Claymore clare and raki relationship help

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claymore clare and raki relationship help

His relationship with Clare repeats Leo Halford's relation with "Ikuno . While the Twins aid the Claymore rebels, Raki takes over the protection of trainees. question and answer in the Claymore club. I agree withyou in that Clare's kiss with Raki was romantic and I have a feeling that if Clare comes back she and. Read the topic about The Triangle between Clair Raki and Priscilla on Ok I was just finally deciding to watch the Claymore anime yesterday because the manga she noticed Teresa's scent (on Clare), she basically ditched Raki and Having said that, I believe Raki's relationship to the both of them will.

Also, we don't see any mention of married Claymores, but I wonder if the Organization does prohibit marriage or if it just so happens that a Claymore has a hard time finding a man that would accept a half-demon as his wife and the job takes most of their time anyway, I guess. Also, what would happen if a Claymore got pregnant, assuming they can? The Organization would likely cause them trouble for being unable to do missions, but would the child also have Yoma blood?

Other than that, I guess when Claymore search for love and comfort, there's generally a lot of Les Yay involved Personally, I always thought Claymores were all sterile as a result of what was done to them.

I don't think that it was mentioned anywhere in the manga, but considering that there has been absolutely no mention of Yoma, Claymore's or Awakened Beings breeding so far, and the Yoma seem to be created artificially, it doesn't seem that unlikely.

As for the prostitute thing, because it is suppose to be used as a disguise, and Claymore's supposedly all have deformed bodies as a result of becoming half-Yoma, I don't think they actually have any need to learn how to have sex, because once the clothes come off the disguise is already ruined.

As for getting married or whatever, I think that's allowed. At one point Rubel tells Clare something like "Our job is hunting demons. Whatever you want to do with your life is none of our business".

claymore clare and raki relationship help

As long as it didn't interfere with their work, the Organization probably doesn't care what a Claymore spends her time doing. I always sensed some level of discouragement from the organization's part. At one point Rubel asked Clare what Raki might think if he ever saw her body, which seemed to suggest that they're convincing their warriors that no man would want them, and this notion certainly seems abundant in society as well. I remember at one point Sid pretty much compared claymores to prostitutes, that is, they tainted their flesh for something in return, and since we're in an old world setting: It just further ostracizes claymores from human society.

Didn't Agatha make a not-so-subtle offer of sex to one of the soldiers before killing him? Sterile just means they can't have children. It's very heavily implied that they do have sex, like when Riful talks about her and and Dolph's relationship, or all the other Claymore's believing Raki was Clare's sex toy. And it's more or less stated in Clare's backstory that Yoma rape humans. Come to think of it, having one that could reproduce will be an interesting plot twist If this happens I claim an I Knew It!

About that, if that works anything like human reproduction, it would only be important on the long run and therefore the Organization would have enough time to deal with that one. Also, we've been repeatedly shown that numbers do not matter, only strength does, we've seen Claymores chop up dozens of regular yoma and Isley throwing away his supply of Awakened Ones simply because he didn't feel like travelling with a group.

So the only way such a yoma would be a threat was either if it was able to produce yoma very fast doesn't Lucieala-Raphaela do that already, sort of? In case the impregnation of claymores does pop-up as a possible plot twist, who would think that there's a high chance that it would be Clare father Raki???? It would seem most probable, since Clare is biologically the closest to being a human since she's only a one-third yoma, so she would run into less complications.

This would also serve to be that dilemma with the organization, since although Clare is the most biologically human claymore, she is nonetheless the one of the most powerful claymores ever.

They might not be a threat to the Organization, but they would be a threat to the ordinary humans on the island, which the Organization sort-of has to care about. Because Yoma and Awakened Beings eat humans, that basically makes the people on the island the food supply for the Organizations test subjects.

Letting the Yoma population go out of control could result in the human population falling below sustainable levels, which would put an end to the experiment. The Organization controls how many Yoma and Awakened Beings are made, and they know exactly how many are killed.

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They probably keep the population of both at an ideal number for their plans, i. Since the Organization only hunts Yoma when requested to do so, it makes the most sense for them to control the population by limiting how many Yoma are made, instead of simply killing excess Yoma. Because their womb is supposed to be a Body HorrorI doubt that Claymore can pretend to be human if naked. On the subject of sex, I would have discouraged it if I worked for the Organization: That's why Teresa can't kill bandits without running into trouble whereas the Organization closed their eyes when Ophelia slaughter people.

