Buffy and angel relationship episodes of naruto

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buffy and angel relationship episodes of naruto

Subsequent episodes will follow Cyrus' ongoing story, which will include love, relationships and family dynamics is easier when a favorite TV. The Rescue Romance trope as used in popular culture. One of the methods writers use to jumpstart relationships. A variety of Samaritan Relationship Starter. Buffy Summers had various relationships over the years. Buffy Summers’ main romantic relationships were with the vampires Angel and Spike. Her Watcher, Rupert Giles, also commented that Buffy’s connection with Angel and Spike was quite poetic, as she, a Vampire Slayer, had her.

Satoshi Hojou saves Shion Sonozaki from a group of thugs in a flashback in Higurashi: This leads to Shion immediately falling in love with Satoshi. However, as this is Higurashi, her love is a bit different. Only in two worlds, to be fair. Gender inverted in the anime. Sonsaku Hakufu used to protect her cousin Shuuyu Koukin from bullies when they were small, and Koukin fell in love with Hakufu when they grew up.

This is how Jinenji's parents met decades ago. Jinenji's mother was a villager girl who once hurt her leg when collecting herbs, and was rescued by a kind youkai. There are all the instances in which Inuyasha and Kagome rescue each other through the whole story, starting with Kagome unsealing Inuyasha from the tree that Kikyou pinned him against so he can fight off the Centipede Woman about to kill her. It even got lampshaded at the start, when Kagome talked her way out of the Thunder Brothers killing her via making them believe that Inuyasha was her boyfriend and would come for her later so it was not in their best interests to murder her.

Occasionally happens between Miroku and Sango as well.

buffy and angel relationship episodes of naruto

Kuroh picks Shiro up in his arms, and Shiro blushes as he sees Kuroh's face for the first time. Then Kuroh carries him up to a rooftop They do end up being teammates, though, with a lot more romantic moments later on - and Kuroh does stop trying to slay him.

Tsuna saves Gokudera from his own bombs, leading to a Stalker with a Crush situation. This show is kinda known for its ridiculous amounts of Ho Yay. Also Haru fell for Tsuna after he saved her from drowning. Might as well tack Enma on. Kids on the Slope: Sentaro first meets Yurika in the Beach Episode while saving her from a group of guys harassing her. Seiko falls for Otani after Otani saves her from a dog.

The first meeting of Subaru and Ixpellia in StrikerS Sound Stage X began with Subaru shielding Ix from falling debris, followed by Subaru fighting off the Mariages that came for Ix with an accompanying image of a very battered Subaru cradling Ix as they gaze into each others eyesand ended with Subaru symbolically and literally bringing Ix out of the darkness and into the light of the current era.

When all of that was done, Ix saw Subaru as one of the only people she felt calm with because she rescued her. Unsurprisingly, there's a small but noticeable amount of supporters for this ship which would have been bigger, had Ix not entered her years of sleep.

And for a straighter example in both senses of the phrase, we have Tohma and Lily, the main pairing for Force who first meet when Tohma finds Lily bound in an abandoned lab, releases her, and takes her with him. Nanoha is the one who helps her through her ordeals, after all. This was given a Lampshade Hanging by Arisa as she teased Nanoha about her obvious developing crush on Fate.

And you were like a Prince Charming to Nanoha! NO- I, uh- I was just thinking about how cool you looked Discussed and deconstructed in an episode of Magical Pokaanwhere the girls are discussing how they would like to meet their future boyfriends. Liru suggests this as her preferred scenario, but Aiko criticizes her, saying that such relationships tend to be based on heat-of-the-moment attraction and don't tend to last.

Given Setsuna's obvious Bodyguard Crush on Konoka and Konoka's reaction every time "Secchan" saves her, this forms much of the basis behind the casual observer's view of them. When they finally pactio and Konoka seems to be hinting broadly that it's a gone from subtext to text in Chapterit happens immediately after Setsuna saved Konoka without even realizing it.

Lampshaded early on in Chapter 55 when the girls think Negi is going to confess to Ku Fei as a result of her saving him that morning. Negi's first major interaction with Nodoka involved catching her after she fell off of a staircase, and he saved her from Evangeline not long after.

When he saves her in Chapter from a group of bounty hunters, he goes half-nuts on them when he sees what they're doing to her. They have a pretty serious moment in Chapter after she rescues him, at least until Kotarou jumps in. She also rescues him earlier on in Chapter 41, helping him win his first fight with Kotaro. A good chunk of their relationship consists of saving each others asses.

