Chrono and rosette relationship

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chrono and rosette relationship

This is the character sheet for the anime and manga series Chrono Crusade. Unmarked Characters / Chrono Crusade. Go To Sister Rosette Christopher. Chrono Crusade, originally known in Japan as Chrno Crusade due to a typo, is a Japanese Both Rosette and Chrono are revealed during the course of the story to be driven by a shadowy past, Much of the story is driven by the individual pasts of the main characters and the complex relationships between them. In the anime, most of the creatures Rosette and Chrono fight and . is on the romantic development of Chrono and Rosette's relationship.

But it's so cute! I always told him that, but he would always get mad. Suddenly, the eagle had transformed into a youngish looking man with white hair and a pair of glasses on his face.

Aion grinned as he surveyed the two idiots below him. It's been a long time. I would like you to work for me again. I was lonely without anyone else there.

chrono and rosette relationship

Plus there was this weird lady inside of a box and she wouldn't wake up! See here is Rosette and I don't know where Joshua is right now but once I find him I'll introduce you ok?

But it was impossible as the younger demon refused to even budge his arms an inch. You'll leave me again, I know it!

chrono and rosette relationship

It was so cute. You're supposed to watch over me, remember? Truthfully, Chrono had been bugging him way too much so he decided to ground him somewhere. And then Aion had forgotten about Chrono and his grounding room for a few years. Alright, it was fifty years.

chrono and rosette relationship

Oh, how Aion hated the fact that demons grow extremely slow. In human terms, Aion would be considered about twenty three. Chrono on the other hand was born much later and was approximately about twelve or thirteen human terms old. A very needy teenager. The same demon teenager who would also never leave Aion a moment of rest whenever they were together. And the demon that accidently killed a thousand demons by having a tantrum and freezing all of the demons in time and then running over them in anger.

Aion would never say it out loud, but Chrono was indeed powerful, and a great asset to his side when fighting. The only problem was his annoyingness.

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Starts wearing her hair like this toward the end of her life. She gambles, she gets rip-roaring drunk at Satella's dinner party, she swears like a sailor Rosette's militia uniform has slits that go high enough to show her bloomers and a corset.

Particularly in the earlier volumes, when her very untypical personality for a nun is Played for Laughs. With Chrono, although it doesn't get truly official until near the end. At first this is averted, but in the second half of the manga she occasionally admits in inner monologue that her parents' deaths did have an effect on her—she hates sitting and waiting because she was forced to while 'the adults' worked out her family's estate, for example.

She wanted to be an explorer before Joshua was kidnapped. She's an American with blonde hair and blue eyes. In the "Marionette Train" arc, Chrono points out that Rosette babbles when she's lying. She wanted to be this for Joshua. Red Oni, Blue Oni: Rosette is Hot-Bloodedbut wears blue.

Implied to be the reincarnation of Mary Magdalene. Savvy Guy, Energetic Girl: Eventually, Rosette and Joshua were sent to the Seventh Bell Orphanage where they would stay for the next few years of their lives.

Rosette became very protective of Joshua, who was very sickly due to the strain his Apostle power put on his body whenever he used it. Because of her protective feelings towards him, she immediately disliked Father Ewan Remingtonwho would come to Seventh Bell to visit Joshua.

Whenever he came to visit, Rosette would kidnap Joshua and take him into the woods nearby where they would stay until Remington left. Eventually, both would slip and fall into a weak spot in the ground, which landed them in an underground area. Upon landing, Rosette realized that she scraped her knee, prompting Joshua to use his power to heal her.

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In search of a way out, the two ambled along the underground passage, which eventually led them to a large door with a strange seal on it.

Joshua reached forward to clear away the dust and ended up breaking the seal, causing the doors to open, revealing the inside of a tomb. The boy revealed himself to be Chrono and stated that he was a Demon. While trying to explain to them that they should leave, he stumbled forward, weak from his lack of energy and slowly depleting Legion. Trying to help him, Rosette offered him some candy.

chrono and rosette relationship

This simple gesture would spark a lifelong friendship between her and Chrono. One day, the three had a picnic during which Joshua explained to Chrono that he and Rosette were planning to become famous explorers and then proposed that they would go look for the Astral Lines, which Chrono had mentioned to them earlier.

chrono and rosette relationship

After Joshua had worn himself out and fallen asleep, Rosette confided to Chrono that she really wanted to be a doctor to try and find a way to cure Joshua's sickness.