Dbanj and kanye west relationship status

D’banj Kanye West destroyed D’banj’s music career, and it was all for nothing - Pulse Nigeria

dbanj and kanye west relationship status

Oct 10, High flying Nigerian musician D'Banj together with music icon 2face Idibia was his record label D'Banj (DB) Records that has partnership with Kanye West's Actress, Ini Edo Stuns in Lovely Apparel for Traditional Marriage. Nov 25, You can revisit my discussions on the Kanye West-D'Banj joint venture There may be a physiological terminology for his condition which I am. Jun 19, By now, music insiders have heard reported news that Kanye West aka the document he held was the official contract evidencing their new relationship. to strategically position himself to penetrate mainstream America.

What is the Duration of this Kind of License Agreement? If there is anytime to practice short term commitments, this is it.

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What About the Scope of License? There should also be a clause to recoup attorney fees and also a right to withhold monies from royalties that would have to be paid for litigation and if a judgment is ruled against Yeezy. Whose laws govern when the relationship goes sour i. Here, this is a no brainer. So, you can bet the terms will be more favorable to Yeezy. The parties most likely have agreed that all disputes will be resolved via arbitration or through trial in USA courts, irrespective of conflict of laws.

Further, in most contracts, expect to also see an arbitration clause. What About the Sell Off Period? Under this clause, regardless of who breaches the agreement, the most important thing is the ability to sell off i. This could range from 3months, 6months to one year.

dbanj and kanye west relationship status

Always have an exit strategy via the termination clause. For Yeezy, he will want an opportunity to cure the breach, if an alleged breach triggers the termination clause. Enough on this folks.

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dbanj and kanye west relationship status

Uduak has seventeen years of experience counseling individuals and businesses within and outside the creative community. His songs are based on his life, often hilarious but with a deeper meaning which documents the struggle of a young Nigerian trying to achieve his dreams. He performs in YorubaEnglish and Pidgin English.

dbanj and kanye west relationship status

It yielded several singles with Tongolo as the lead single. This proved to be his breakthrough single and a hit. It also provided his Koko Master persona, with the term, koko, taking on a variety of meanings. D'banj's debut success led to collaborations with other artists, including Dare Art Alade and Ikechukwu.

D'Banj's single koko was used by the PDP ruling political party in Nigeria as its campaign theme for the general elections. This proved to be another hit. He has once been spotted with one of Nigeria's most talented singers, "Smile Lasisi".

The collective's debut album, Curriculum Vitae, was released in December D'banj was featured in Ikechukwu's hit, "Wind Am Well".

Kanye West destroyed D’banj’s music career, and it was all for nothing

D Music record label as an artiste. On 9 JuneD'banj wrote on his Twitter account, iamdbanj, "Just like yesterday, myself and my brother did Tongolo. Best Birthday gift ever. We are very excited about being a part of it.