Cecil and carlos relationship

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cecil and carlos relationship

“But then when the relationship between the two characters started to In “First Date,” listeners learned that Cecil and Carlos had gone to. The Best Gay Characters in the Media Are On 'Welcome to Night Vale'. Clint Nowicke November 12, Music. Share. Facebook · Twitter · Google + · Pinterest. Cecil Gershwin Palmer was open about liking Carlos from the Pilot describing him as having "a voice like caramel with oaky tones, dark and delicate skin, black .

None of us could! And our smiles seemed better, fuller, wider. Soon we had no need for government cover-ups, or secrets.

cecil and carlos relationship

You could see through everything and everyone. The bones, the blood, the scurrying insects inside every human body! There was so much work to be done.

Cecil and Carlos' Relationship (subplot)

And such a wonderful company to do it for! Even the ones that resisted the most at first soon found that they loved the Smiling God more than anyone.

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Even the most resistant of radio hosts soon found his way to productive work, happy songs, and a wide, gaping smile. But though he begins with the personal and specific, he ends in the vaguest third person. I rarely feel anything.

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I rarely feel anything at all. Janice gave me a feeling of family. I rarely feel anymore. Eh, it was a good feeling. I hope I will be able to visit Janice regularly. Cripplingly, numbly depressed all the time then, internalizing harmful mindsets and behaviors and then projecting those out onto loved ones i.

Carlos to potentially continue a chain of damaging behavior. But for all of that? Kevin has actually come an amazing distance as far as far as trying to connect with others if not empathize yet.

Every Mention of Carlos in Welcome to Night Vale (Year One)

And when people are sad and lazy, I become less kind. We asked Carlos about our inability to experience tectonic shifts. Carlos, lovely Carlos, had previously recorded other massive tremor activity underneath our city.

cecil and carlos relationship

Once its fans caught the bug, everyone did. Longtime fans were eager for it: Forget your troubles, come on get happy.

Over time, Cecil has come more and more to life, and the performance is deeply sincere. The universe of fictionalized Cecils has grown so large in fact that each has begun friending the other.

cecil and carlos relationship

To date, there are have been four voices heard on the series: All around them, the citizenry were being devoured by a buzzing, shadowy energy, which Carlos later excused himself to battle. All Cecil could talk about was love: Baldwin put it another way: There is, of course, Fuck Yeah Night Vale. Cecil goes back home happy and smiling. Cecil and Carlos often referred to each other as boyfriends throughout the series and have been showing various moments of affection and worry towards each other's safeties.

They also have kept a long-distance relationship when Carlos was stuck in the Desert Otherworld to the point of Cecil spending his vacation time in the Desert Otherworld.

cecil and carlos relationship

After Carlos' return to Night Vale, the two maintained a loving and healthy relationship. Cecil and Carlos have been living together in an apartment since the events of the first Live Show, Condos.

cecil and carlos relationship

As of the podcast's th episode ToastCarlos and Cecil are officially married. Note Edit Relationship notes on character pages were getting too long and involving too much episode content. As Cecil and Carlos' relationship is one of the show's main subplots, it should have its own section. Please post updates on their relationship here.

Carlos has many names for Cecil, including Cece, my sweet Cecil, honey-voiced honey, [1] darling, caramel-voiced Cecil, etc. It was revealed that Cecil is still harboring some trauma over the ownership of lot 37, and Carlos regularly offers words of comfort and empathy. Carlos reached him from the otherworld through phone, and it seemed Cecil was quite worried.