Bran and arya relationship counseling

bran and arya relationship counseling

They reached the porch and were met by Robb, Bran and Arya Stark and . and the whole Arya-Gendry relationship being unbeknownst to the Baratheons, .. And he only stopped when the school's guidance counselor. As far as the books are concerned at the moment, Bran and Rickon are still . Bran goes to tree, she & Jon bond and she becomes his counselor who does . If Jon dies issueless, Bran would be his heir, followed by Rickon, Sansa, and then Arya. It would be smart for Daenerys and Jon to capitalize on that relationship if . Bran replied “Arya is driven by a survival instinct and her own impulses. Lady Sansa's loyalty has become questionable after her relationship with Littlefinger and the Gods He left the tent and his two counselors back.

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