Bast and anubis relationship

What was the relationship of Bastet and Anubis

bast and anubis relationship

Likewise, Bastet saw Anubis as an entirely different deity. He was .. "Lord Ra seems to think that you may have some connection with this.". Ancient Egyptian Gods; Anubis, God of Embalming and Burial. He was sometimes described as the son of Bast because of her link to the perfumed oils used. AnuBast (Anubis and Bast) - Ignore what I said earlier, I prefer an Anubis and Bast being paired What is the relationship between Bastet and Sekhmet?.

Hermanubis was some times given attributes of Harpokrates. He was worshipped in Rome until the second century and was popular with Rennaisance alchemists and philosophers. Priests wore Anubis masks during mummification. However, it is not clear whether the Anubis mask was a later development influenced by the Osirian myth or whether this practice was commonplace in the earlier periods too.

Anubis was also closely associated with the imiut fetish used during the embalming ritual. Anubis was credited with a high level of anatomical knowledge as a result of embalming, and so he was the patron of anaesthesiology and his priests were apparently skilled herbal healers. Tombs in the Valley of the Kings were often sealed with an image of Anubis subduing the "nine bows" enemies of Egypt as "Jackal Ruler of the Bows" and it was thought that the god would protect the burial physically and spiritually.

One of his epithets, "tpy-djuf" "he who is on his mountain" refers to him guarding the necropolis and keeping watch from the hill above the Theban necropolis.

He was also given the epithet "khentyamentiu" "foremost of the westerners" i. He was originally thought to be the son of Ra and HesatRa's wife who was identified with Hathorbut later myths held that he was the child of Osiris and Nephthys, or Set and Nephthys.

He was sometimes described as the son of Bast because of her link to the perfumed oils used in embalming. His wife, Anput his female aspect was only really referred to in association with the seventeenth nome of Upper Egypt. It is thought that they were the parents of Kebechetthe goddess of the purification. Dogs and jackals often patrolled the edges of the desert, near the cemeteries where the dead were buried, and it is thought that the first tombs were constructed to protect the dead from them.

Anubis was usually thought of as a jackal sAbbut may equally have been a wild dog iwiw He was usually depicted as a man with the head of a jackal and alert ears, often wearing a red ribbon, and wielding a flail. He was sometimes depicted as a jackal such as in the beautiful examples from the tomb of Tutankhamun but only rarely appears as a man one example is in the cenotaph temple of Rameses II at Abydos. His fur was generally black not the brown associated with real jackals because black was associated with fertility, and was closely linked to rebirth in the afterlife.

In the catacombs of Alexandria he was depicted wearing Roman dress and the sun disk flanked by two cobras. Anubis was worshipped throughout Egypt, but the center of his cult was in Hardai Cynopolis in the the seventeenth nome of Upper Egypt.

To the east of Saqqara there was a place known as Anubeion, where a shrine and a cemetery of mummified dogs and jackals was discovered. He was also worshipped at cult centers in Abt the the eighth nome of Upper Egypt and Saut Asyut, in the thirteenth nome of Upper Egypt.

A servant sauntered inside Ra's courts. The servant left, and a jackal-headed deity entered the grand court. He was as confused as Ra was- perhaps even more so, due to the circumstances of the message.

Anubis shook his head. She told me that there was an important matter that needed to be discussed. He has an urgent message from a foreign land. A messenger from a foreign land was indeed serious; were they declaring war, asking for assistance, warning of other foreign invaders? Alone for the time being, Anubis glanced at Bastet.

He gripped his side and yelped, feeling the harsh sting. It felt like a dagger Concerned, Bastet ran to Anubis' side to help him. Suddenly, she too felt the very same pain, and in her thigh!

She fell to the floor, rubbing her leg to try and soothe the pain. Once the pain had ceased, Anubis and Bastet saw each other once more. This time, however, something was different. It was odd how they had suddenly noticed each other, like a long lost friend His eyes wide, Anubis saw Bastet as he had never seen her before.

He not only noticed her beauty, but her sweet and gentle nature as well. He never realized what a goddess she really was! Likewise, Bastet saw Anubis as an entirely different deity.

He was very handsome, but also kind and good-natured despite his duties. She had no idea how she could have past him by so many times! Quickly, Anubis stood and gently took Bastet's hand. Smiling, Bastet accepted his gesture. Anubis grinned, hoping to charm the lovely Bastet.

