Db russell and julie finlay relationship

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db russell and julie finlay relationship

Julie "Finn" Finlay is a fictional character on the CBS crime drama CSI: Crime Scene A former Seattle colleague of Director D.B. Russell, Finlay is a blood spatter The two appear to be in a sexual relationship by the following episode, . Julie "Finn" Finlay is a fictional character on the CBS crime drama CSI: Crime Scene A former Seattle colleague of Director D.B. Russell, Finlay is a blood spatter The two appear to be in a sexual relationship by the following episode, "Dune. By not going for the obvious back-story — rather than have Danson's D.B. Russell and Shue's newly arrived Julie “Finn” Finlay be ex-lovers.

In the end, Catherine takes a job with the FBI after her final case is closed. Russell strongly supports her in her decision. She holds a "family meeting" with all the team having a very emotional goodbye. Following Willows' departure, Russell found himself heading up the team alone for the first time, and as such contacts Catherine regularly for moral support. Noting his need for a strong number two, a particularly bloody murder provides D. Offering Finn a position on his team, Russell gains both a confidante and a skilled blood spatter analyst.

This staffing decision was not without its setbacks, however.

db russell and julie finlay relationship

Some initial hesitation on the part of Finlay meant that Russell was forced to establish a number of ground rules to ensure a civil working relationship, much to the delight of his wife Barbara, with whom Julie had grown close. Russell continues to work on cases-of-the-week with the CSI team for the rest of the twelfth season, until he comes into contact with Jeffrey McKeen, the former Under-Sheriff who was responsible for the death of Warrick Brown.

It is thought that McKeen had been using his son to commit crimes from within prison. Russell taunts McKeen about this death, and, as revenge, McKeen orders the kidnapping of Russell's granddaughter.

The Las Vegas Crime Lab is placed under the supervision of an outside federal agency in order to ensure proper procedure is maintained following the McKeen investigation, whilst Ecklie is gunned down, and Finlay is kidnapped. Season 13 Season thirteen begins with Russell on the hunt from his granddaughter, after Jeffrey McKeen informs him that both Kaitlyn and Finlay are being held captive, for ransom.

As a result of the extreme pressure placed on him by the kidnapping, Russell not only imagines murdering McKeen, but also removes his firearm from a lock-box, with intent to use it. Kaitlyn is eventually located by the CSIs, though Russell and Finlay's friendship is put under extreme pressure in the process. Also this season, Russell is forced to investigate the murder of his sons basketball coach in "Pick and Roll" and examine a mass-grave linked to his and Finlay's past in Seattle in "CSI on Fire," which leads to truths about Julie and his previous working relationship being revealed.

In "In Vino Veritas" Russell is revealed to be friends with CSI Mac Taylorand the two investigate the kidnapping of the latter's girlfriend in a case that forms part one of a two part crossover, and in "Backfire," he has to connect emotionally to a 6-year-old girl who is involved in a murder investigation.

db russell and julie finlay relationship

Russell faces his first foe in Las Vegas during the season thirteen finale, "Skin in the Game," during which murders following the pattern of Dante's inferno take place. Throughout the course of this season, Russell's home life is put under strain due to the events following the McKeen investigation. Barbara and his daughter leave Las Vegas for a short time, with only the latter returning.

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Season 14 Season fourteen begins with D. Russell develops a strong bond with the shooter during their time together, and is visibly shocked when the child is shot by armed officers. This episodes is the first time D. The two quickly become friends, and she introduces him to the darker side of the web, and builds upon the cyber-themes threaded throughout "The Fallen". Season 15 In contrast to the previous seasons, season fifteen focuses heavily on Russell's past and his relationships within the team.

The season begins with Finlay trapped in a car rigged to explode, whilst D. When Gollum set out in search of the Ring, he was captured and tortured by Sauron, Sauron learned from Gollum that Baggins of the Shire had taken the Ring.

Sauron, who needed the Ring to regain his power, sent forth his powerful servants. The story begins in the Shire, where the hobbit Frodo Baggins inherits the Ring from Bilbo Baggins, his cousin, neither hobbit is aware of the Rings nature, but Gandalf the Grey, a wizard and an old friend of Bilbo, suspects it to be Saurons Ring. After Gandalf confirms his suspicions, he tells Frodo the history of the Ring, Frodo leaves the Shire, in the company of his gardener and friend, Samwise Gamgee, and two cousins, Meriadoc Brandybuck, called Merry, and Peregrin Took, called Pippin 9.

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In Evert was the runner-up at the French Open and the Wimbledon Championships, a year later she won both those events during her then-record consecutive-match winning streak, which included eight other tournament wins The series, starring William Petersen, Marg Helgenberger, Laurence Fishburne, Ted Danson, the series concluded on September 27, after 15 seasons, with a feature-length finale titled Immortality.

The team is led by Gil Grissom, a socially-awkward forensic entomologist. Grissoms second-in-command, Catherine Willows, is a mother with a cops instinct. Born and raised in Vegas, Catherine was a stripper before being recruited into law enforcement, following Grissoms departure during the ninth season of the series, Catherine is promoted to Supervisor. After overseeing the training of new investigator Raymond Langston, Willows is replaced by D.

