement, or she doesn't.

dr burke and yang relationship questions

In the case of Mark and Dr. Teddy Altman, neither wanted the same thing and it ultimately doomed the relationship. Teddy wasn't looking for something serious, but Mark was more interested in a meaningful, long-term relationship.

He was pushed by Callie to go out with her for this purpose, but Teddy wasn't interested in that. Eventually, they did become involved and Teddy ended up getting what she wanted, but Mark saw the writing on the wall and knew there wasn't a long-term situation happening. It wasn't a regretful relationship for the series, but more of a hiccup for these characters that most people simply forgot about and moved on from. He had come to the hospital to provide counseling for survivors, but never treated Teddy as a patient.

She eventually started a relationship with him, but spent most of her time talking about her problems When it came time for him to leave, she detached from him when she realized she fell for unavailable men. Eventually, they got back together and planned to move to Germany together, but when push came to shove, Teddy decided to stay behind so she could be close to Henry Burton, whom she married so she could get him on her insurance.

Granted, that's entirely hindsight, but when you think about it, George was the last normal, somewhat healthy, relationship Callie was in and it did not go well for her. While they were together, George got involved with someone else and they fought constantly.

It was a constant struggle when these two were together and they never had a good chemistry with one another. Most of their time together was spent with Callie telling George she loved him but got no response, leaving her emotionally drained. It was hard on her, and frankly, entirely unfair.

Maggie Pierce and Clive Johnson, a stockbroker whom she matched with via Tinder. When they were first set to go out, Maggie actually forgot all about it and he showed up expecting her to be ready. She wasn't, but they went out anyway and they began to see one another. During this period, Maggie was basically completely distracted from anything and everything related to Clive, but they got along nicely.

She even went so far as to bring him to a game night hosted by Meredith and Amelia specifically to meet Clive. They showed up, and the games began, but not the games they had planned. She says that she has no dignity and no eye brows and needs to cut to feel like a surgeon. The lady in this picture also walks in on Cristina seducing Burke in his hospital bed Question 4 What kind of surgeon is Preston?

General surgeon Neurosurgeon Cardiothoracic surgeon If you don't know much about medicine when you start watching Grey's Anatomy, we can promise you that after season 13 you will start to feel like you are a qualified surgeon who could take on the world!

dr burke and yang relationship questions

We learn all about general surgery, brain surgery, paediatric surgery and of course, heart surgery. We are exposed to the latest techniques and guidelines. We also get to learn the human anatomy fairly well. The doctors also get to know one another's anatomy Sees her procedure on the OR board He sees Adison go in to the theatre He does her procedure for her He asks her what happened After Cristina finds out about her pregnancy with Burke's child she schedules an abortion. She isn't ready to be a mom and doesn't really want to because she wants to have a career.

Yang goes jogging with Meredith the morning of the emergency. While assisting in Burke's OR she starts feeling ill. Burke actually asks if he is boring her He must have regretted that remark when Yang collapsed in his OR and was rushed to theatre. How did he figure out what was wrong with her? He thanked her even though she hates him She was supposed to win the award He wouldn't have stayed a surgeon without her He called her to gloat Though he's no longer in the hospital at this point and the residents have moved on to being Attendings, Seattle Grace still keeps tabs on its old employees.

Cristina's friends try to shield her from the news, but she eventually finds out that Burke has won a Harper Avery Award. They're not surprised that she isn't happy for him, given what he did to her, but nobody is right about the real reason she's upset about it. Question 7 What does Burke's mother take from Cristina? Her hair Her makeup Her eyebrows Both Burke and Cristina have overbearing mothers, which in a way makes sense since they're both so similarly focused.

However, Cristina is barely able to handle her own mother and pretty much loses it when Burke's shows up to help her get ready for their wedding. Despite agreeing to get married even though she didn't really feel the need to, Burke's mother doesn't seem to think she's doing enough for him. Whether it's for spite or not, Burke's mother takes something vital from Cristina on her wedding day.

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Question 8 True or False: Burke cheats on Cristina with Meredith True False It's rare to find someone who just clicks with you. Someone who gets you like no one else.


These girls may even be separated at birth. They have so much in common it's uncanny. They both love surgery, handsome men and tequila! Both of them come from unhappy childhood's but are fantastic woman. They have what it takes, to be the best and always come out on top. And if they are having a rough time, it's nothing a little dancing and tequila cant solve! So, does Burke see the similarity too?

Question 9 Who goes with Cristina to Zurich? Shane Ross Owen Hunt Preston Burke After many years of working in Seattle, Cristina spreads her wings and steps in to unfamiliar territory when she travels overseas.

She also takes a young intern with her. She also happens to be having an intimate relationship with this intern While she is there she experiences viewing a patient's heart in a 3D hologram. Some of the newest and most amazing technology is shown to her.

Burke's hospital really is on the forefront of technology when it comes to medicine! Question 10 Who does Preston coach in the elevator?

Cristina and Burke - Grey's Anatomy

George Alex While the original interns still are interns they end up having to treat one of Seattle's finest from a GSW, or 'gun shot wound'. The boys share a heated moment under the intense pressure of being stuck in an elevator with dyeing patient. They manage to get the doors slightly open and one of them freezes. Burke doesn't miss a beat though and continues coaching them, eventually saving the officer's life. But who is he coaching down in that elevator?