In reply, she blushed somewhat and turned away. He touched her shoulder, and as she turned back towards him, his hand slipped. Slightly embarrassed, he lowered his head and shuffled his feet. She came up beside him and giggled, cheering him up. Their eyes met once more. Anubis and Bastet could simply not believe it!

How could they have been so blind as not to notice? Only moments ago they were casual acquaintances, and now it seemed as if Suddenly, Ra and Thoth entered in from the corridors. There was no messenger, and even if there was, why would he have not come to them?!

It was simply what they did, right? Upset, Ra sat back at his throne. Anubis stayed where he was, his eyes following the goddess. Outside the courts, Hathor grinned with pride. She had accomplished her first goal! Now that Bastet and Anubis were lusting after each other, it was time to find Ra's wife! Late into the night, Ra laid back upon his bed. The day had been so stressful! Thankfully, he still had his daughter Bastet; she would always be there to lift his spirits.

The feline goddess entered from another room, carrying a vase of bath oils. You do care for your weary father. Sighing, Bastet tried to think of a way to ask her question. Please, father- may I? Turn away from such fools, for I will ultimately decide your-" "Thank you, father! It pleased him so to see his little kitten happy.

She meant everything to him; so long as he had her, he could lose his precious kingdom and all else he held so dear and still be satisfied. Alas, she was his last daughter, and to lose her was his greatest fear The next day, the sun rose gently over the small town square. The mortals and their deities went about business as usual, except for one god. Anubis strode the dirt roads of the town, looking as if he were lost. His mind had been elsewhere.

All he could imagine was that goddess from a few days earlier. Are these feelings true, or in vain? Many of the mortals and several of the deities began gathering in the town square, following the unusually light-hearted melody. He approached the town square, hoping to see who he knew was there.

Peering around the corner of a small building, Anubis glanced at the gracefully dancing Bastet. Such awe could only belong to her, he thought.

She is as agile as she is beautiful. Turning in Anubis' direction, Bastet suddenly stopped. He is here, she thought with a smile. I thought he might be. To say the least, Anubis was surprised to see Bastet approach him. Smiling, Bastet rattled her sistrum, dancing once again. Anubis watched her intently, his eyes following every movement, every gesture. I can't be sure, he thought, but I am almost certain that she cares for me as I do her. Suddenly, a new voice interrupted the festivities.

As Bastet turned away, Anubis followed her and touched her shoulder. I shall escort you back to your father's temple. They are as graceful, enchanting, and beautiful as you are. True, he had come to expect both mortals and deities to deem him honorable, but to hear it from Bastet seemed to deepen his affections for her. The ibis-headed figure, apparently Thoth, watched from around a corner. He never imagined Anubis would have been captivated by Bastet. He saw now how they spoke to each other, occasionally touching or gesturing.

It was odd how quickly it had happened, yet at the same time he was happy for them. Stepping out of the shadows, Thoth crossed his arms and lightly tapped his foot. Your father Lord Ra is expecting you. Smiling, Thoth nodded in agreement. They occasionally shared tender affections, and only a moment later did he put his arm around her.

How strangely does Hathor aim her arrows, Thoth pondered, but she is nevertheless a noble judge of character. I do hope there will soon be yet another divine wedding Ra wandered the corridors of his temple. With Bastet in the town square and Thoth out looking for her, the temple seemed so empty, so void of life. Thoth was not only his assistant but a good friend, and without a true wife Bastet served as a surrogate queen although she acted more like a servant girl, he hoped that she would grow into her new "position".

Peering at a nearby pool, Ra noticed a small lotus flower drifting in the water. How much that lotus reminds me of my precious Bastet, he thought. She is a soft, gentle creation- one I wish to keep close always. At that moment, a servant entered the courtyards. Nodding, Ra followed Thoth over to a nearby corner.

The ibis god gestured his hand towards Anubis and Bastet. They engaged in light conversation; Ra noticed how often Anubis would smile awkwardly and Bastet would blush. They laughed, and for a brief moment even danced circles around each other. When at last they were out of breath, she fell into his arms and purred playfully as he nuzzled her cheek fondly.

Ra was somewhat confused. Pride welling up inside him, Thoth replied, "Lady Bastet is in love. Should we begin preparations for yet another divine marriage? Bastet stepped forward, unsure of what was going on.

Angered, Ra looked upon the face of the feline goddess. You shall only leave under my supervision, but mark my words- such an event will be rare. Coldly looking upon him with a sneer, Ra lightly touched Anubis' shoulder with his long scepter. Fearful, Anubis backed away. Simultaneously, he placed himself before Bastet in an effort to protect her. His fury peaking, Ra stepped forward.

