Conan and haibara relationship

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conan and haibara relationship

Ai Haibara seems to have somewhat romantic feelings for Conan/Shinichi, although she never truly admits to it. In the fourth movie, she says to. What if Haibara is unable to make the complete antidote & resulting Shinichi to be Conan forever? A look at their (Conan & Ai) relationship. Initially, Shinichi mistrusts Shiho Miyano, now Ai Haibara, because she is a member of the Black Organization and created.

She then pulls the trigger, but it turns out that it was a fake gun that shot red roses from the barrel. Symbolically, red roses represent love or passion, suggesting that Haibara might have romantic feelings towards Conan. Episode Edit When asked by Conan who has reverted back to Shinichi thanks to a prototype antidote why she would go so far to help him, Haibara suddenly shows a surprised expression. Haibara replies by explaining that if something happened to him, then she would be in trouble as well.

Episode Edit Conan rescues Haibara from an explosion. Ai was petrified because she felt a familiar and scary presence on the bus, the smell of a Black Organization member Araide-sensei, who was Vermouth in disguise. She goes on to tell how Conan she senses the Black Organization and they have a "smell".

Conan immediately took her arm and smelled her, getting an annoyed expression from Ai. Fearing Vermouth's presence, Ai held Conan's hand. When Jodie attempted to talk to Ai, Conan lied that Ai was "just a girl he met on the bus" and was really scared, so it'll be best for Jodie not to disturb her.

Jodie agreed, but looked back and noticed how Ai was holding on Conan's hand tightly. This indicates that Jodie knows that Conan and Ai knew each other as they were holding hands. After solving the case, one of the culprits accidently activated the bomb switch and everyone rushes out for safety.

But Ai wanted to stay on the bus and let go of life as she felt she would always put other people in her surroundings in danger. Noticing that Ai is not around, Conan came back to save her by grabbing her and jumping out of the bus before it exploded.

Ai was surprised by his action. After saving her, Conan wiped his blood onto her so that she can leave the place. Jodie Starling said he was like James Bond James Bond is a fictional character who is an agent that is popular with the ladies and a cool hero of every mission In the end, Ai is seen remembering Conan's words "Don't run away from your fate", telling her not to escape.

Ai thanked him, with Conan in the background as the episode ends.

Conan Edogawa and Ai Haibara

Episode Edit The hijacked bus incident in The Mysterious Passenger Case led Haibara to be especially worried about her situation. Ayumi, Genta, and Mitsuhiko attempt to cheer her up and, with the help of Arthur the dog, manage to make her smile.

Conan comments that she should keep that expression, since it makes her look like a child, causing Haibara to blush. Conan then sneakily adds that with her face like that, he wouldn't think she's a year old lady, to which Haibara counters, saying, "How rude, I'm only 84 years old referring to Conan's initial estimate in The Stadium Indiscriminate Threatening Case ".

EpisodesThe Mystery in the Net Edit The detective boys are playing a game at the beach when Genta asks Conan if he was admiring the women who bumped into them in the water. Conan blushing denied the assertion and tried to defuse the situation by claiming he like the girl in the blue stripped swimsuit behind them who turned out to be Ran. Later Haibara suffering from sun stroke was asked by Conan why she would stay out in the sun if she was feeling unwell.

Episode Edit "You're going to protect me, right? Conan fears that she might take a train to flee and start a new life. He rushes to the departing train and yells her name in order to hold her back, before realizing she is actually behind him. Ai asks why he shouted, declares he told her not to run away from fate, and adds "You're going to protect me, right?

Conan nodded, still speechless about what had transpired. Ai stating sarcastically that she is not as weak as he thinks she is. In episodeConan's mother, Yukiko, tells him that he seems to be popular with girls. Conan automatically assumes his mother is implying Ayumi likes him, and he was already aware of such, but Yukiko replies saying that not only Ayumi but Ai too, saying: Despite this, Conan later tests Haibara, otherwise. To which Conan irritably replies: Conan and Haibara are sleeping side-by-side.

When he is unable to go to sleep because of Genta and Mitsuhiko's loud, audible questions, Haibara calmly reminds him: Conan solemnly closes his eyes as the fringe on his hair shifts downward his forehead he asks if he can ask her something.

She does not reply verbally but turns her head around, as she had her back to him before, to listen. Haibara responds with a similar look, but appears to be confused. Episode Edit Ai was seen sleeping while having a fever. It is shown that she is dreaming of Conan, having flashbacks of him.

In her dream, the scene where Conan places his glasses on her during the Haido Hotel case, only this time, Conan winked at her which he didn't in the actual episode. This hints that Ai might be fantasizing about Conan's charm. There is also a flashback on the Bus Hijacking case, where Conan saved her from an exploding bus. When Ai awoke, she became paranoid as she had an ominous feeling that there was presence of the Black Organisation. Deciding that she was being silly, she told herself that she wouldn't have be here and "have that dream", referring to her dream about Conan.