Question 11 Finish this sentence: If you want to appease me Compliment my hair Let's dance it out Compliment my brain There is one other thing Grey's Anatomy is absolutely famous for. That's the amazing and witty comments made in every show. Always something original and unexpected. Yang is famous for remarks like, 'Nobody cares', or ' I'm laughing, just not externally'.

I real favourite and inspiring moment was when she told Meredith this, "Don't let what he wants eclipse what you need. He's very dreamy, but he is not the sun. What a revelation to all woman out there! Question 12 Who ends up moving in with Cristina and Burke? George Izzie Danny The other interns sure do have their share of problems and somehow, at first, they all find their way into Meredith's house.

When a specific relationship goes awry though, one of them finally has to move out. It's a sticky situation because while Burke is a magnanimous host who feels starved for friendship, Cristina loves her personal space and feels like she's drowning in company. Altman's mentorship of Yang is punishing at times, and Altman brutally emphasizes that Yang must learn patience, compassion, and the basics over the flashy surgeries Yang prefers.

Altman's tutelage is successful, and Yang evolves into an aware and well-rounded surgeon because of it. Altman allows Yang to come up with a wish list of dream surgeries to fulfill before Altman resigns and moves on. Yang and Hunt distance themselves from each other as they keep fighting over the abortion, despite attending marriage counselling.

Hunt has a one-night stand with a patient's friend, leaving Yang heartbroken.

dr burke and yang relationship questions

She decides to move on, unsure of her future with him. As the end of the fifth year of residency is near, the surgical residents, including Yang, prepare for their medical boards and for the different fellowships they plan on joining.

After she passes her exams, Yang reconciles with Hunt and tells him she is leaving Seattle for the Mayo ClinicMinnesota. Lexie dies, and Mark later succumbs to his injuries after they are rescued and dies.

Following their rescue, Yang, traumatized, suffers from brief reactive psychosis which provokes violent outbursts and makes her unresponsive. Yang leaves Seattle to become a cardiothoracic surgical fellow and goes, as planned, to the Mayo Clinic, but has difficulties adapting to her new colleagues' way of working.

She mainly teases him with comments regarding his old age. She also begins an affair with the head of surgery Dr. Parker Steven Culp who has issues with Thomas. After Thomas dies from a heart attack, Yang returns to Seattle. Cristina is re-hired and Owen asks for a divorce once Cristina wants to reconcile. Shocked, Cristina agrees, but later finds out that the potential conflict of interest regarding the plane crash lawsuit was a key motive behind Owen's request and confronts him.

Owen tells her that he 'feels responsible' and was worried as he thought she was dead. They have a sexual relationship after divorcing. The hospital is sued and found guilty of negligence. Yang, Callie Torres Sara Ramirezand the other surviving doctors buy the hospital with the help of the Harper-Avery Foundation to prevent it from closing, and each become members of the new directing board. After buying the hospital, Yang realizes that she was made for the O.

After breaking up with Owen, Cristina continues to excel at surgery and becomes de facto chief of cardio. Although supportive of Meredith's choice to become a mother, Cristina points out the fact that it has hurt Meredith's career and clinical judgement.

This causes a wedge in their friendship. Grey attempts to catch up professionally with a research trial, but the divide widens when Cristina's trial overshadows Grey's and steals Grey's resources. Shane Ross, a second-year resident, stands up to Meredith for her, Cristina gives Shane a kiss. Later, she begins sleeping with him, as well as becoming his mentor and passing on the skills learned from Altman.

Cristina's project is immensely successful and she is informed that she could be considered for the Harper Avery award from her 3-D printing of a heart conduit. Grey and Yang reconcile when Grey acknowledges that Yang is correct, she has surpassed Grey, and that Grey is jealous of Yang's professional freedom and success, while her own is hampered by her family. Cristina is nominated for the Harper Avery award and is a strong candidate, however she is passed over due to her relationship with the Harper-Avery Foundation that co-owns the hospital.

Cristina goes to speak at a hospital in Zurich, Switzerland, orchestrated by Preston Burke who built his own hospital following his winning of the Harper Avery. He offers Cristina his job as the head of the hospital so that he can spend more time with his wife and kids. Cristina accepts the offer and interviews candidates for her replacement position at the hospital, including Maggie Pierce for new chief of cardio.

Cristina transfers her hospital shares to Alex Karev and recommends he take over her seat on the board. At the end of season 10, she says goodbye to her fellow co-workers she has come to know and love including Owen and Meredith. Cristina and Meredith share special moments together reminiscing about all the horrors they went through and dancing it out one last time. Cristina leaves for Zurich with surgical intern Shane Ross, who chooses to leave in order to study under her in Switzerland.

Casting and creation[ edit ] Sandra Oh 's character was not supposed to be of Asian descent. On the creation of Yang, Shonda Rhimes said the character contained "a little bit of [her] personality".

There's something interesting about a person who is that driven, a little bit emotionally disconnected but still a caring, sweet, and smart individual you could be friends with.