And I would be careful with Agatha: So I think that her offer of sex was just toying. The only cannon couple of Riful and Isley seems to be in platonic love, which is fortunate. Riful and Isley were enemies, not lovers. If you're refering to Dauf and Riful and Isley and Priscilla, the former was hinted to be romantic and the latter platonic. It's just strange that Yagi left her fate even slightly ambiguous, since we're sure about the fates of every other character.

What was the purpose of not showing her death, or just one panel that set it in stone that she's dead? Is she going to come back in Chekhov's Gunman -ish or Ass Pull moment later on? What Bugs Me even more is that Claire felt something in Ilena's arm a moment after the scene with Rafaela-does that mean she could have Awakened? I seriously doubt Irene Awakened. She's too controlled for it to happen accidentally, and even if she hadn't always thought that Awakening was a Fate Worse than Deathshe most certainly did after seeing Priscilla Awaken.

She herself said that the fear she felt that day never left her. Awakening seems like the last thing she'd willingly do. Rafaela would have had ample time to strike her down before that in any case. The pulse Clare felt may have been Irene tapping into her Yoma power in an attempt to flee, though that doesn't seem like her, either. She certainly wasn't panicking at all, let alone enough to try to make a break for it anyway. Alternatively, it could be the simplest possible reason: Clare felt that pulse because Irene died.

Maybe Yagi didn't show it on-panel for stylistic reasons. It was earlier in the series, maybe he hadn't yet decided to always make it absolutely clear that someone was dead. In any case, I can't imagine a way for Irene to have survived that situation. Rafaela isn't the merciful type, and she wouldn't have just slashed Irene's chest: Rafaela would have cut off her head. Personally, I think Irene is dead. Aaaand I'm wrong, though I'm hardly disappointed about it.

Turns out Rafaela was a lot more merciful that I'd thought at the time. How do you know Irene cannot outfight Rafaela she is a 3.

claymore clare and raki relationship help

She is an Offensive type i. Also, Rafaela was Number 2 in Luciela's generation probably, if Alicia and Beth are modeled after Rafaela and Luciela; at the very least she was said to be comparable in power to Luciela.

In the first volume, we see a young girl obviously a very young Clare in a flashback being raped by a Yoma, who was pretending to be her brother. In the same flashback, we see that Yoma's head get sliced in half during the But then in the third volume, we see Teresa exterminate seven Yoma, the last of which was purportedly according to the villagers Clare's captor and tormentor.

Clare is clearly at least of pre-teen age by this point, as she is obviously beginning to develop secondary sexual characteristics. If the Yoma masquerading as her brother in the earlier flashback was already killed, then what's going on with the other Yoma in the village, who most likely gave her the scars and bruises we see on her back?

Can anyone explain, or is an explanation given later in the story? Also, how old is Clare? She looks like she's in her late teens to early twenties, but this troper really can't tell It was a second Yoma. In the flash back the Yoma was killed just like she did to the one In Raki's village.

And like Raki she was later kicked out of her village in fear that she would turn into one. Alone in the wilderness she ran into that group of Yoma that used her as a disguise to get into the next village. As for her age it's hard to pinpoint because Claymores stop aging when they reach adulthood.

I mean, she's one of my favorite characters and I'm glad to see her again but If this were any other shonen series, this wouldn't bother me so much but in Claymore, when someone dies, they're dead.

They didn't want to kill her, because she didn't kill them when she had the chance. They cut her up a lot, but they very deliberately avoided striking anything too vital. Her "death" was basically a show for the men of the organization who were standing around watching. That was what the monologue was explaining. A claymore to the head has been shown to be basically the only thing a warrior can do that can one-shot an Awakened generally.

I don't understand how we're expected to buy the fact that Miria survived being chopped in the face multiple times with a Thunderbolt Iron sword. Which also makes me question just how much they wanted her alive if they're slashing her in the face. The face is not a vital area on a Claymore. It's the brain that's important.

Chopping up someone's face to give the impression that you're killing them is a good idea, because everyone knows that the head is vital. If you make it look like the head has been slashed to ribbons, no one will question the death. Which is exactly why they cut her face up. They would have needed to slash her in the face if they wanted to fool the Organization's men into thinking they had killed her. It would look mighty suspicious if they cut up everything except for the head.

All the yoma not Awakened are men. I understand why women are warriors and why some Awakened are men but how do they make the leap from person to yoma?

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Almost all the Yoma we saw seems to be men, but since they can change gender at will, I would say that they choose to be male because in a middle age society, male are more free than women.