In addition, you will never be permitted near Bastet in any way. Do I make myself clear, or must I use force?

bast and anubis relationship

Most of the deities trusted Thoth in a sense that he could properly deal with harsh situations, especially when the dispute involved Ra himself. Though still worried, Anubis glanced at Bastet. He knew she needed protection, and he wanted to protect her, but in this instance he could step aside and let someone more experienced deal with the matter.

He softly touched her cheek, smiled hoping to comfort herand slowly walked away. Staring at him in confusion, Thoth approached Ra. If I must, then I shall marry my own daughter, if only to keep her from such lustful eyes The only interests I have seen among these women are his wealth and his physique!

How could they be so shallow as to not have a deeper interest in him?! She loved her father- he cared so much about her, and he would never do anything to make her unhappy. Why, then, did he want to keep Anubis from her? He was always so kind with her A new figure quietly stepped inside Bastet's quarters, sitting beside her on the bed. Anubis has always been respectful to my father Does Father have reason to hold me here? In this particular instance, however, I am willing to be your aid.

Without a word, just a simple nod, Thoth stood and left Bastet's quarters. She needed time to herself- to rest her head, to think matters over. Left to her own devices, Bastet wandered over to an ebony pillar.

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Each pillar had an inscription; the ones in Bastet's quarters all said something of her. She had approached one that proclaimed her "the goddess of joy. Please, come to me, and let this wretched pain cease.

She carefully approached two other pillars, farther apart from each other to offer a beautiful view of the courtyards. Suddenly, in a swift movement, two hands gripped the floor of the balcony. The claw-like fingers reached for one of the pillars, slowly pulling up a lean, husky figure. Anubis smiled, returning her gesture. Your father seemed quite displeased; I feared the worst in him. Lord Thoth is with him now; hopefully, my father will at least allow us to be together.

Anubis was right- she barely knew anything about him, despite how warm and kind she had discovered him to be. Likewise, he probably didn't know very much about her, even though he certainly enjoyed her sweet and gentle nature. Bastet let go of Anubis and sighed. Ra had remained silent about his daughter; perhaps it was mistrust or jealously, but none could be sure. Hathor was still in search of a consort for her father. Thoth often kept his eye on little Bastet, though Anubis was often better company for her The stars of the night sky twinkled brightly over the land of Kemet.

To Bastet, who had been watching them all evening, they seemed to be particularly beautiful this night. Anubis picked at the food on Bastet's offering plate; he hadn't eaten much that night, so she allowed him to take what food she had been offered by the mortals.

He grabbed a rather large loaf of bread and broke it into smaller pieces for him to eat. He appreciated Bastet's generosity- not many of the deities were willing to give up any of their offerings! The jackal god noticed Bastet as she gazed into the night sky.

Smiling, he approached and sat beside her. Sometimes, I imagine what they would look like as a necklace- one that I could wear. Anubis was in deep thought, and Bastet was of course still stargazing.

Finally, Anubis reached his hand out to the sky and pointed almost directly above Bastet. Bastet looked to where Anubis had pointed. Coming up from behind her, Anubis took Bastet's hand and pointed it towards the sky. That is the Apis bull constellation. He was very thoughtful, especially with her. Many times he would bring her small trinkets, but she was more flattered when he showed her things he couldn't bring to her- children playing in the streets, a mother cat showing her kittens how to hunt, a rainbow forming after a morning shower.

These stars only added to the wonders he had shown her. For a brief moment, Anubis had been quiet. He then released her hand, pointing with his own hand towards a small group of stars.

bast and anubis relationship

They stared at each other for a moment, silent and unmoving. Anubis approached Bastet, loosely embracing her. She touched his shoulders and encircled her arms around his neck. Their faces were mere inches away.

They continued to gaze into each other's eyes. She slowly closed her eyes as he brought his face towards hers. Their lips touched, and all uncertainty between them had washed away.

At that moment, Thoth had passed by Bastet's doorway, and suddenly turned back; he knew what Bastet was dealing with and thought it would be a good idea to check on her. However, as he entered the room, he immediately noticed Anubis and Bastet at the balcony, sharing a most tender moment.

Opening his eyes, Anubis saw that Thoth had been staring at them. Caught off-guard, he let go of Bastet and quickly stood. Upon hearing Thoth's name, Bastet stood with Anubis. She was speechless, scared, ashamed- she wasn't sure what to think.

