Derek fisher and kobe bryant relationship with father

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derek fisher and kobe bryant relationship with father

For Kobe Bryant, the NBA was the family business. NBA draft class that featured the likes of Steve Nash, Derek Fisher, Ray Allen and Stephon Marbury. .. The relationship with his parents, by then, had slightly improved. But the kind of relationships you see in movies—that's impossible for me. I have good relationships with players around the league. LeBron and. Kobe Bryant's blessings and travails can both be traced back to his father, Joe ' Jelly Hard work is Kobe's delight; just last summer he (along with Derek Fisher) .

They swept us — that was an underappreciated and truly great Jazz team — and went on to face the Chicago Bulls in the Finals. But he still kept trying, kept shooting, undeterred by the possibility of failure.

derek fisher and kobe bryant relationship with father

That took courage — he was only 18 years old — and it told me a lot about who he was, and hinted at who he was to become. When that shot was failing him, he would still do whatever it took to help the team get the W. He did it all, and he did it well. Plus, none of that accounts for the brand of physical defense that Kobe brought night in and night out.

And his shooting woes never impacted his defense, which is a rare thing in this game, particularly now.

Without Kobe Bryant, There Is No Derek Fisher

Stars that can have off-shooting nights and still lead their team to victory? As a coach, those are the guys you want on your side; the guys that help you even when it seems like they are not helping you. Those are the moments — doing what is necessary, what is hard, what no one gives you credit for — that separate Kobe from those he has been and will continue to be compared to.

Over the years, Kobe literally gave every ounce of himself on the basketball court. He was willing to die out there, if necessary, to perform to the fullest of his capabilities and help his team win. When it comes to my relationship with Kobe, it is one based upon mutual respect. I wanted what he had; that drive; that relentless determination; that unwavering and absolute refusal to accept defeat.

Over time, he and I came to understand that at our cores, we were driven by the same thing. Our teams simply were not going to lose. He takes whatever are his strengths and the weaknesses, and he makes it work. During the first few years, our relationship was strictly business. That was just the way it was on those Lakers teams; off-the-court relationships were not a part of the culture at that time.

My friendship with Kobe grew as we spent more hours, more practices, more plane rides, and more seasons together. Our bond was strengthened as we endured failure during those first three years before finally breaking through and winning NBA Championships inand Ironically, the real transformational moments in our relationship occurred during the time I was away from the Lakers, after the championship core split up in Kobe stayed in L.

Without Kobe Bryant, There Is No Derek Fisher – The Cauldron

During those three years, Kobe and I probably spoke more by text and over the phone than we had at any other time before. When we were working together, we saw each other every day, but after I left Los Angeles, our communication became more personal.

How you holding up? How are the kids? More important, being away from Kobe gave me a far greater appreciation for how hard he drove himself. And when I returned, that appreciation drove me to push myself even more — to find a higher level of commitment, and a willingness to make sacrifices and endure physical pain.

Waking up at 6 a. You have unshakable confidence that the next one will fall. I have no doubt that those traits and those beliefs whether I had them before or not were enhanced by my first stint with Kobe. I mean, how could he not rub off on me? He was the ultimate epitome of professional aspiration and drive; of a commitment to discipline; of what must be sacrificed to achieve success.

Jackson broke the stalemate by convincing Kobe to go along with the program until he matured into a leadership role. Three years later, and Kobe is almost there.

derek fisher and kobe bryant relationship with father

Bryant had to learn to adjust his game to Phil Jackson's equal-opportunity offense. A major impediment to Kobe's growth is the unalloyed adulation of the L. It's OK to criticize Jackson for "doing nothing," but the players are sacrosanct. Precious few of the area's sportscasters and sportswriters ever call Kobe to task for his chronic selfishness.

For sure, Kobe is always politically correct in his public pronouncements nowadays. He says his me-me-me game plan is ancient history. Individual numbers mean nothing. Winning is all that counts. And for the latter part of the season, every move he made on the court proved the truth of his testimony. It's also true that nobody since MJ in his prime competes as hard as Kobe does -- on both end of the court.

Hard work is Kobe's delight; just last summer he along with Derek Fisher spent long hours in the gym doing drills and exercises designed to enhance the agility of his footwork. And yes, there's always a certain shakedown period at the beginning of a new season. Who can Kobe trust with the ball? Who's going to step up with Rick Fox suspended and Shaq still on the injured list? Add up all the causes and conditions, and it's no wonder Kobe's opening game against San Antonio was an unrestrained exercise in egotism.

How easy to forget that although Kobe is a veteran of six NBA seasons, he's still only 24 -- and that under pressure, young players invariably regress and fall back into old bad habits. Despite his glorious gifts and achievements, the whys and wherefores of his game are so intriguing simply because, despite his otherworldly skills, psychologically Kobe Bryant is Everyman.

Derek Fisher

Like the rest of us mortals, the demands of Kobe's self are constantly battling the demands of his soul In both Chicago and L. His major tools here are trust and respect. So whereas the standard procedure is for a coach to call a timeout whenever the bad guys extend to a six-point lead over their good guys, Phil's practice is to let the players play their way out of whatever difficulties they've gotten themselves into.

Shaq and Kobe have co-existed through three championship seasons. Jackson also trusts that the community will be a self-correcting one. Peer pressure is always more effective than the imposition of discipline by a civilian authority. Jackson coaches what he preaches, so timing is also crucial. With the season barely under way, it's much too early for him to tighten the reins.

Better to save any possible confrontations with Kobe for late-season or heaven forbid postseason emergencies. Sometimes doing nothing accomplishes everything. And Kobe is changing. After he recovered from the shock of his horrendous outing against the Spurs, Kobe was feeling somewhat guilty for taking 29 shots.

derek fisher and kobe bryant relationship with father

It's a good sign And what about his fracas with Tex Winter? Hell, if the Lakers were to win a game by 50 points, Tex would find something to criticize. At the same time, it should be noted that Jackson's players are unusually open to his constructive criticisms.