There is a male Yoma in episode 2 of the anime, disguised as a Claymore. Not sure about the manga. I really think the Yoma have no gender. People have pointed out parts where a Yoma seemingly rapes someone, but their dialogue seems to suggest that they only have interest in eating people, I think. And I doubt they're limited in the bodies they choose to inhabit, as long as the person is dead.

The biggest reason that Yoma are a threat is because they can disguise themselves as anyone, and only a Claymore can tell a human from a Yoma in disguise unless they make a mistake. But this statement has one flaw - humans bleed red, Yoma bleed purple. You could skip calling in the Claymores if you just force everyone in the area to cut their finger and hold it up to show the color of their blood, and have twenty guys with crossbows shoot anyone who refuses or has purple blood.

I'm pretty sure they just added purple blood to the anime for the audiences benefit. Now it's been revealed that the Yoma are actually parasitic, so naturally the bodies would bleed read, since they ARE human. The anime just made an assumption in order to distinguish between their carnage. Just how powerful IS Quicksword?

I mean, it leaves visible slash marks in water.


Like, 40 clear, distinct slash marks lasting AFTER the technique has been used and the user has relaxed. I mean, water cohesion means that water reacts to being parted 0.

claymore clare and raki relationship help

Meaning one cut every 0. Are my numbers wrong, cause this doesn't seem possible The whole setup is supposedly a research program to develop a super weapon for an ongoing war on another continent.

What kind of research program takes over a hundred years? How long did they expect the war to last? Until it was over, probably. The 'war' has been going on for a very long time, and it was only a hundred years ago that all the warring nations formed two different sides. For those countries and most countries on earth, really war isn't something that only happens once every ten or twenty years.

claymore clare and raki relationship help

The countries are always at war, all the time, and the only time they take a break is when both they and their enemy are so weakened that they decide to put the fighting on hold in order to build up their armies some more. As for the research, well, we don't really know just what level of technology the Organization has.

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Turning people into monsters is way beyond anything we can do, but if the Organization is stuck at the technology level of medieval times, as it seems to be, then it probably takes a lot longer for them to make advances in their research then it would for someone with a modern laboratory, better equipment, and a more comprehensive knowledge of biology. If Dae chose the three strongest 1's in their history, why isn't Teresa in that group of three?

Does he even have her body? Didn't they already use her corpse to make Clare into a Claymore? Re-attaching Teresa's head and compensating for whatever flesh they used on Claire may have made it not worth it. Apparently nobody knew how strong Teresa really was, except possibly Rubel. And if they did, they certainly would not use Teresa. Priscilla is bad enough but adding a rampaging Awakened Teresa? I think even Dae is not that crazy or suicidal.

It may merely be the three strongest 1's whose bodies the organization actually had access to in a relatively whole state or even the only three - if they had more than just those three, you'd think, given the situation, that they would have released them all. Naturally the original three Abyssal Ones were 1's whose bodies the organization didn't have, so there's no telling how they ranked against these next three.

Other 1's if killed in the field may not have had a usable body left to recover. In the case of Teresa, it might be that the head is necessary to keep the body viable, and death by decapitation renders the body unusable for this purpose. But Cassandra's body was not relatively whole. Not in the slightest. They had all the pieces, though, whereas Teresa's head was presumably used to create Clare.

So that might explain why. Teresa came after Luciela, and at the time of Luciela's Awakening, Alicia and Beth were babies taken to be raised as number ones, leaving little room for two immensely powerful successive number ones.

It's obvious they knew what an awakened being was, but calling Priscilla an Awakened Being is like calling the Pacific Ocean a puddle. You forget that Claymores can sense yoki, so their reaction was probably about how impossibly gigantic Priscilla's yoki was. The latest chapters make it clear that she is so far beyond any other Awakened being, that she may just as well be something completely different, or atleast that's how she get's perceived by those who can feel youki.

But Irene answers, "A creature beyond the yoma, and utterly different from a human. Could possibly explained in-universe as Irene talking more to herself than Noel, in a horrified reaction to one of their own changing right in front of them after murdering the strongest Claymore in the history of the Organization. Awakened Beings tend to be stronger based on their strength before Awakening. So, how does a partially Awakened Number 47 beat a fully Awakened Number 2? Is it because Awakening power not only corresponds to actual strength as a warrior but also potential Priscilla was weaker as a warrior than Teresa, and because of her inexperience probably would have lost to claymore Riful or Isley, but upon Awakening could easily defeat both as Awakened ones?

Three reason for the fight to be in favor of Clare: Second, Rigaldo lost an arm and never get an opportunity to take it back. Lastly, he is like Priscilla fast, lethal and fragilewho is the monster that Clare trained her whole life and choose her skill in accordance to that to kill.