To their surprise, Thoth was actually smiling. Your secret is safe with me, Lord Anubis, but be warned of other such unintentional visitors. Sighing in relief, Anubis looked at Bastet. It had been quite a while since the Anubis incident.

bast and anubis relationship

That wretched daughter-stealing deity had not shown his face in quite some time, and his lovely little kitten had come to terms with her father.

Smiling, Ra stood from his throne. Perhaps now I can put myself at ease, knowing that my daughter is safe from such lustful eyes. This comforted him- it made him realize that she was no longer a slave to misery, and that she was becoming joyful once more.

Then, Ra heard a different sound.

bast and anubis relationship

It was another chuckle, yet slightly deeper in tone. The voice quietly murmured as Bastet's own voice purred softly. He feared the worst. Immediately, Ra stepped into Bastet's quarters, shocked at what he saw- Anubis sitting on the bed as Bastet laid her head in his lap.

They did not notice him; their eyes were locked on each other. Anubis tickled Bastet's ear as she laid her hands on his arms.

He's come back, Ra thought, and he wants my daughter! Angered, Ra approached Anubis and tightly gripped his shoulder. At that moment did Anubis notice Ra's presence, breaking free of his grasp. He ran for the balcony, only to stop and look back at the angry father and his beautiful daughter. He feared Ra greatly, but he did not feel that it was safe to leave Bastet alone with him.

Sneering, Ra raised his staff. With a heavy sigh, Anubis leaped from the balcony and fled from the courtyards. Ra moved his hand swiftly, and at once the room was darkened. The balcony was gone, and outside the doorway stood a few sentinels for display. Only Ra and Bastet could see her room clearly. Turning to her, Ra sat beside Bastet on the bed.

After a moment of thought, he looked at her. I find him charming and attractive, and yet he is also kind and gentle. He has given me so much, Father- how can you not see that? She found no way to react. Grasping her other arm and shoving her flat on her bed, Ra haunched over Bastet. He had been taking account of all that had been offered to Ra that day, when suddenly he was interrupted by a faint scream.

When at last he arrived, two sentinels pushed him away. The sentinels did not answer; instead, they pushed Thoth away. It was clear by now that these were not men, but actually clever images disguising something more hidden. After waiting for hours on end, the sentinels disappeared in a black mist. A moment later, Ra walked past Thoth, his head hanging in dismay. He turned his head back towards the room.

Perhaps now you see you errors, and he shall truly be absent from your thoughts. Looking at Thoth with saddened eyes, Ra turned away and leaned against the wall, weeping. I had reason to be angered, and yet my dearest Bastet must feel the burden I so wrongly placed upon her. Ra glanced at Thoth, then lowering his head. I am no better than any man she could have come across on the streets of the town square. Now deeply upset, Thoth ran inside Bastet's room, only to find her lying on her bed, crying softly.

She was bruised slightly, and her clothes were ripped and stained. He could clearly see that she had been physically and emotionally scarred, and only time could heal such deep wounds. Thoth sat beside Bastet on the bed. Your father-" With that remark, Bastet began to cry louder than before.

The Myth of Anubis and Bastet

The pain was too great for her to deal with. She needed someone who could knew her better than she knew herself- someone kind and gentle enough to comfort her. Standing, Thoth searched Bastet's chambers and found a cloak. He came to her once more, handing her the cloak. Seek shelter with those who will hide you from your father. When the matter has been sorted out, I will come find you and bring you back here.

For your safety, Lady Bastet- please go. Shaking his head, Thoth placed the cloak over Bastet's shoulders. A thought came to Thoth's mind; it would not be easy, but in this instance he had to take a risk.

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Just outside the city of Cynopolis in Kemet stood a shadowed, hidden structure. Near the entryway stood two giant jackal statues, both of them sentinels for the palace. Within the walls of the great building were the usual corridors- alters for offerings, statues, designated houses for certain priests- and well-kept courtyards surrounded the area.

However, the heart of the temple guarded it's most precious secret.

bast and anubis relationship

Anubis sat alone in his chambers, sulking and worrying at the same time. I know not why I displease your father so Bastet had given it to him out of her personal collection her worshippers sometimes brought items shaped like cats as offerings. He sighed; just looking at a cat made him think of the goddess, fiercely protected by her stubborn father. Frustrated, Anubis buried his face in his hands.