Negi's father Nagi and Negi's Tsundere mother Arika finally kiss right after he and his friends rescue her from being unfairly executed on fake charges of treason and genocide in Chapter Invoked intentionally in Mawaru-Penguindrumwhen Ringo tries to stage an incident where she's drowning so her crush Tabuki will rescue her. Subverted since it fails, so Shoma has to save her. And then it's played straight because, after settling her thoughts on Tabuki, Ringo falls for Shouma instead.

Luna in the Mega Man Star Force anime - Megaman saves her from falling to her death, and overnight she becomes a non-evil Stalker with a Crush. Happens to a lesser degree in the game.

Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitchbased on the original " The Little Mermaid " story, has two Rescue Romances, both involving the same person and causing a rivalry that lasts the second season. Interestingly, Lucia saved Kaito from drowning when they were six, and Kaito does the "chase away perverts" variant multiple times in the story, but the former is more important to their relationship than the latter.

The normally strong-willed Haruhi from Ouran High School Host Club is unapproachable to the host club's cliched attempts at romantic talk. However, she's terrified to the point of cowering in the fetal position at the sound of thunder. Two of the male cast get closer to her by saving her from this. Done twice in the end of the anime when Haruhi chases down Tamaki in a horse drawn carriage to stop him from leaving the Host Club and his happiness. Then when she holds out her hand to reach for him, the carriage tumbles and the poor girl goes flying off the bridge Seiji Sawamura saves Takako Ayase in Midori Days from a band of delinquents that were dragging her away.

She falls in love shortly afterward when she sees him letting himself get beaten up without resorting to violence fighting back in order to save a friend and defuse the gang's grudge.

Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid: Tohru has been in love with Kobayashi ever since she pulled a holy sword out of her back. Although her feelings are unrequited due to Incompatible Orientation. It happens again with Ilulu when Kobayashi stands up to a Knights Templar Order dragon to protect her.

Her feelings are also unrequited, resulting in her redirecting her feelings to Taketo instead. Mobile Suit Victory Gundam has a very twisted example on the antagonists side when Katejina Loos falls for Chronocle Asher when he saves her from getting raped.

15 Secrets Only True Fans Know About Buffy And Angel’s Relationship

By the end of the series, she's gone from a Jerk with a Heart of Gold to a murderous lunatic, and it's unclear how much of it is his fault. Tenma's first meeting with adult Nina when she's waiting by Heidelberg castle seems like it's going this way, except for the aversion they never unambiguously get beyond Will They or Won't They?

In a more straightforward!

buffy and angel relationship episodes of naruto

Karl's quasi-idolatrous friendship with Johan also just keeps on giving on the Dramatic Irony and Fridge Horror fronts, the more you find out about Karl's family and Johan's connections with them.

Johan's own Mind Game Ship fixation on Tenma could also be seen as a very warped one-sided version of this, for all Johan's questionable reassurance that he sees Tenma as a father figure since Tenma saved his life when he was a very young boy.

Also by way of subversion, Tenma's repeated rescues of his Stalker with a Crush ex Eva who eventually gets the nearest to straight version of this trope with her bodyguard Martin, and Nina's response to Tenma saving her brother. Averted when Nina is rescued and nursed back to health by Lipsky.

He develops feelings for her, but she doesn't seem to view him as anything more than a close friend. During the entry exam for the UA High, Ochaco ends up with her leg pinned by some debris as a giant robot approaches. Disregarding his own safety and the fact that he needs to score points, Izuku rushes to jump in and smashes the robot with a single punch to save her. Unfortunately, the strain of using his powers ends up leaving his limbs crippled and he plummets to the ground, but then Ochaco uses her zero gravity powers to stop him before he hits the ground, saving him as well.

As the story advances, it becomes evident that the two have developed feelings for each other, but they both are too shy to express them. It's Love at First Sight and they start dating soon afterwards, though Takeo at first thinks that Yamato would fall for his best friend.

Later it turns out he had met Yamato years before. Rock Lee believes in this with Sakura. Despite her unwavering love for SasukeSakura appreciates and respects Lee's efforts in protecting her. She tells Naruto that she can't stay back while he's in danger because she loves himthen attacks Pain — who, after a brief fight, smacks her down, stabs her, and insinuates to Naruto that she's dead.

Naruto promptly loses it worse than he ever has before. The anime not only extends the fight, but also turns it into a Meaningful Echo with both characters in the opposite positions when they were younger, against a trio of bullies; this was later canonized in The Last: They play this straight in The Last.

Rescue Romance

Now adults, Naruto again saves Hinata, this time from Toneriand after the Final Battlethey finally begin their romantic relationship—it serves as a Call-Back and Meaningful Echo to the story of how Naruto's parents fell in love. As revealed in ChapterNaruto's mother, Kushina, fell in love with Naruto's father, Minato, when he saved her from the Kumo ninja that kidnapped her when she was a kid, and then boldly complimented her red hairwhich other children used as a reason to bully her.