So it is more a case of a bad match for Rigaldo than it is a contest of raw power. Most importantly, Clare's low rank was because all she'd fought before the series started were Yoma and training matches against other Claymores.

Her entire fighting style was intended to fight Awakened Beings, so her rank wasn't actually reflective of her abilities even at the beginning. So if Number 10 Raftela was made to hunt down other Claymore, why wasn't she sent to hunt down Teresa or Irene? Was she too weak or was she created and trained in response to Teresa's defection? The Number 10's job isn't to hunt down other Claymores. It's to deal with Claymore rebellion.

She stays at the Organization's headquarters permanently, and protects it from any Claymores that try to attack. In other words, Raftela was made to prevent a second Cassandra.

claymore clare and raki relationship help

Defensive Claymores get the ability to regenerate. Do offensive types get any sort of benefit? Are they simply better fighters in general? If that were the case, I would assume all defensive fighters would have lower rankings than defensive fighters. Healing is nice, but isn't the point to kill Yoma, Awakened Beings, and possibly be able to out-duel a fellow Claymore? Galatea is a defensive Claymore ranked 3.

Does that mean that if she had focused on being offensive, should could have easily become 1? It just seems like being defensive has no draw-backs. Defensive types can't do as much damage, and their special attacks tend to be weaker.

The Olny reason that Galatea is ranked 3 and not one, is because numbers 1 and 2 are basically Abyssal Ones. A defensive type may have less offensively powerful attacks than an equally powered offensive type, but in battle, their healing factor means they can fight longer, recovery from injuries, and ultimately tank more damage. Another thing you are forgetting is that the organization values two things more then strength or toughness when ranking a Claymore: Yomi energy and sensing.

The reason that Teresa was number 1 and potentially the strongest number 1 was because she had total mastery of both of these. Galatae was in a similiar situation, she was a defensive type but the reason she was numer 3 was because of her ability to sense Yomi over a very wide area from even the smallest amount and her ability to control the yomi in her enemies and, as said above, the only reason she was not the number 1 was likely because they made the 1 and 2 the focus of their awakening experiment.

So is it just me, or is the Organization's plans in making Claymores and Yomas utterly ridiculous? Miria stated that the whole thing is some sort of experiment to create living weapons to fight against another continent. But throughout the story, all the powerful Abyssal Ones don't work for the Organization and ends up dead anyway. So why do they insist to continue such experiment? Because everything has been going as planned? He certainly was not a damsel in distress against Ophelia, he just didn't have the power to succeed, which was to be expected obviously.

He stood up to Cid and Galk in Rabona in defense of Clare, that certainly takes bravery. I would never stand up to a cop or policeman, which is the equivalent of Cid and Galk.

He managed to follow Clare, until he collapsed in "The Fields". He survived on his own after they separated due to Ophelia. He survived Isley and Priscilla, and Isley's training. He wasn't afraid of Clare, even though she could Awaken at any time and eat him up. He bravely tried to punch the NY in his second time. Just to make me "preach" even more?

Here's some points from eps that shows that he's not as underdevoloped as some people might think. He pretty much knows nothing of the world outside his village and much less of Claymores. And we learn of his current occupation, a cook. He has lost everything, and the only thing left is this Claymore, the only person in the world that gives a damn about him, hence why he calls her sister, and fallows her like a little brother would fallow an older sister.

When the soldier started talking smack about Clare, he punched him in the face, despite knowing that the guy was stronger them. When Clare asked to be killed for going over her limit, Raki threw himself onto her and was willing to die along with Clare. At the end of the episode, Raki decides that he wants to become stronger inorder to protect Clare. Clare is the only thing he has left, the only thing worth living for.

Teresa had a similar purpose, which was to live for Clare. Now Raki has taken her place and is the one who is living for Clare. Nothing is on his mind, but Clare. All he does is look at the montain Clare went to.

Then at the end we witness him being overjoyed as Clare returns and runs straight to her. Only this time, he witness that he is willing to jump into a blazing fire for her. He fights to his lest breath. He may be weak minded, but he has a strong heart. At first he was ignorant and weak. But the fact that he is capable of surviving on his own in the north shows just how strong he has become and how much he knows of the world around him.

None of the characters in Claymore show this much development with the exception of Clare. We witness his purpose in life, his desires, his strengths, his weaknesses, his concerns, his knowledge, and his past. And on top of that we witness how he is growing through out the anime. Not even Miria gets that much development, which is the 3rd most developed character in the anime right now.