With all his nerve and heart and sinew, he would have sprinted away to Ra's palace to retrieve Bastet. The problem lied within his own emotions- were they getting the upper hand? Not only that, but any whom tried to attack Ra in any way would be immediately banished, and he'd be even further from Bastet than he already was!

Tiny footsteps alerted Anubis. He glanced outside the door and noticed a small black cat. She seemed unusually friendly, and two golden earrings dangled from her ears. It couldn't be, he thought. The cat stopped at Anubis' feet and looked up into his eyes. Immediately, he knew what- or rather, who- it was. The animal crouched and transformed back into her true form. Sighing in relief, Anubis embraced the new figure. Bastet returned his gesture, tears streaming down her face.

In that moment, Anubis was suddenly overwhelmed. New emotions- fear, sadness, desperation- spread through him like wildfire.

Yet, they were not his own feelings; they had been placed there by someone else, whose pain had been too great for them to suffer with alone. The jackal god glanced at Bastet's saddened face. She's been scarred, he thought as he wiped the tears from her face. The mere look of her face tells me so.

Gently taking her hand, Anubis led Bastet into his quarters. He approached Bastet and sat beside her on the bed, holding the ankh over the various cuts and bruises of her arm. Once the servant had left, Anubis seated himself next to Bastet once more. He was silent, but there was nothing he could really say. In her moment of reflection, Bastet looked over Anubis once more. He was still handsome, and yet that wasn't why she loved him now. She saw him as someone she could go to in a crisis, someone who could protect her, someone who honestly cared for her as she did him.

Smiling, Bastet laid her head on Anubis' shoulder. Now was her time. Surprised, Anubis looked at Bastet. He gazed into her loving eyes, himself noticing a change. She had always been beautiful, but that was not why he loved her so.

She was a warm, gentle, compassionate being; in many ways, he needed her to simply be at his side. The jackal god grinned slightly. It was now or never. Immediately, it seemed as if both Anubis and Bastet had been overcome by the same emotion. They drew closer to each other and embraced, their eyes locked. He gingerly touched her neck as she gently rubbed behind his ears.

The servant entered again, leaving the folded garbs on a nearby shelf. How can this be?! An eclipse was almost never a good sign; most often, it was a bad omen. Whatever was going to happen, she was almost sure her father had been involved in some way… The sun rose slowly over the sands of Kemet, it's precious beams of light gently rousing the populous of the cities.

Among those were the priests of the various temples to the gods, who needed to prepare for the ceremonies of the day. Quietly, a priest of Anubis approached a doorway and knocked. Art thou awake, Great Lord of the Necropolis? He entered through the doorway, seeing that indeed Anubis was still asleep. Beside him laid Bastet, and this confused the priest- Anubis was the death incarnate, and Bastet a goddess of joy. How, then, would two such contradictory deities find passion?

At that moment, the priest noticed that Anubis was beginning to awaken. Frightened at the consequences of seeing such an oddity, he ran upstairs to tell his fellows of this vision. Anubis yawned and stood from his bed.

He glanced over at Bastet, still peacefully asleep. He smiled and lightly kissed her forehead. One day, I shall have her as my consort, he thought. Suddenly, another knock alerted Anubis. The priest had came back, remembering why he had been sent in the first place. Covering Bastet's body with blankets, Anubis started slipping into his traditional garments.

The priest walked inside Anubis' quarters, bowing at his feet. They say they are of Ra's order. He didn't want to think of the likelihood of the situation, but at least this way he could be sure of Bastet's safety. The jackal god turned to the priest and nodded slightly. This will not be easy, he thought.

The general stepped forward. We should not be more than a few minutes. With a heavy sigh, the general began elaborating. Immediately, the soldiers began searching the temple for the goddess as the general turned back to Anubis.

Angered, Anubis kept one hand at the handle of his sword. He could tell from the hesitation and confusion in his voice that Anubis was hiding something. Ra had told them of the jackal god's past escapades with Bastet, so naturally they were not surprised. Strangely enough, the wait was longer than what the general had anticipated or what Anubis was willing to tolerate.

Perhaps an hour after they had started, every soldier returned to the entrance. The general nodded and moved his troops back towards the city. Ankh, Udja, Seneb, Lord Anubis. Bastet was safe for now, but he would have to keep an eye out for such visitors. At that moment, a small black cat bounded over next to Anubis. She rubbed against his legs and purred affectionately. Becoming her true self, Bastet embraced Anubis. I overheard your conversation with the priest and took the form of a cat to hide.