Australia and china relationship history quotes

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australia and china relationship history quotes

Australia has a long history of anti-Asian and anti-Chinese feeling, starting with " roll-ups" of Chinese diggers in the Victorian goldfields in the. Hostility towards China distorted Australia's international affairs for 20 years until relations with our region and the world, unmatched in Australian history. Australia's leading China experts reflect on 45 years of relations. Professor Antonia Finnane, a Chinese history expert from the University of.

China has always argued that its rise is peaceful.

australia and china relationship history quotes

It is the world's engine of economic growth, and its hunger for resources has made it Australia's biggest trading partner. Underlying weaknesses in China's economy will spark political upheaval, Gordon Chang says. China has become more linked to the global order. It is a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council and a member of the World Trade Organisation, and it contributes to peacekeeping operations and provides humanitarian relief for the world's crises.

A year ago at the Davos meeting of the world's powerful, President Xi Jinping pledged to be the champion of globalisation and international trade. This year, Chinese state news agency Xinhua published an editorial saying the world needed to choose between "two fundamentally different outlooks … self-centred America first … or Xi-style collaborative approach". There are those who believe China will collapse before it leads the world. China watcher Gordon Chang says the Communist Party is ill-equipped to deal with an economy that is hitting the limits of its growth.

He doesn't accept the official figures and says there are underlying weaknesses that threaten not only the country's wealth but will spark political upheaval. Certainly, China is facing a debt crunch. Problem loans have doubled in just two years, and an increasing number of Chinese firms owe more in interest than they earn after tax.

It requires more credit to generate shrinking growth.

Whitlam's words and wisdom: 11 memorable quotes

Defying the lessons of history But the Communist Party has proven extraordinarily resilient and innovative. China is attempting a high-wire act: It defies the lessons of history. But, history hangs heavily over the entire China story. Poverty is a national waste as well as individual waste.

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We are all diminished when any of us are denied proper education. The nation is the poorer — a poorer economy, a poorer civilisation, because of this human and national waste.

Gough Whitlam's election pitch for equal access to education. Conscription is an impediment to achieving the forces Australia needs. It is an alibi for failing to give proper conditions to regular soldiers. We will abolish conscription forthwith. By abolishing it, Australia will achieve a better army, a better-paid army — and a better, united society. Gough Whitlam speaks about abolishing conscription, one of the most divisive issues in Australian society during the s and early s.

Moreover, he would not be intimidated by China expressing "strong dissatisfaction" over his remarks about foreign interference.

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Turnbull said China had been interfering in Australian politics, citing the Dastyari affair as evidence. This relates to former NSW Labor Senator Sam Dastyari who resigned from the Senate after an intelligence agency-sourced report that he had tipped off a powerful Australian-Chinese business figure, Huang Xiangmo, that his phone was being tapped by the same intelligence agency. It was also reported that ASIO had identified 10 candidates in state and local politics that it believed had ties to Chinese intelligence services, although no concrete evidence was provided.

Advertisement Responding through a Chinese Foreign Ministry briefing in Beijing, an official Chinese spokesman said China was "strongly dissatisfied" with Turnbull's assertion that he took extremely seriously reports about China's interference in Australia's domestic affairs.

australia and china relationship history quotes

Reflecting the deteriorating state of relations, no Australian government minister had visited China this year until Ciobo's trip to Shanghai this week. Adding to the confusion and misunderstanding on the Chinese side is the increasing array of contradictory statements and views coming out of the large bureaucratic-academic-think tank intelligence communities about China. Defence versus Trade In the bureaucracy, for example, there are disagreements about how far Australia should go in opposing China's aggression in the South China Sea.

There are also disagreements within departments, but, broadly speaking, officials in DFAT favour a more conciliatory line, while those in the Defence Department and allied groups like the Australian Strategic Policy Institute push for a more robust response. Meanwhile a former Deputy Secretary of the Defence Department and onetime head of the Australian Strategic Policy Institute, Hugh White, said that while he did not "echo" Raby's view that "Bishop has to go, I do think the government has a problem.

If Bishop were to leave, the Chinese may rule a line under it but unless the government is prepared to make a substantial gesture I wouldn't necessarily assume that. Australia was "still trying to hold to a rules-based order" but "there was no evidence that [a Donald Trump-led] US is going to be up for that.

Bishop said she was "not aware of any complaints" from the Chinese side.

australia and china relationship history quotes

This is a huge challenge because ever since the Cold War we have assumed that America would remain the dominant power forever. According to White, "we still don't have a model in how to deal with China other than to keep hoping that America is going to solve the problem for us, and that just isn't going to happen". Advertisement "Governments have been trying to walk both sides of the street. That's what we're still doing. Sometimes duplicity can be an important part of diplomatic statecraft but at the moment we're being duplicitous because we don't know what we think.

They want to cultivate the US and they want to cosy up towards China. This is a really hard issue for us.

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We as a country are not used to dealing with power politics. US leadership of a rules- based order — that's just not going to happen.

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Cold War stereotypes This means Australians must work out what sort of country China really is, without resorting to crude, Cold War era stereotypes. There are a lot of things about China which are very worrying and many which are not.

We're not very fluent in the language of middle power politics, so there are lessons for us in how to handle China from countries like South Korea and Vietnam.