After seeing Agasa in a mess of tomato juice Ai thought it was bloodshe gets up and rushes to him thinking that he was dead. Conan appears, explaining to her that Agasa always spills his can of tomato juice when he falls asleep. Conan admitted that he had a premonition and came over to look after Ai, telling that he came to "nurse [Ai]".

He says that he "might be overthinking" and reassures Ai that it's alright for her to go back to sleep. Feeling relieved, Ai smiles at him. The following day, Ran came over to make porridge for Ai. But as she served it, Ai is seen sleeping and Ran left. Conan then told Ai that she's bad at feigning sleeping and inquires why she's behaving this way as Ran took the trouble to cook food for her. Ai didn't answer, thinking to herself that he "still don't get anything". Conan tells her "to eat it before it gets cold", and she did because she doesn't "want him to find out either".

This hints that Ai probably don't want to speak to Ran because she is jealous that Shinichi likes Ran, and also due to the fact that Ran resembles her deceased sister, Akemi. When they visited one of Ai's father's friends, it is revealed that Akemi hid something in the washroom.

Conan and Ai immediately entered the washroom together, making the previous users perplexed to see them going in the washroom "together". During an investigation, Takagi asked which of them went to the washroom first.

Conan answered that they went at the same time, shocking Takagi. Realizing how inappropriate it sounded, Conan stuttered and nervously explained that he dropped a coin in the washroom and he went with Ai to pick it up. After retrieving the cassette tapes Akemi hid in the washroom, Conan listened to the tapes on the way home.

Ai panicks and tries to stop him, afraid that he'll get information that'll make him investigate further and get in danger. Conan immediately stops listening, asking her to "forgive [him]" because he listened to something that wasn't meant for him. He passed the casette tapes to her, respecting her privacy. It is revealed that it was voice recording from her mother, to Ai. Conan ponders that Ai's mother was indeed an "angel" as her codename was "Hell Angel"indicating that Ai's mother is not as malicious as Ai thought.

Ai, feeling afraid for him, quickly panics and insisted that he should not go to the invitation. Conan puts her to sleep with the tranquilizer, causing her to fall back to her bed. Conan pulls up the blanket to cover up her body. Conan locks up Ai in Agasa's place, while he disguises himself as her. He confronted Vermouth and revealed himself.

However, just as Conan was about to win, Ai arrives in a taxi. It is revealed that Ai woke up, busted out of the room and found the spare glasses to track him. Conan was visibly shaken, telling her to "run away" and "don't come near". Ai refused to listen to him, stating that he "must not die".

After Vermouth puts Conan to sleep, Ai bravely confronted Vermouth. She attempted to make a deal with Vermouth that if she kills her, she will not harm anyone else. This goes to show that Ai is willing to risk her life for Conan. Episode Edit As Conan traces the Black Organization's whereabouts, he asked Agasa to come with his car, only to be annoyed that Ai tagged along because he told Agasa to not let her know. Ai, however, was insistent. Conan noticed that Ai was not her usual behaviour, as she would usually discourage him from investigating them.

Conan proceeds to mimic her usual phrases "it's too dangerous", "run away"showing that Conan knows her well. Ai remembers about Ayumi saying that she "doesn't want to run away" and wants to catch the culprit, because she'll "never win" if she escapes.

This is similar to Conan's words "Don't run away from your fate"hinting that this might be the reason why she's supporting him. It is also hinted that Ai expresses fear that the Black Organization might harm Conan, which is why she doesn't want to escape, now that they know their whereabouts.

Jodie notices her behaviour, watching Conan and Ai's interaction. Jodie gave a "thumbs-up" to Ai with a smile, hinting that Jodie senses Ai's feelings for Conan and gives her encouragement to express it.

Throughout the case, Conan constantly tells Ai and Agasa not to get out of the car, worried that they might endanger themselves.

He offers her his cap to ease her mind. Ai comments that even an "ugly cap" will look good on a "cute girl". Conan replied by saying "give it back" for saying that the cap is ugly.

Later, the Detective Boys questioned why Ai is wearing Conan's cap. Episode Edit Noticing that their teacher, Kobayashi, sees Conan being too serious, Ai advices Conan to be childish in order not to draw out suspicion. She mimics him with his "ah-le-le" and "okashi-yo" phrases, showing that she knows him well.

Haibara is confessing her love to Conan

Conan did as he was told, getting scolded by the Detective Boys that he was being too childish. Ai is seen giggling at him. Episode Edit Haibara touching Conan's cheek. Conan and the rest of Detective Boys are shopping for books in a bookstore. Conan walking while turning around and then suddenly Haibara finger-cupped his cheek and turned him. You're looking for mysteries, right? Conan says back, touching her on her shoulder, "It's not like a case jiken happened or something An affair between Conan-kun and Ai-chan!?

They stared at Ayumi with bewildered and surprised faces. Feeling the presence of a Black Organization member, Ai clutches on to Conan's shoulder tightly as she is afraid of them. Episode Haibara repeatedly stayed behind Conan and grabbed his shoulder out of fear of Subaru.

