Buttercup and westley relationship problems

Feminism and The Princess Bride – Boys, Bitches and Benzene

buttercup and westley relationship problems

The relationship between Fezzik and Inigo Montoya is a love story, too. Love solves impossible problems. I didn't recognize the hint of femdom in Buttercup and Westley's relationship when I first saw the movie but I. Buttercup is a farm girl who lives in the country of Florin and is the true love of Westley. Despite being the title character, she is not the protagonist. When he. On the other hand, Wesley and Buttercup are both comical people. .. a lot of his problems rather than murder the holocaust cloak, “to the pain. He comes back ready to play the dominant role in the relationship, always.

I thought love was a passive thing. Think about it for a second. Vizzini is a total jerk to them, but they ignore it, together. You cheer them up and remind them that they are wonderful and talented. And everyone can see in your face that you mean it.

buttercup and westley relationship problems

Granted, Inigo definitely gets more than he gives, but you get the feeling that the situation were reversed, the handsome Spaniard would totally step up. He needs to take time to work on his revenge. This revelation hit me late at night, unraveling everything I thought was true about one of my favorite films.

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I ran into our bedroom and excitedly started telling Rand about it as he brushed his teeth, thinking he would be as stunned by my discovery as I was. Their relationship is awful. The best relationship in that movie is clearly the one between Fezzik and Inigo. I stared at him a moment before pressing my cheek against his back and wrapping my arms around him as he spat foamy toothpaste into the sink.

buttercup and westley relationship problems

I wanted to find someone to share my life with and just be happy with each other. So simple, and yet so difficult. I watched The Princess Bride again with adult albeit cynical eyes.

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As far as I can gather, Westley loves Buttercup because she is pretty, and because she is helpless and he can save her. All of my childhood aspirations about love seemed like a sham.


Seriously, the scene with the ROUSs frustrates me every time hahaha! And gender profiling happens to BOTH genders.

buttercup and westley relationship problems

Imagine how strange it might seem if the roles were reversed! I see a lot of stereotypes and not much founding, but imagine my surprise when I actually found… good? When they were born, you instantly love them. You would do anything and everything for that tiny human in your arms. Are you getting anything out of your relationship with that tiny human?

I think most people would agree that dealing with hormonal pregnant people or all of the backaches and sleepless nights are benefits. But, do you love your infant less? That brings me to my last point: Buttercup is emotionally weak and ready to give up at every turn.

Okay, so maybe this would actually be a strong and empowered moment if she actually thought Wesley was dead. Um, is that really the end of the world?

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Enough to kill yourself? I frankly just get why the act of marriage is such a big deal to this girl. More shocking to me is the fact that no one else seems to have this complaint about this movie. People are so fast to criticize Bella in Twilight for being weak.

buttercup and westley relationship problems

Not to mention once she turns into a vampire, she does some seriously bad-ass shit. Be safe, be well, and have a fantastic week.