Belle beauty and the beast ending a relationship

belle beauty and the beast ending a relationship

Beauty and the Beast is a American animated musical romantic fantasy film produced by Beauty and the Beast focuses on the relationship between the Beast (voice of Robby Benson), a prince who is To break the curse, Beast must learn to love Belle and earn her love in return before the last petal falls from an. 'Beauty and the Beast' makes a big change to the movie's ending that In the animated movie, Belle proclaims her love for the Beast as the. From Belle's amazing upper body strength to why no one remembers Beauty and the Beast has just got its live-action remake and as part of the process of . He is reunited with them in a touching moment at the end. . Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones separate after 13 years of marriagemirror.

This was an unusual production move for an animated film, which is traditionally developed on storyboards rather than in scripted form. Linda Woolverton wrote the original draft of the story before storyboarding began, and worked with the story team to retool and develop the film.

Upon seeing the initial storyboard reels inWalt Disney Studios chairman Jeffrey Katzenberg ordered that the film be scrapped and started over from scratch.

A few months after starting anew, Purdum resigned as director. The studio had approached Ron Clements and John Musker to direct the film, but they turned down the offer, saying they were "tired" after just having finished directing Disney's recent success The Little Mermaid. Disney then hired first-time feature directors Kirk Wise and Gary Trousdale. In addition, Katzenberg asked songwriters Howard Ashman and Alan Menkenwho had written the song score for The Little Mermaid, to turn Beauty and the Beast into a Broadway-style musical film in the same vein as Mermaid.

Ashman, who at the time had learned he was dying of complications from AIDS, had been working with Disney on a pet project of his, Aladdinand only reluctantly agreed to join the struggling production team.

Beauty and the Beast remake just solved a lot of the original Disney film's plot holes

By earlyKatzenberg had approved the revised script, and storyboarding began again. The background is animated using computer generated imagery which, when the traditionally animated characters are composited against it using Pixar's CAPS system, gives the illusion of a dollying film camera.

Production of Beauty and the Beast was to be completed on a compressed timeline of two years rather than the traditional four-year Disney Feature Animation production schedule; this was due to the loss of production time spent developing the earlier Purdum version of the film. Beauty and the Beast soundtrack Ashman and Menken wrote the Beauty song score during the pre-production process in Fishkill, the opening operetta -styled " Belle " being their first composition for the film.

Other songs included " Be Our Guest ," sung in its original version to Maurice by the objects when he becomes the first visitor to eat at the castle in a decade, " Gaston ," a solo for the swaggering villain, "Human Again," a song describing Belle and Beast's growing love from the objects' perspective, the love ballad " Beauty and the Beast Tale as Old as Time " and the climactic " The Mob Song.

After screening a mostly animated version of the "Be Our Guest" sequence, story artist Bruce Woodside suggested that the objects should be singing the song to Belle rather than her father. Wise and Trousdale agreed, and the sequence and song were retooled to replace Maurice with Belle. The film's title song went through a noted bit of uncertainty during production.

Originally conceived as a rock-oriented song, it was changed to a slow, romantic ballad.

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Howard Ashman and Alan Menken asked Angela Lansbury to perform the song, but she did not think her voice was suited for the melody. When she voiced her doubts, Menken and Ashman asked her for at least one take and told her to perform the song as she saw fit. Lansbury reportedly reduced everyone in the studio to tears with her rendition, nailing the song in the one take asked of her. This version went on to win the Oscar for Best Original Song. He never saw the finished film, though he did get to see it in its unfinished format.

Ashman's work on Aladdin was completed by another lyricist, Tim Rice. Before Ashman's death, members of the film's production team visited him after the film's well-received first screening, with Don Hahn commenting that "the film would be a great success. Who'd have thought it? We will be forever grateful. The song became Dion's second single to land within the top of the Billboard Hotpeaking at number nine. The song peaked at number three on the Billboard Hot Adult Contemporary chart.

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In Canada, "Beauty and the Beast" peaked at number two. The song sold over a million copies worldwide. At the end of the screening, Beauty and the Beast received a ten-minute-long standing ovation from the film festival audience. For this version of the film, much of the animation was cleaned up, a new sequence set to the deleted song "Human Again" was inserted into the film's second act, and a new digital master from the original CAPS production files was used to make the high-resolution IMAX film negative.

