Ankhesenamun and tutankhamun relationship

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ankhesenamun and tutankhamun relationship

Discover more about queen Ankhesenamun, who married pharaoh Tutankhamun at the early age of Her story is one of sorrow, ending with a mysterious. Experts believe they may have found the tomb of the wife of King Tut, Ankhesenamun, who ruled Ancient Egypt with him but vanished after his. But Ankhesenamun's later life, following the death of King Tut, the 18th Dynasty of Egypt and explanations for these confusing relationships.

Ankhesenamun was born in a time when Egypt was in the midst of an unprecedented religious revolution c. It was difficult for such a traditional culture to reject their old gods, and the priesthood—which held a great deal of power—put up a fierce resistance.

Ankhesenamun had two older sisters — Meritaten, Meketaten — and together, the three of them became the "Senior Princesses" and participated in many functions of the government and religion.

ankhesenamun and tutankhamun relationship

Various reliefs found in Egypt appear to suggest that Akhenaten may have attempted to father children with all three of his eldest daughters, the second of whom seems to have died during child birth this scene is depicted inside a royal tomb. After the death of her father, Akhenaten, and following the short reigns of his successors, Smenkhkare and Neferneferuaten, Ankhesenamun became the wife of Tutankhamun.

Although both Tutankhamun and Ankhesenamun were still children, together they ruled Egypt for the next ten years. During their reign, history shows that Tutankhamun had an official adviser named Ay who most likely was the grandfather of Ankhesenamun, and who probably played an influential role in the lives and decisions of the young couple.

ankhesenamun and tutankhamun relationship

During their reign, it is believed that Tutankhamun and Ankhesenamun conceived two children both girls who were born prematurely and died. At about the age of eighteen or nineteen, Tutankhamun died suddenly, leaving Ankhesenamun alone without an heir in her early twenties.

ankhesenamun and tutankhamun relationship

The grieving queen would have to continue in her official capacity as queen of Egypt and play a major role in finding a successor. Sometimes Ankhesenamun is written as Ankhesenamon, Ankhesenamum, and other variations on the name. What is known about Ankhesenamun is that she was born the third daughter of Akhenaten and Nefertiti.

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History tells us that there were at least six known daughters born to this famous couple; Meritaten, Meketaten, Ankhesenpaaten, Nefernefruaten ta-Sherit, Nefernefrure, and Setepenre.

The first three daughters appear to have had a more prominent position in the family hierarchy as they are depicted more frequently in pictures than the last three daughters.

The tragedy of Queen Ankhesenamun, sister and wife of Tutankhamun | Ancient Origins

This is deducted from a scene found in the royal tomb which portrays a vivid display of this occurrence a woman dying due to child birth. She now becomes the Chief Queen after her mother Nefertiti.

ankhesenamun and tutankhamun relationship

It was sometimes the practice of Kings or Pharoahs to name co-regents during their reign. During this time, Akhenaten decides to wed Meritaten his daughter and current wife to Smenkhkare for his wife. Akhenaten then takes Ankhesenamun, the third daughter, as his next new wife. Ankhesenamun now becomes the Chief wife of Akhenaten for a short period.


It appears that shortly after, both Meritaten and Akhenaten die and then Smenkhkare marries Ankhesenamun. History shows that they are married for approximately one to three years and then Smenkhkare also dies. Tutankhamun is named the next pharaoh and Ankhesenamun and Tutankhamun are then married. Although both are still children, Tutankhamun and Ankhesenamun go on to rule Egypt over the next ten years.

During the ten years Ankhesenamun gives birth to two children both girls. Both girls are born premature and die.

Queen Ankhesenamun (Wife Of King Tut)

During their reign, history shows that Tutankhamun had an official adviser named Ay who most likely was the grandfather of Ankhesenamun. As Tutankhamun and Ankhesenamun began to mature, Tutankhamun suddenly died for no apparent reason. Tutankhamun was about 18 years of age when he passed away and once again Ankhesenamun was left without a husband.

ankhesenamun and tutankhamun relationship

King Suppiluliumas was a well-known enemy of Egypt at that time. It also appears that many of the items found in the tomb were borrowed and did not belong strictly to Tutankhamun. Again the question is why?