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Expecting Ai not to be afraid, he turned to her, only finding her afraid as well. She suddenly grabbed Conan's arm and screamed, shocking Conan.

He tells her that it's just CGI effects, but she ignored him and continued to hold onto him. Episode Edit Conan is knocked out by Kaito Kid with a stun gun.

Wearing a skirt on, Ai crouched in front of a seemingly unconscious Conan, only to be surprised to hear him say, "White". After explaining why he feigned being knocked out, Conan complains, "This posture is really starting to hurt," to which Haibara replies, "That's right Conan replied with "Ah, no She calls him a pervert instead. Conan argued that he would have kept quiet if he were truly a pervert.

Episode Edit Haibara and Ayumi blushing and angry that Conan might have peeked at them. Having burst into the women's onsen after hearing Ayumi and Haibara's screams, Conan ran past Ai and Ayumi's naked body, just to discover a dead body. Genta and Mitsuhiko proceed to interrogate Conan, resulting in the following comical misunderstanding: Haibara still irritated says, "Don't sweat it. I won't let them peek at things they shouldn't, unlike you".

Conan assures her, "If it's about that, don't worry. I didn't see anything besides your butt", causing Haibara to blush. During the deduction, Conan states in Agasa's voice that it's naturally alright to see a young child naked, but not an adult referring to the case. This caused Ai to glare at him angrily, because it seemed like he's saying that it's okay to see her naked since she's just a child,so she she is not as appealing as ran who happens to be an adult.

At the end of the episode, Conan tells Agasa that his bottom seems itchy and asks him to check it. Agasa comments that it seems swollen, like having a rash.

Ai suddenly opens the door, revealing that she placed chilly powder in his underwear. Ai deliberately stares at Conan's bottom, saying sarcastically that "it's okay" since "he's a child".

It was also a comeback as "an eye for an eye", as it would only be fair since Conan has seen her bottom. Conan only gave her a bored expression, proving that she had "outsmarted" him with her scheme.

He asked Haibara for some antidotes "just in case", but Haibara declined. Conan then grabbed her arm insisting for the antidote, causing Haibara to scream "Pervert!

Episode Edit "What's 'dere' about her? Despite hearing Conan and Professor Agasa's explanations, Haibara continues to be annoyed, saying, "Anyway, if you do something like that behind my back again, I won't forgive you! I don't like feeling like I'm being played with.

conan and haibara relationship

Haibara blushes, saying, "Are you stupid? Professor Agasa comments that Haibara is a tsundere, prompting Conan to ask what's "dere" about her. Episode Edit Ayumi called up Ai, saying that they can't seem to figure out the case. Ai asked Ayumi if Conan has that "smile" on his face, the trademark smirk he has when he figures out the mystery behind the case.

This indicates that Ai knows him well. Most students in their year would talk about their favourite Tv shows or hot celebrity gossip.

conan and haibara relationship

There are few times Mouri Ran caught Conan and Haibara in a conversation, it was beyond her level of understanding. At a point she even doubted that whether the both of them were actually 14 years old or not. In fact they were the hot topic of discussion for the other students of their grade.

A while ago Ran suspected something was up with Conan when he started to leave the house extra early every morning before school. When she asked him where he was going so early in the morning he would answere in a round-about way mentioning homework or extra credit and run out of the door.

One day she followed him since she was basically his concerned big sister, and was wondering where he hurried off all the time. Ran discovered him waiting outside Agasa Hakasae's house. She made sure she was hidden around the corner so he wouldn't get offended that she followed him for pure nosiness.

A wide smile spread across Conan's face as he saw her walking towards him. He must have a little crush on her. Ran smiled to herself. Doing all of this over again perfectly? What were they talking about? Doing what over again? She felt guilty that she intruded on both of their personal live, howerer she was just concern about Conan's whereabout in the morning.

After all they were both on She quickly fled the scene before someone saw her creepily watching the two chidren. She let those question plague her for quite some time until eventually she let it go. Her job was just a teacher at Teitan Middle School and stay out of her students business even if Conan was like her little brother. Eventually, Conan and Haibara became more public with their relationship once they started high school so it was no longer her secret to keep.

Ran couldn't help but to wonder how two 14 year olds could so serious in a relationship when she never even had a real boyfriend. She would be lying if she said it didn't bother her.

After class was finished for that day she asked if anyone would like to stay behind and assist her in cleaning the classroom. Not to her surprise Haibara volunteered herself in.

Ran could tell that her voice got softer when talking about Conan. Almost everytime I see one of you the other is not too far. He is smart and fools everyone in sight, but to me he is an idiot. Everytime you see us talking we are most likely arguing. If you see us being a lovey-dovey that because he's a pervert that can't get his hand off me. He's the only person that understands my past and wants to create a future with me.

I could picture spending my entire life with him not only in a romantic aspect but also as partners. I couldn't imagine my life without him. Is that what he called chilhood friends? Shinichi you baka, she thought to herself.