As revealed in ChapterKarin fell in love with Sasuke after he saved her from a bear in a Chuunin exam she was taking. Also spoofed in Episode of the original anime. In a flashback Kakashi easily defeats the pathetic Moya Triad who had been pestering a random woman, and afterwards she's completely smitten with Kakashi.

Rin also loved Kakashi before and after he rescued her, even jumping in front of his attack so that the tailed beast inside her couldn't be unleashed—this was her idea of a "rescue". One Piece Oda's stand on No Hugging, No Kissing makes sure the "romance" part of the rescue is underplayed or not there at all, but there some notable cases Kohza and Vivi as children, leaving her feelings towards him as more than platonic.

Sanji always tries this with Nami after his Big Entrance often sending the bad guy flyingSanji will turn to her ask Have you fallen in love with me now? Combined with Bodyguard Crush in the Dressrosa arc In a flashback showing the past of the Thunder Soldier shows he was the bodyguard of Rebecca's mother, who disliked him because of his criminal past, until he rescued her from a kidnapping attempt.

buffy and angel relationship episodes of naruto

Dwarf Princess Mansherry loved Leo even more when he rescued her, but Leo thought she was being selfish. In episode 9 of Osomatsu-san Jyushimatsu practices his baseball swing on the beach when he spots a woman ready to jump off a cliff. He decides to keep swinging until she gets away from the edge, but Jyushimatsu ends up engulfed by water. The unnamed woman ultimately ends up saving him.

The AnimationRise falls in love with Yu after he saves her life. While the rest of the team helped to rescue her, she developed an intense attraction towards him alone.

This might possibly be due to the fact that during Rise's first appearance in the mall scene, she believes someone is chasing her, until she's trapped and learns that Yu simply wanted to return her phone to her, then leaving, without making any indication that he knows who she is. This may have led her to believe there was a Recognition Failure.

Though it's implied that Makiko met Bosco through his teashop, and had secretly been allowing him to feed on her, she doesn't fall for him until he helps save her from Dracula.

They become an Official Couple at the conclusion of the first Incident File. Ash's first major opponent in the Johto League, Macy, suggests this in a not-very-subtle way after he saves her and her Vulpix during a Team Rocket attack. Ash being Ashthis does not go anywhere. Ash saves Misty a few times, and while Ash was oblivious, it very much meant something to Misty Happens again several seasons later with Angie, with similar results. Brock would always try this and get few results.

When they were both little, he rescued her from being lost in a forest. A recent incident that helped jog her memory of the event would drive her to find him and join his group. Parodied with a girl who falls in love with three different guys who "save" her in relatively minor ways—one of whom is Brockwho's thrown completely off his game and doesn't recover until she's moved on to the next guy— James.

Almost played straight or at least fantasized about by Jessie when a guest doctor rescues her, to the point where she's willing to leave Team Rocket. However, he's already in love with someone else, so she decides to let them be together.

The Rise of Darkrai between Alice and Tonio. When they were children, Alice believed that Tonio had saved her from falling off a cliff and professed her love right then and there. During the climactic battle, Tonio saves Alice for real, and her reaction shows that the romance is back on track. Of course, Red, being as oblivious as he isdoesn't recognize her as the girl he once saved and probably never bothered wondering why she through so much trouble for him.

The Prince of Tennis: Sakuno has a crush on Ryoma from the first time she saw him, when he stopped a show-off who was about to hit her on the face with his racket - but it turns out Ryoma had not even acknowledged Sakuno's presence back then, and only stopped the moron because he was too loud and didn't let him nap in the train. Arguably played a bit more straight with An and Momoshiro: Arguably, because neither Momo nor An make moves towards a Relationship Upgrade when given the chance despite the relationship chart hinting at her having a crush on himwhereas Kamio is firmly put in the role of the Unlucky Childhood Friend.

In the first episode, Princess Tutu saves Mytho after he jumps out a window to save a baby bird from a raven attack. She then starts to save him about Once per Episode until he starts to fall for her. Also, it's revealed in the second season that Rue met Mytho when he saved her from a crow attack, and she in turn saved his life by giving him water through a kiss.

Fakir might count for Mytho, as well. Also Ahiru and Fakir's most romantic scenes come when they are rescuing each other.

Rescue Romance - TV Tropes

And by the end, Rue and Mytho fully seal the trope when they rescue each other. On one hand Rue's Anguished Declaration of Love breaks the spell that has turned Mytho evil which she mistakenly helped cause one might addand when Tutu arrives next to a now-normal Mytho she tells him that Rue saved him. On the other hand, Rue is immediately captured by her Archnemesis Dad the Raven, and Mytho rescues her from a slow and agonizing death.

