Beethoven and haydn relationship

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beethoven and haydn relationship

Ludwig van Beethoven and Joseph Haydn are both talented and amazing composers In , Haydn began his lifelong relationship with one of the wealthiest. Beethoven took lessons with Haydn for over a year in Vienna beginning in late , but their relationship was not always a smooth one. The young Beethoven - just over a week past his 20th birthday - first met the renowned Joseph Haydn on 26 December in Bonn, when Haydn and the.

B thanked him and said that his work was no "Creation".

beethoven and haydn relationship

B was merely indulging his love of puns, but Haydn seemed to be affronted and replied: I'm sure that after all the adulation he received in England, the prospect of teaching must have seemed very dull indeed - quite clearly his heart was not in it - and let's face it, having Beethoven as a pupil cannot have been easy! It must however be remembered that Haydn did a lot for B, first in getting him to Vienna and then in introducing him to very influential people Baron Von Swieten for example.

As for B's admiration for Cherubini, I don't think too much should be placed on that, after all he didn't go to Paris to study with him - and when asked who the greatest living composer was apart from himself had great difficulty in thinking of anyone! Just play music don't bother writing music" He was also quoted as saying to one friend that Beethoven would not be remembered as a composer!! The other incident occured later after Haydn had praised Beethoven's Septet - Beethoven replied that it was not a 'Creation' a pun on Haydn's great Oratorio that had recently been performed - Haydn is supposed to have answered 'No, and I doubt that it ever will be!

The relationship got off to a bad start. As soon as Beethoven submitted himself as a student to Haydn, who was already an aged, established composer busy with his own career, Haydn set the young Beethoven to the study of outdated counterpoint in church modes.

Beethoven and Haydn: their relationship

Hummel, hearing of Beethoven's serious illness, travelled from Weimar to Vienna to visit his erstwhile friend. According to the account left by Hummel's then-student Ferdinand Hillerwho accompanied his teacher, Hummel may have been motivated by more than compassion.

beethoven and haydn relationship

Hummel solicited Beethoven's signature upon a petition he was taking to the Bundestag in order to protect his compositions and those of others from illegal copying. All told, Hummel visited Beethoven three times while he was on his deathbed, the last being on 23 Marchjust three days before his death, and was present at his funeral.

It was said that the year-old Beethoven gave him a kiss — the so-called Weihekuss, or 'kiss of consecration' — for his marvellous playing. This is unlikely to be true, as Beethoven was profoundly deaf by this time. A more reasonable account of the Beethoven kiss event is reported in the reminiscences of the pianist Ilka Horovitz-Barnay: He had long before told him about me and had asked him to hear me play.

Beethoven and his contemporaries

But Beethoven had aversions against prodigies and for a long time refused to hear me. Finally though he was persuaded by my indefatigable teacher Czerny and said: I was somewhat embarrassed — but Czerny kindly encouraged me. Beethoven was sitting by the window at a long narrow table working.

For a moment he looked at us with a serious face, said a couple of quick words to Czerny but turned silent as my dear teacher signaled to me to go to the piano. When I had finished Beethoven asked if I could play a fugue by Bach.

beethoven and haydn relationship

After the finishing chord I looked up. Beethoven's deep glowing eyes rested upon me — but suddenly a light smile flew over his otherwise serious face. He approached me and stroked me several times over my head with affection.

Beethoven nodded with a smile. I played the first movement of his C major piano concerto [No. When I had finished Beethoven stretched out his arms, kissed me on my forehead and said in a soft voice: You are one of the lucky ones! It will be your destiny to bring joy and delight to many people and that is the greatest happiness one can achieve"'.

beethoven and haydn relationship

Never did Liszt — the human being — make a greater impression on me. The flamboyant man-of-the-world, the revered artist was gone; this great moment he had experienced in his childhood still resounded in his soul. For a little while he was silent — then he said quietly: I tell this very rarely — and only to special friends. It is possible, however, to speculate that Beethoven felt the vibrations of the piano with his hands as he is said to have been able to do, as well as observe Liszt's fingerings.

Also, at the time it is meant to have occurred Beethoven was not residing in the Schwarzspanierhaus — but when Liszt told this story he was in his latter years, and his memory may have been a little foggy, if the story itself was not a confabulation. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart[ edit ] Main article: Beethoven and Mozart Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was already an accomplished and renowned composer in Vienna when the then year-old Beethoven first visited the city in The two may have met during Beethoven's six-month stay there, although there are no contemporary documents that provide any evidence for this.

He had somewhat closer relations to Prince Karl Lichowsky and a certain van Swieten.

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Learning From the Best Mozart and Haydn, his greatest predecessors, served as a paradigm of creative work in the new direction of Classicism. Albrechtsberger thoroughly taught him the art of counterpoint, which brought Beethoven his glory. Salieri taught the young composer the artistic matters of the bourgeois musical tragedy.

Alois Forster taught him the art of composition with quartets. In other words, the genius musician voraciously absorbed not only the progressive music of his time, but also the richest creative experience of the most erudite contemporary composers. The musical knowledge he acquired and interpreted, together with an unmatched capacity to constantly work, makes Beethoven one of the most knowledgeable composers of his time.

Money Issues Financially, the first two years in Vienna were very difficult for Beethoven. His first home was in a basement. He had to spend money for furniture, a piano, wood, clothes, in order to make a name for himself in the musical world.

beethoven and haydn relationship