Prior to the showing of the film, Sparks showed an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the newly restored film and the making of her new Beauty and the Beast music video. There was also commentary from producer Don Hahn, interviews with the cast and an inside look at how the animation was created. No such edit was made to later reissues of the film.

belle beauty and the beast ending a relationship

The "work-in-progress" version screened at the New York Film Festival was also released on VHS and LaserDisc at this time; [10] however, said version was the only one available on the latter format until the fall ofwhen the completed theatrical version was released.

This measure was to diminish the threat of video pirates making copies derived from the LaserDisc which are not copy-protected and selling them in international markets, where the film was yet to be available for home release.

The DVD set features three versions of the film: This release went to " Disney Vault " moratorium status in Januaryalong with its direct-to-video follow-ups Beauty and the Beast: The 3D combo pack is identical to the original Diamond Edition, except for the added 3D disc and digital copy.

The Blu-ray release went into the Disney Vault along with the two sequels on April 30, She chose to be his prisoner, but that was a choice she was coerced into making under duress. The Beast took her father captive and refused to set him free unless she agreed to take his place.

Whatever relationship they have is also based on a lie. His servants remind him that he needs someone to love him, and so he coerces Belle into staying. He does it because he sees her as a means to an end. He wants her to love him, not because he wants to be in a relationship, but because he wants to be a human again. Despite his initial reasons for keeping her around, the Beast does fall in love with her, and in a move uncharacteristic of abusers, he sets her free.

This is probably the nicest thing he ever does for her, and it does show he cares, since he starts putting her needs before his own—but this is a situation he never should have forced her into in the first place. A lot of this also tells me that deep down the Beast is a good person reacting to a bad situation. Nor does it address the fact that the Beast initially wanted to use Belle as a means to an end. How did Belle get the Beast back on the horse?

Disney Belle gets attacked my wolves as she rushes back to the village. The Beast comes to her rescue but gets hurt in the process.

As Belle turns, ready to get on Felipe, she stops. In the movie she goes to the Beast's side and next thing we know she's leading Felipe back to the castle with the Beast on his back.

Belle nearly made a run for it Image: Disney Cue everyone stunned at her strength. She must spend her time weight lifting as well as reading. After all, there isn't that much to do in a "quiet village.

belle beauty and the beast ending a relationship

Belle faces a familiar issue Image: Disney There's another addition to the script here. As Belle turns back and falls to the Beast's side, wrapping him in her cloak she tells him: You have to stand. Why does everyone love Gaston? Gaston wasn't that likeable Image: Disney I mean, yes, he's handsome, but Gaston doesn't have much else going for him.

He seems to just storm around in his big boots, go hunting and drink in the tavern, yet everyone loves him. Now he loves himself, but we know why other people do too Image: There's plenty of references to the war in the remake. Le Fou tells him to go back to his "happy place Where did Belle's mum go? Disney often doesn't include a mother figure Ariel, Pocahontas, Jasmine It makes for a lot of angst and a good story. In the movie we never find out what happened to Belle's mother - there's just Belle and Maurice.

Belle finds out about her past Image: Disney How does the remake solve it? Belle still only has Maurice, but the fact her mother has died adds a lot to her backstory, and, in turn accounts for the extra 45 minutes added to the movie.

There's a whole scene where we learn Belle's mother died in Paris, their original home, from the plague. Belle is close to her father Image: Disney Maurice took baby Belle at her mother's request to avoid them getting ill too. Her father talks about how the "poor provincial town" was the safest place for them.

So there, we have a reason why Belle is not only motherless, but educated. Why does the village have a library when only Belle reads? She's the only one reading Image: Disney The villagers mock Belle for having "her nose stuck in a book," something that is made more of in the remake. With all the villagers so anti-reading and most - if not all - illiterate, why on earth is there a big library in the village?

belle beauty and the beast ending a relationship

Belle pops in to see the old man that keeps it to get a new novel and chooses her favourite, despite having "read it twice". He has an impressive stash of books How does the remake solve it? Belle walks through the village stopping along her way, just like the movie, but one place she doesn't pop into is the library.

He jokes about her being the village's "only bookworm". Why does Mrs Potts have a child but no husband?

9 ways the new "Beauty and the Beast" is different from the original

Hunting for his missing family? Mr Potts turns up, but we don't discover that it's him until the final scenes.

There's an early sneaky reference that was mistakenly taken as a nod to Harry Potter where Belle asks if he's lost something as she walks through the village.