Ranma Saotome saves Kodachi Kuno from falling off of a roof — but caused her to fall in the first place because he accidentally hit her in the head while she was running away from an attempt to ambush Akane Tendo.

Kodachi fixates him on a romantic figure after she comes to, but Ranma does not reciprocate her feelings, due to a combination of having two existing Arranged Marriages though he's only aware of one at the moment and an Accidental Marriage though neither he nor the girl in question are aware of it at this precise momentand Kodachi's Her first action after regaining consciousness — well, second, her first is to cuddle to him and ask for his name — is to paralyze him with a bouquet of poison-laced roses so she can kiss him.

While Utena at first mostly intended to duel Saionji for being cruel to Wakaba, winning their duel let her 'win' another girl he mistreats: Anthy, the Rose Bride.

Whom she protects from anyone who wants to possess and harm her, including her once-kind-and-now-abusive brother and the Big BadAkio. And it turns out this was a sort-of Invoked Tropesince Akio was so smart that he arranged for Anthy to be in vulnerable positions to fire up Utena's Bully Hunter side and bring her into the duels.

She's devastated when she finds out, then realises that she also was selfish to Anthy and resolves to truly aid her. Spun around quite a bit in the case of Tsuwabuki and Nanami. Tsuwabuki has this big-ass Precocious Crush on Nanami and wants to help and protect her, right? Wel, what's better than actually putting her in dangerous situations so he can rescue her, right?

It wasn't a conventional rescue, but he definitely showed his good side. Subverted in School Rumble - the entire reason Harima grew facial hair, wears sunglasses, and became a delinquent was so that he could be close to Tenma without her recognizing him. He fell in love with her after saving her from hoodlums, and took her back to his place because she was unconscious.

When he leaned in for the traditional kissshe woke up and thought he was about to molest her or already had. Frog tries to stage one of these every couple of episodes, in order to get closer to Fuyuki. But Fuyuki's not the most athletic personand the Keronians keep barging into things Similarities have been noticed, but most do NOT want to see the day the two fight in those states.

As a result of this, when it became known that Naruto is the reincarnation of another Asura, both were quite obviously amused. Often participates in friendly competitions with Monkey D. Luffy around the Pantheon, attempting to settle which is better between ninjas and pirates. What the events entail has varied from eating contests and sparring matches, to a race that left the two in perpetual debt after they crashed the Gurren and Lagann into the House of Commerce.

Despite this rivalry, Naruto and Luffy remain close friends. He no longer sneaks inside as he goes to spend some time with his wife, Hinata. Naruto avoids Lucia Nanami's music like the plague, believing it to be absolutely dreadful.

Lucia herself doesn't quite understand this hate directed at her. Quite a few members questioned his sanity and collectively facepalmed after he declared that Obito Uchiha the guy killed his parents, ruined a lot of people's lives and killed quite a bunch of them, including his future wife's cousin was the "coolest guy ever". However, a few took a metaphorical view, since Obito stopped being Obito after the tragedy and became Tobi, in much how Anakin Skywalker died and became Darth Vader.

Considering how Obito was like Naruto before his breaking, some have interpreted this is what he meant. It was always his dream to achieve the title 'Hokage'. But then, he felt a little challenged when there's someone claiming to be from Hokage, Recca Hanabishientering the Pantheon. There was a bit of a brawl, but it ends with great friendship since Naruto recognizes that Recca is kinda similar to him in a way that they're 'instincts first, brains later'. He is happy to hear that his parents had ascended into the Pantheon.

Unlike Jin Kazamawho dislikes the Mishima surname, he wished that the Namikaze surname would fit him, hence technically his full name is Naruto Namikaze Uzumaki. Then he realized that it would sound weird and thought how weird his children's names would sound with 3 last names.

At one point he used scream "believe it! Has bonded with Akihiko Sanada over their love of ramen and constant training to get stronger and protect others. When the two are around each other, expected a dish of Ichiraku's combined with something baked by Akihiko's friend Kotone Shiomi to be there as well. It also helps that Akihiko's voice and attire colors kinda remind him of Gaara.

In the wake of the Great Upheaval, Naruto has developed a very strong dislike of Lucifer, explicitly comparing him to Madara Uchiha due to similarities: To that end, Naruto has sworn to help the Sisterhood against Lucifer, and to redeem Homura just as he redeemed Obito. A strange young man with a long sword once came after him, but he saw the man's strikes coming and evaded every one of them.

During this, he suddenly heard Ichigo frantically shouting to make sure that sword didn't touch him lest the enemy, named Shukuro Tsukishima, try to rewrite his memories. As the two friendly rivals converged on Tsukishima a police lady came through demanding answers.