Celie and nettie relationship trust

The Color Purple By Alice Walker: Celie and Nettie's Relationship

celie and nettie relationship trust

Celie and Shug's relationship is very significant because it helps Celie I did everything he told me to do and I put my trust and hope on him. Comparison between Celie and Nettie In the novel „The Color Purple‟, Alice Thus, unlike her sister, she has a happy and stable marriage with Samuel. Celie and Nettie's relationship serves as a model of sisterhood in which way they can, Sofia trusts Celie from the start of their relationship.

By the end of the narrative Celie is self-sufficient, confident and independent, having realised that she does not have to be subservient to men nor conform to traditional ideas of how a woman should behave. Key relationships Not surprisingly, it is the companionship and mutual support between women which is the main significance of the novel. Celie and her sister The two girls are very close throughout their early years, with Celie acting as a protector when the much younger Nettie is threatened by the attentions of both Fonso and Albert.

Celie advises Nettie to run away and to seek help from Corinne, the wife of a local clergyman called the Rev Samuel and thus does not see her sister again for many years.

celie and nettie relationship trust

The love between them however never diminishes and the letters that each writes to the other form the basis of the epistolary style which Walker uses in the novel.

Because she cannot confide in Nettie about her experiences with the men in her life, Celie writes about them in letters addressed to God.

The Power of a Female Relationship in the Color Purple Paper

She has also concluded that she cannot believe in a God who is represented as a white patriarch, the embodiment of the dominant white racist society which has oppressed black people for so many centuries.

Her previous brutal and abusive sexual experiences resulted in her becoming unresponsive and repressed, unable to either love - or allow herself to be loved - by a man.

Although Shug herself is not a lesbian but bisexual enjoying intercourse with both men and womenCelie discovers that she is attracted to Shug almost from their first meeting and their friendship develops into an intense lesbian love affair. From Essortment, their definition of a sisterly relationship would always have a feeling that Nettie wrote letters. It is easy to let other priorities get in the way, but maintaining your friendship with your sister is just as important.

As Essortment states about the friendship between sisters and how it is just as important as a sisterly relationship; there are friendship relationships between Celie, Shug Avery and, Sofia. Some of the usual traits of friendship can be strong attachments mutual respect and similar interests are what, most of the friends share with one another.

Someone that is there for you through thick and thin and someone that does not go behind your back an disown you. Therefore; Shug Avery gave Celie the most trust, respect and loyalty.

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She gave her confidence and realized how much Celie is a major part of everything that goes on. Surprisingly, Celie and Shug develop an intimate relationship. Celie feels loved for the first time since her sister Nettie was taken away from her.

celie and nettie relationship trust

It is beautiful and maternal, the relationship that Celie shares with Shug. In the Rising action of The Color Purple, Celie and Nettie become ever more closer than they were before, and the reader starts to see that Celie and Nettie really care for eachothers welfare.

celie and nettie relationship trust

At this point of the book, Nettie and Celie are already separated. Celie is given away to Mr. Celie is the laborer, the cook, the source of care for the children, and the source of pleasure for Albert.

celie and nettie relationship trust

Nettie runs away from her fathers house and she is unexpectedly reunited with Celie. Nettie helps with the day to day chores that Mr.

celie and nettie relationship trust

Celie appreciates how much Nettie believes in her. As is evident, Celie and Nettie share an unbreakable love for eachother.

The Color Purple By Alice Walker: Relationship between Celie and Shug

At this point in the book, Nettie has been kicked out of Mr. Because of this incident, Mr.

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The story goes on and as Nettie promised, she writes to Celie frequently.