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dani sweet flirt

Companies like Amazon, Intel, Mercedes and many others trust Dani to ma range from , Dani's highly current and relatable signature sound is fun, flirty, . Smart, Soft, Soothing, Strong, Stylish, Sweet, Talented, Trendy, Trustworthy. Me and my boy T-Pain was late for work so we decided to dani the highway. They're sweet, Funny, and only exploit themselves to people they care about, or are worthy of getting to know the real them. Dani Some think she's two flirty. I'm having a hard time getting past Dani's annoying speech. Jenn I dreaded reading "Iced" because I didn't like Dani, but I was pleasantly surprised at how.

They talk dirty to her because they know that she so badly wants to be an adult, and adults have sex and talk dirty to each other all the time, right? In her mind, yes.

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And use against her. They physically manhandle her into doing things, they mindfuck her into them, or they use her weaknesses against her and manipulate her into the same. And they lie to her about it. They do it to her constantly. So fuck you, Ryo, you abusive asshole. Dani makes ALL the concessions.

dani sweets

Instead of offering to help her do something, Ryo forces her to ask him. Instead of giving Dani a choice, he bullies her into things.

Every interaction between them drove me bugfuck. I will never enjoy reading about someone breaking another person. And before someone tries to tell me that there was a reason, that it was necessary because of things, lemme just call bullshit. Mac never had to break Dani. Mac was kind to her, built her up while teaching her lessons.

dani sweet flirt

And she got much better results than this mother fucker. I liked the plot. I liked the mystery and the action and the world. And I liked Dani.

dani sweet flirt

Even with the fecks and the dudes and the exclamation points. Even with the swagger and the conceit. Dani tells Santana that her parents hated the idea of Dani being a lesbian and how after a big fight with them due to their finding her making out with a girl in their basement she took her guitar and never looked back.

Santana tells Dani that her parents were okay about her being a lesbian, but her grandmother wasn't, and about Brittany. After hearing this, Dani tells her she needs someone new and acts very flirty towards her. We see Dani again in another scene, when Rachel leaves the diner early to leave Santana and Dani alone.

Santana asks if Dani shouldn't be going too, to which Dani replies that she likes to stay at the diner to watch the sunrise. Santana admits she never did it, so she stays with Dani and this leads to their performance of Here Comes the Sunwhich ends with them reaching Dani's house.

dani sweet flirt

After it, they say a sweet goodbye and share an innocent first kiss. Santana invited her back to the loft where she, Rachel and Kurt live. Rachel, Kurt and Santana all have parts in Let It Behowever, Dani does not even sing though she is seen during the performance.

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A Katy or A Gaga Dani gets excited when Kurt mentions that he is starting a band and asks if girls are allowed to join. He says yes and wants Dani, Santana, and Rachel to sign up to spare him the agony of open auditions.

dani sweet flirt

Dani asks Santana to join and Santana agrees, which excites Dani. However, Santana says she'll only join if they get to help with the setlist and have a say in who joins.

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Dani gets bored of waiting at the auditions. When Elliott shows up she is impressed by his clothes and tells him that he looks "freaking badass". When Elliott's finished, she congratulates him.

dani sweet flirt