Divyanka and vivek relationship tips

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divyanka and vivek relationship tips

Here are a few tips, which wives can learn from her to enjoy a Divyanka and Vivek kept their relationship secret until their engagement. In the later episodes, we will also get to see small screen's favourite pati-patni Divyanka Tripathi and Vivek Dahiya. A short video of their. Vivek Dahiya and Divyanka Tripathi making yet another rookie PDA mistake Ah! the honeymoon period of every relationship is exciting.

Babies are more demanding than your husband.

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Just talk to him lovingly and all that but a baby is another level," shared the year-old. Also given the fact that the couple is currently busy with their respective careers and are a weekly feature on a popular dance reality show, having a baby soon might not be so feasible. A post shared by Divyanka Tripathi Dahiya divyankatripathidahiya on May 18, at 3: However, we feel with a few basic things to remember you can check if you are ready to become a parent, regardless of your career.

Are you psychologically ready? It doesn't matter what your financial situation is or how all your friends are having babies. What matters most is if you are ready to become a parent. If you feel it from within then everything else will automatically fall into place.

Telly's favourite couple Divyanka and Vivek Dahiya finally REVEAL their baby plan!

Are you financially ready? As gorgeous as maternity shots look and the excitement to flaunt a baby bump seems, a baby comes not only with huge emotional responsibility, but also financial.

And that would mean major investment. So if you have decided to become a parent, work on your financials, do some savings and move on from there. Ishima planned the sweetest birthday surprise for Ruhi Nowadays, boys and girls, both should know how to cook girls need not be the only ones proficient in everything, says Divyanka. No one had imagined that she would ever become so 'ladylike'. Being the second daughter of the family, she was treated like a boy and she in turn adapted the same attitude.

I wore clothes hand-stitched by my mother I had only one ear pierced and preferred loose shirts and trousers. I think I was imitating my father! Divyanka's father was associated with NCC, so she joined it too. Not much has changed. She still harbours a love for adventurous activities.

She divulges one more thing: During school days, I went on a date with a friend and made some lame excuse for being late but my mother was not fooled one bit! I apologised even before I had stopped lying!

divyanka and vivek relationship tips

It helped - I didn't get punished. Both of them are connected so well that they understand by their each other's tone if something is wrong. The mother-daughter duo likes to go on long drives and watch movies together. Divyanka's mom is happy that her star daughter likes the food she cooks and that she asks her to design her special dresses.

Even though she is 50, Divyanka's mom is learning Bharatanatyam. Is Divyanka Tripathi also a Radhe Maa follower?

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Divyanka with her mother. She agrees with her sister that right or wrong should be decided on the basis of whether you can share that thing with your parents or not. She credits her parents for supporting her wholeheartedly: I in turn have never betrayed them. Divyanka's brother, Aishwarya, is nine years younger to her and is her best friend. She respects his opinion on her work. However, there is one grudge: She wanted to marry him, but gradually when she realised that there was no love left in the relationship, she persuaded Sharad to end it.

They then jointly issued a statement about their separation. I even consulted astrologers to see where my life was headed I was so lost but I now know that the pain will subside eventually It already feels as if a burden is off my heart.

Giving each other space is the key, as is being friends. There shouldn't be any ego and one should not hesitate to retreat in a fight.

divyanka and vivek relationship tips

Divyanka's five picks 2. I Love To Eat: Saree, long skirt and matching top or anything designed by mom.