Alexander and olympias relationship

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alexander and olympias relationship

It is true, Philip appointed Olympias' brother Alexander (not to be confused with Although the relations with Alexander were cordial, he kept her far away from. If not for his mom, Queen Olympias, Alexander the Great may never have conquered half the world during his historic reign. She wanted only Alexander in her life and their relationship can best be Perceived to be the legitimate son of Philip regardless of Olympias's.

This sparked the wrath of Olympias and she had Cleopatra and her infant daughter killed. As for Philip II, he was assassinated by one of his own bodyguards at a wedding banquet in B.

The details remain unclear but some historians of the era claim that Olympias may have been behind it. Wikimedia CommonsAlexander the Great Alexander then ascended to the Macedonian throne whereupon his mother told him that Zeus was his true father. This only increased his fervor to lead and conquer like no ruler before him. For the next 14 years, the Macedonian Empire grew until it stretched 3, miles from Spain to India.

Alexander the Great used political marriages, treaties, and force to unite the Western world in a vast empire until his death from uncertain causes in B.

Olympias: Mother of Alexander

The idea was that Cassander would turn over the throne until Alexander IV became older. She invaded Macedonia with her own army from Epirus, which was now ruled by her cousin.

alexander and olympias relationship

Unfortunately for Olympias, her invasion of Macedonia failed and Cassander lived. He captured the queen and initially promised to spare her, but went back on this promise and had her executed in B. Her knowledge of sacrificial rites and dedications are evidently passed on through Alexander. In continuous correspondence with his mother Plut. The military and political skill of Philip is evidently inherited by his son Alexander when considering both of their methods of attack and plans to conquer over the Persian Empire In the absence of Philip due to his multiple marriages and expeditions, Olympias and Alexander grew close and established an intimate connection.

alexander and olympias relationship

According to Arrian 3. The power to do what is necessary for his greater good e. Alexander depended on his mother rather than two parents.

Olympias: Mother of Alexander – Prisoners of Eternity

From the primary evidence mentioned, Alexander most likely developed a close relationship with his mother when Philip was remote. Stemming from his mother, Alexander began his cruel behaviour roundabout the death of Philip When Philip came to the throne, Amyntas had been the rightful king of Macedonia In fact, Philip usurped the throne from the son of Perdiccas and did so without killing It is doubtful that Alexander was acting in accordance with his father, especially under the constant influence of Olympias when he was younger.

With the growing tension between mother and father, Alexander became conflicted with his love 18 Walcot 21, the author states that Alexander may have developed distaste for sex with the opposite sex according to the Oedipus complex suggested earlier. The already diminished relations between father and son began to shatter further in B. Alexander became angry with the union and verbally attacked his father who drove out Alexander and his mother, Olympias from Macedonia Fredricksmeyerthe author discusses the love match between Philip and Cleopatra regarding her young age and Olympias distaste toward the union.

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Following his visit with the Oracle at Siwah, Alexander secretly corresponded with his mother Plut. Thereafter, Alexander wished to be referred to as the son of Zeus Ammon and gained the prestige of being related to a god As expected, Olympias appears to play a large role in the success and greatness of her son.

The assassination of Philip in B. Both Olympias and Alexander may share the blame of the murder due to their personal vendetta against Philip; however, there is a lack of evidence proving either verdict.

Queen Olympias — The Bad-Ass Mother Of Alexander The Great

Indeed, Philip died at the hands of one of his bodyguards Pausanias Diod. It has been suggested by modern scholars that Olympias was actually distant from Philip when Alexander was thought to be conceived.

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More than a Matriarch The roles of women in the ancient world were mainly valued for marriages developed to establish alliances or producing male heirs to the throne However, in times of political stress caused by the death or exile of the king, queens tended to act as regents in the absence of male power Characteristically, women that held power in the place of men were usually strong-willed and unscrupulous with a hint of masculinity