B, Russell, and recruited to the FBI shortly thereafter. Russell is a man, a keen forensic botanist and a veteran of the Seattle Crime Lab. In the series season, Russell is reunited with his former partner Julie Finlay. During the s, Anthony Zuiker caught producer Jerry Bruckheimers attention after writing his first movie script, Zuiker was convinced that there was a series in the concept, Bruckheimer agreed and arranged a meeting with the head of Touchstone Pictures.

The head of development at CBS saw potential in the script, and the network had a pay-or-play contract with actor William Petersen. The networks executives liked the pilot so much that they decided to include it in their schedule immediately, airing on Fridays after The Fugitive. Initially it was thought that CSI would benefit from The Fugitive, which was expected to be a hit, formerly a co-production with the now-defunct Alliance Atlantis Communications, that companys interest was later bought by the investment firm GS Capital Partners, an affiliate of Goldman Sachs.

In certain countries, to music licensing fees, a unique theme was used instead Her parents divorced when she was nine, shues mother is a descendant of Pilgrim leader William Brewster, while her fathers family emigrated from Germany to Pennsylvania in the early 19th century.

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Shue became a sight in ads for Burger King, DeBeers diamonds. Shue made her film debut inwhen she co-starred opposite Ralph Macchio in The Karate Kid as the love interest of Macchios character. Shue had a role as the daughter of a military family in the short-lived series Call to Glory and, in She continued with Adventures in Babysitting, Cocktail as the love interest of Tom Cruises character, in she starred as Dr. Also inshe played Robert Downey Jr.

The role earned her an Academy Award nomination for Best Actress and her career flourished after her Oscar nomination, landing her diverse roles. Catherine and Nick adjust to working under D.

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This season, the team investigate crimes including the murder of a family, a drowning in chocolate, a death at a mob museum, a killing, the zippering of a body. Elisabeth Harnois becomes a series regular, episode 13 of the season is the first and only episode of the CSI franchise episode not to feature a female lead. Crenshaw locks Finn up with Kaitlyn, though she takes the opportunity to release the kidnapped girl, and engages in a fight with her captors. Moreno later rescues Finn, while Finn's efforts to disrupt McKeen's plans are pivotal to the safe retrieval of both Katie and herself, much to the relief of D.

In "Wild Flowers"; however, Stokes and she are shown to be close once again with him warning Moreno not to play games with Finn, while Moreno states she is "hot and cold". After regaining her friendships with Nick and D.

db russell and julie finlay relationship

Finn's professional integrity is cemented in "Pick and Roll", when she warns D. One of the bodies is revealed to be a victim who is part of the case in which Finn resigned from the Seattle P. Finn travels to Seattle, where she reconciles with her ex-husband, smashing his TV before noting that she paid for it. The CSI's prime suspect is later found dead shortly after Finn entered his hotel room with a gun, leading to her being dismissed from the case by both Jim Brass and Al Robbins.

The case is later solved, with Finn stating it has taken her "two years, two jobs, one marriage", but she has finally caught him. She then returns to Vegas in time to support in an investigation into the discovery of a severed head "Strip Maul"and support Sara in her marital difficulties "Risky Business Class". Finn later re-enacts a murder at a news station alongside the rest of the team, appearing surprised when the young weather forecaster actually possesses meteorological knowledge "Dead Air".

During this season, Finn is also revealed to have played tennis as a child, and engages in a match with Chris Evert during a murder investigation "Double Fault". She later supervises the processing of text messages sent to and from CSI: NY 's Mac Taylor 's girlfriend Christine's phone as part of a kidnapping investigation, describing them as "flirtatious" "In Vino Veritas"and bonds with Robbins over his taste in music "Exile".

In "Forget Me Not", Finlay processes Sara when she is accused of homicide, inquiring as to whether her colleagues are "team Grissom or team Sara", in lieu of their separation. She also demonstrates at least some understanding of playing cards in "Last Woman Standing", noting the significance of the weapons depicted thereon.

Though Finn notes she has demons from her high school days, she chooses not to dwell on the past, and instead to grow up and move on "Dead of the Class".

db russell and julie finlay relationship

This is a trait she shares with Greg Sanders. In "Sheltered", Finn once again demonstrates an affinity for the victim, choosing to go to the hospital instead of processing the crime scene, and in "Ghosts of the Past", she bonds with a former kidnapping victim, though she returns to processing blood evidence in the intermediate episodes "Backfire" and "Fearless".

D.B. Russell

During the season finale, Finn plays a key role in convincing Ecklie to send Morgan undercover, which results in the latter being kidnapped "Skin in the Game". In "Torch Song", Finn is impressed by Nick Stokes and his knowledge of arson investigation as the two probe a nightclub fire that resulted in the deaths of four people.

In "Girls Gone Wild", while accompanying Sara Sidle and Morgan Brody on a car trip that leaves them stranded in a rural Nevada town, Finn is assaulted and nearly raped by a shady mechanic who previously assisted the three women with their car trouble. She stabs the man with his own knife in self-defense, initially leaving him for dead.

After informing Sara and Morgan of what happened, the three return to the site of the attack, only to find the mechanic missing. These events arouse the suspicions of the chauvinistic local sheriff, though the subsequent investigation eventually clears Finn of any wrongdoing.

Season 15[ edit ] During the season premiere, Russell and Finlay are called to a crime scene in which all the evidence has been processed, much in the manner of a serial killer they hunted in Seattle.