Beck and jade relationship help

beck and jade relationship help

Beck and Jade Relationship Advice #2. Beck's POV. "We're due for another relationship advice video," I said to my girlfriend who was busying. "Jade." "And we're here to give you some relationship advice." "Yeah, whatever." Beck raised one eyebrow at his girlfriend and then turned. Beck and Jade's Relationship Advice [THE SLAP] - YouTube.

I looked at her for a second, then came up with a suggestion. She turned her attention back to the camera. She just started it. I looked at her, and saw why. Sinjin was leaning closer and closer, looking at my laptop. We didn't reply, and one look at Jade's evil glare caused him to run away.

Jade sat the bowl of popcorn down beside her.

I shook my head, getting a better idea. I know just the thing to cheer her up.

beck and jade relationship help

I smiled, ignoring her. I will call the police, stop, do you want me to bite you? Do you want me to bite you? I will bite you. Stop, you have sharp knuckles," She struggled to get away, and she turned around, her face inches from mine. I continued to give her nuggies, laughing as I did so. She ended up lying in my lap, and I thought she'd given up.

I'm gonna call a teacher! Mature people don't do this! I ignored her threats and continued giving her nuggies. This is pretty fun. Beck's fingers drummed on my hip absentmindedly.

My hearts feels heavy in my chest. I miss those absent minded little patterns he'd draw on my hands, the way he'd look at me when he though I wasn't looking, the way he'd wrap his arms around me when I sat in his lap. I miss all the little details I took for granted, that I would do anything to have again now.

Beck and I were a very respected couple at Hollywood Arts. We were probably the longest running couple in our grade. People didn't know why Beck stayed with me, or why mean Jade even agreed to go out with Beck in the first place.

But those questions didn't matter, the important question we got asked was, how to keep a relationship as long as we did. People asked us for tips all the time.

In truth, I couldn't care less about their problems, but Beck felt this was a "good deed" or something.

beck and jade relationship help

I smirk, good job younger Jade. Beck hadn't read it before hand. But let me tell you that question was not something I wanted to answer in front of the entire web. He loves to argue. I always listened to Beck. I listened to him because I trusted him. It went against everything I learned as a child. I learned to trust no one.

That giving someone your trust was giving them the power to hurt you more than anything else ever could. How do I tell her without making her get all upse- the batteries dying. And now it's down to zero percent. Wow, Beck and I suck at giving relationship advice.

Relationship Advice, a victorious fanfic | FanFiction

If we can't even give others advice, maybe that's why our relationship fell apart. I sigh, and click "Beck and Jade's relationship Advice 2" on the related videos that show up. I push play and it shows me some stupid ad about spongebob, that I don't care about.

Finally the dreaded video starts. It's me and Beck! Well, past Jade stuffing her mouth with popcorn, I guess I can blame you for the rolls of fat of my stomach! I hate that just yelled at my past self. Beck and I talked about how I made popcorn, to which Beck said, "Yep the little women sure can cook," Seriously?

Beck and Jade's Relationship Advice [THE SLAP]

I was, and still am not little. Beck grinned at his joke, I scowled. The back and forth arguments we'd have that would take us nowhere. Beck realized that the argument is pointless, and started over. I shut my eyes angrily. I want to be that Jade.

Beck obviously didn't think he was 'so lucky' to be my girlfriend when he told me he 'wasn't happy with out relationship' in front of a huge audience. Right," I said sarcastically.

beck and jade relationship help

Have a nice time together," Beck suggested. We had a verryy nice time together as I recall The camera cuts that scene, probably because Beck and I didn't want the people of the internet to see us making out for two minutes.

I recognize the feeling bubbling up inside of me. How can I be jealous of myself? I guess I'm not jealous of myself, I'm jealous of the easy relationship Beck and I had. The one that we don't have anymore. Well guess what, year old Jade? Same with your 19, 20 ,21 birthdays, and all the birthdays you have until the day you die! Let's just forget it. I'm so glad you can forget it.

Here on the Slap we've been taking questions from people who have relationship issues.

beck and jade relationship help

I was actually quoting what Beck had said to me earlier, when I protested about making the video. I don't understand how a person could just-" Sinjin sat down on the couch next to me, sticking his head into the camera's line of vision. He's such a stalker! Lets read the first question, then we'll give some relationship advice!

Bade oneshots Chapter 3 Relationship Advice, a victorious fanfic | FanFiction

My heart starts to break a little when I remember what happens next. God do I know what noogies are. Beck had a very unhealthy obsession with them I can hear my heart break at that. Numbers aren't something to joke about Beck. Numbers ruined my life. Video-Beck grabbed me in his arms, running his knuckles across my hair. I shouted in protest, but I was laughing as Beck dragged me into his lap on the floor.

I frown, remembering what happened after the camera shut off. It's not something I would ever tell you. A single tear falls from my eye. This is what I missed. I missed the play fights, noogies, tummy tickling, and all the other weird things Beck and I would do. I want Beck's arms around me again, pulling me across the floor into his lap. I want to hear Beck say he loved me.

beck and jade relationship help

Unfortunately, that's never going to happen. I wipe away any tears on my face and click record on my camera. And I didn't make a sign because I hate signs. I'm going to tell you five things you should never do in a relationship.

How could Beck say that?